“There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see” -- Leonardo Da Vinci

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A group of several dozen migrants joined liberal Democrat politicians in New York City on Thursday to protest for even more government benefits for “newcomers.”

The New York Immigration Coalition joined a group of elected Democrat officials on the steps of City Hall to demand more money from the city budget to be dedicated to migrants, according to Caribbean Life.

The United States was growing desperate, months before its entry into the Second World War. It was gravely short of aluminum, and scrambling for suppliers.

Its solution: turn north to Canada. 

American public money flooded into Quebec, building the aluminum industry that supplied raw materials for Allied planes and tanks.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has received a lot of flak for her book anecdote about killing her dog. She has also been banned from almost all the Indian reservations in the state.

The latter for rightly stating that Mexican drug cartels are operating on these reservations.

And while killing her dog may have been wrong (bragging about it in her book certainly was), she isn't wrong about the cartels.

Israeli Strikes Kill Eight in Southern Lebanon Ladylove

by Jason Ditz 

A series of Israeli airstrikes and drone attacks on southern Lebanon included hits on three motorbikes in different border towns and villages on Sunday. Altogether, at least eight people were killed and a number of civilian bystanders wounded.

America Prepares for War with China Amid Latest Provocation from US Congress MikeRivero

The US is conducting war games near the South China Sea as US lawmakers visit Taiwan, undermining the United States’ long-held official commitment to a one-China policy.

The United States is conducting military drills with its allies near the South China Sea as a congressional delegation visits Taiwan in America’s latest attempt to undermine its official one-China policy.