"I can think of no human activity more pointless than to murder each other over myths and legends." -- Michael Rivero

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The members of the heretical German Synodal Way have voted overwhelmingly in favor of a document replete with gender ideology that seeks to allow changing one’s listed sex on a baptismal certificate and paves the way for “transgender” priests. 

The Catholic Church is open to reviewing its thousand-year-old practice of celibacy, Pope Francis has suggested.

He said the ban was only 'temporary' and there was also 'no contradiction' for a priest to marry.

Celibacy was made a requirement by the Catholic Church in the 11th-century for financial reasons, as clergy without children were more likely to leave their wealth to the church. 

A trip to Moscow is not impossible, Pope Francis said in an interview with the Argentina’s La Nacion news outlet.

"This is not impossible. We hope we will be able to do that. I would like to bring to the attention that there are no promises. I have not closed this door," the Pontiff said in the interview.

A historic Anglican Church in the heart of London will for the first time put on a drag queen performance featuring former RuPaul’s Drag Race UK contestants  to “celebrate artistry and ingenuity in every walk of life”.

The 17th-century St James’s Church, Piccadilly in London, which claims to have demonstrated a “pioneering welcome of LGBTQAI+ communities and other marginalised people and groups”, will for the first time in its 340-year history put on a “drag night” dubbed PREACH! within the church.