"Beliefs are chains used to hold free minds in slavery. No chains of steel ever bound a human tighter than the chains made of beliefs." -- Michael Rivero

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The mainstream media are liars.

It’s no longer a question of if they are telling the truth.

When they report the news to you, they are either completely misleading you or they are outright lying.

Grateful, defiant Trump recounts surviving surreal assassination attempt at rally: Im supposed to be dead MikeRivero

One man at the rally was shot and killed, and two were wounded. Asked if he had given any thought to attending the funeral of Corey Comperatore, the firefighter who died shielding his family from the killer’s gunfire, Trump said yes. 

Then, turning to aides standing behind him, he said, “Get the numbers, I want to go to the hospital and call all the families.”

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green on Sunday demanded documents and a briefing from the Department of Homeland Security following the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump.

Secret Service rejects accusations that security was diverted from Trump to Jill Bidens rally MikeRivero

Much has been of the Secret Service detail after the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump in Butler, Pa., on Saturday.

A veteran whose team holds the world record for longest confirmed sniper kill claims Donald Trump's shooter 'had help' in his attempted assassination attempt. 

Dallas Alexander, who spent 14 years in a sniper team for the Canadian military doing close protection for major world leaders including the Canadian prime minister, suggested in a video Thomas Matthew Crooks, 20, who opened fire at the former president's rally Saturday night, may have had help from the inside.

Audio forensics suggest that shots from at least three weapons were fired at ex-US President Donald Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania, CNN reports, citing experts.

According to Catalin Grigoras and Cole Whitecotton from the National Center for Media Forensics at the University of Colorado in Denver, "the first three shots were consistent with alleged weapon A, the next five were consistent with alleged weapon B, and the final 'acoustic impulse' was emitted by a possible weapon C," the media outlet notes.

(SQAUK) — A former elite sniper from Canada’s Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2) has alleged that the individual who tried to assassinate Donald Trump was aided by someone with insider knowledge to reach a high rooftop position. Dallas Alexandr, a renowned precision shooter, suggested that the intricate nature of the operation indicates the involvement of highly skilled personnel. According to Alexandr, the shooter’s ability to access the rooftop undetected and establish a sniper’s nest with precision indicates a level of knowledge and skill unlikely to be possessed by an unassisted civilian.

A number of independent security experts have noted egregious failures in the Secret Service’s protection of Trump’s venue. Perhaps most notable was the failure to include the nearby buildings in the security zone. Three possible explanations have been offered: incompetence, intent, and insufficient assigned resources.

Incompetence is a possibility. In all federal agencies including the military, ability and merit have been set aside in order to make race- and gender- based appointments.

The Secret Service identified the rooftop next to Trump’s Butler, Pennsylvania event as a security vulnerability days before the rally according to a new report by NBC News.

The agents failed to secure the building so a man with a rifle was able to climb up to the roof, position his scope, and fire several shots at President Trump.