"I can think of no human activity more pointless than to murder each other over myths and legends." -- Michael Rivero

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Here’s a thought.

What if the kids are all right?

New polling shows young voters in the US are shrugging off their habit of voting left and actually thinking of voting Republican in November.

In almost equal numbers to their Democrat-voting contemporaries.

All this despite the daily diet of Democrats trying to throw everything at young voters to woo them.

Anyone who gets daily messages in their inbox from the Biden- Harris campaign will know how hard they are trying to make voting Democrat “cool” to young voters.

The lead-up to the 2024 presidential election started with a wide field of Republican candidates vying for the GOP nomination. As the odds turned against the primary candidates, each dropped out until only one was left standing.

Democrats set up their primary so that the odds were blatantly stacked in favor of the incumbent. Joe Biden didn’t have to miss a single nap to garner the presumptive nomination for his party.

In the West, and beyond, pressure groups operating under the banner of “human rights non-governmental organizations” (NGOs) have become key actors in disseminating war propaganda, intimidating academics, and corrupting civil society. These outfits act as gatekeepers determining which voices should be elevated and which should be censored and canceled.

Civil society is imperative to balance the power of the state, but governments are increasingly seeking to hijack it through NGOs they fund. They can enable a loud minority to override a silent majority.

President Biden reprimanded Bloomberg’s Josh Wingrove during a rare press conference in Italy after Wingrove asked a question that shifted the topic from Ukraine to U.S. efforts in the Israel-Gaza war.

“I wish you guys would play by the rules a little bit. I’m here to talk about a critical situation in Ukraine. You’re asking another subject. I’ll be happy to answer in detail later, but the bottom line is that we made an agreement [in regard to Gaza],” Biden responded.

The government's confiscation of Trump's cellphone unprecedentedly undermines the president’s immunity. In fact, Trump's Jan. 6 trial is indefinitely postponed until the Supreme Court decides on presidential immunity. The high court's ruling is expected this month and could come any day.

But there’s another underlying problem with the Justice Department’s prosecutorial scheme.