Indiana lawmakers are trying again to pass a Republican-backed proposal to make school board elections partisan despite opposition from school board members and education advocates from across the state.

Candidates running for school boards would be required to identify as a Republican, Democrat or Independent, according to the legislation.

Currently, Indiana is among 41 states where local school board elections are held without any party identification on the ballot for candidates.


American public schools are getting worse. Declining results are clear in the government’s own “Nation’s Report Card” on the state of public education. The National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) likewise shows that students got lower scores in mathematics across almost the entire country in 2021 compared to 2019. Blacks and Hispanics fell even farther behind than whites, and reading scores in most jurisdictions also fell.


“I want to know how and why this book was ever allowed in our school, more specifically, that process that was just discussed and how books are approved,” Mrs Pangerl added.

She then proceeded to read out the following passages, as the board members squirmed in discomfort:

“I sucked him deeper into my mouth, almost to the base. And just when he moaned, I released him, gliding my tongue along the long, hard length of him, until his d*ck was glistening.”

Residents of the Linn-Mar Community School District in Iowa have been in an uproar since board member Rachel Wall made the controversial statement that public education is “not to teach kids what parents want.”

Wall’s comment has sparked debates throughout the community, with some parents arguing that the district should not be trying to impose its own views on students and others saying that schools should encourage students to think critically.

Rhode Island high school assistant principal 'asked teachers to raise $5,000 to pay human smuggling cartel "Coyote" for trafficking a student over Mexican border', union president claims MikeRivero Sat, 01/28/2023 - 08:54

Rhode Island high school's assistant principal allegedly sent out an email asking staff to send donations to pay a human smuggling cartel for trafficking a student over the Mexican border.

'Coyote' fees are paid to people who help sneak immigrants into the United States to match the risk of illegally entering the country.

In a new and dangerous development, Zionist groups are moving more aggressively than in the past to ban criticism of Israel on campuses by deeming it antisemitic. One tactic deployed by such groups is to create assessment reports claiming dubiously that Jewish students feel uncomfortable about anti-Zionist activities on campus and that those activities should in turn be prohibited. 

“Rather than teaching these kids about math, English, and science…, these kids are being used and abused to help these people achieve some kind of sick agenda that they have,”

With the White House refusing to turn over documents and communications relating to a scheme to use federal law enforcement to target parents critical of liberal education policies, the U.S. House of Representatives is warning that subpoenas, as possible contempt charges, are next.