"If you want the victims of gun crime to be able to sue the gun makers for damages, then let us also allow the victims of drunk driving accidents to sue the car makers and distilleries as well. While we are at it, revoke the special protection granted to vaccine makers that was passed as part of the Homeland Security Act so that people who are actually harmed by poorly made vaccines can sue the pharmaceutical companies. And, given that at least 90% of these mass shootings were committed by people either on or withdrawing from prescription anti-depressants, the victims of those shootings should be allowed to sue the pharmaceutical companies as well. Let's sue the makers of kitchen cutlery for every stabbing death. Let's sue the makers of sporting equipment for every victim beaten to death with a baseball bat, and tool companies for making the hammers used on bludgeoning deaths as well. The family of everyone who dies by electrocution should be allowed to sue the electric company. The family of everyone who dies in a fall should be allowed to sue the makers of ladders and staircases. The family of everyone who commits suicide by hanging should be allowed to sue the rope companies. " -- Michael Rivero

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British Airways will cancel more than 300 flights to and from Heathrow over the Easter holidays.

British Airways has announced changes to its schedule over the two-week Easter break next month due to staff strikes. Airport security staff are expected to hold 10 days of strikes over pay.

"These strikes are sponsored by the WEF"

Official figures sneakily published by the UK Government, reveal that the triple+ vaccinated population accounted for 92% of Covid-19 deaths throughout the entirety of 2022, and 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths in England over the past two years.



1 The rewards from your visit to Crawford will be few. The risks are high, both for you and for the Government. I judge that there is at present no majority inside the PLP for any military action against Iraq, (alongside a greater readiness in the PLP to surface their concerns). Colleagues know that Saddam and the Iraqi regime are bad. Making that case is easy. But we have a long way to go to convince them as to:

The West’s sham concern over the fate of children who were evacuated by Russia from the zone of combat operations looks hypocritic and cynical amid that worsening catastrophic problems thousands of underage Ukrainians are facing in EU countries, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Sunday.

Countryfile presenter Joe Crowley visited a laboratory in Aberystwyth, Wales, to learn about an ongoing edible insect project on Sunday's show. However, viewers did not seem keen on the idea of eating creepy crawlies, with many blasting the BBC for "pushing the edible insect idea" on the beloved programme.

Court rules British army tortured Irish prisoner MikeRivero Sun, 03/26/2023 - 08:10

The High Court in Belfast awarded damages to the family of Liam Holden on Friday, ruling that the late Irishman was waterboarded into making a false confession while in British military custody.

Holden, who died last year aged 68, was falsely convicted of killing a UK paratrooper in the early 1970's. The period of near civil war is known as "The Troubles."

Telecoms giant BT is set to quietly restart its controversial digital home phone rollout, which could leave customers unable to call emergency services if there is a power cut, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

BT's so-called 'digital voice' project will see up to 29 million households switched over from traditional handsets to new digital ones which are plugged into an electricity supply and need a broadband connection.

That means if there is a power cut, the phone line also stops working, leaving households unable to call '999' emergency services on their landline.

epleted uranium shells are dangerous not just because of the explosions that they produce. It is radioactive dust that poses the biggest danger to living beings after it gets into their bodies, Igor Kirillov, the head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces told reporters on March 24.

"A strike with the use of depleted uranium munitions creates a hot cloud of fine aerosol of uranium-238 and its oxides in the air. Those exposed to that dust may later develop serious pathologies afterwards,” the official said.

London's attempts to implement the concept of ‘Global Britain’ after leaving the European Union have failed, Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrey Kelin told TASS.

"After Brexit, <…> the concept of Global Britain appeared," the ambassador recalled. He explained that London saw the concept in such a way that the country "would go around the world, making new arrangements, improving the trade base, benefiting from it and prospering."