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🇱🇧🇬🇧🇮🇱 The Telegraph stealth-edited their report claiming Hezbollah is storing "huge quantities" of missiles and weapons at Beirut's main civilian airport to change the source of a quote from a security official at the "International Air Transport Association" to a security official at "a major international aviation body."

Despite changing their "source," they kept the quote the same and offered no explanation for the change!

Lebanon is now threatening to sue The Telegraph over the "false" claims they made in their report.

Brigadier General Kioumars Heydari discussed the potential for a widespread war with the Resistance Front, as suggested by some Israeli officials. 

He reaffirmed the strong capabilities of the Resistance Front. "Should the Zionist regime launch an attack on Lebanon and initiate a broad conflict with Hezbollah, the Axis of Resistance will not remain passive. A harsh and decisive response will be delivered to counter the Zionists' malice," he declared.

Heydari emphasized that the dynamics in the West Asia region have significantly shifted following Operation True Promise.

The military media of Hezbollah has published a new video showing vital Israeli targets “known only to the Israeli security system”.

This was released as Israeli officials are making threats to launch a full-fledged war on Lebanon although military experts say the Israeli occupation regime does not have the capability or manpower of doing so against a formidable Lebanese force. 

The series of leaks and statements in the past few days reflect the steady escalation on the Israeli-Lebanese front. To a great extent, the reciprocal threats are intended to deter the opposing side from launching a full-scale war, but it is not certain that they will achieve their goal. What is achieved are intensifying acts and warnings that are liable to deteriorate into a major escalation.

An Israeli minister announced preparations for "mass burial" plans in northern Israel ahead of a possible assault on Lebanon.

Speaking to Channel 14, the minister of religious affairs, Michael Malchieli, said his ministry has been "busy" with many issues relating to the conflict with Gaza, including preparing burials.

The world is on the brink of a catastrophe, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Friday, pointing to the risks of a potential devastating conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.

The head of the Shia militia, Hassan Nasrallah, warned on Wednesday that Hezbollah is prepared for a full-scale conflict with Israel and could invade the Jewish state’s northern territories in case of further escalation.

The statement came after one of the group’s senior commanders, Hajj Sami Taleb Abdullah, was killed in an Israeli strike on southern Lebanon last week.

 by Jason Ditz 

Russian officials have issued a statement confirming that multiple drone strikes overnight in eastern Syria, near the Iraqi border. The strikes killed multiple, and included an attack on a cargo truck traveling through the region, killing a member of Iraq’s Sayyed al-Shuhada Brigades.