"The first casualty of war is truth." -- Rudyard Kipling

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The Truth About Covid is Finally Seeping Out malterwitty
It’s been a long time coming, but finally, inexorably, like a Wuhan lab leak, the truth about COVID-19 appears to be seeping out. Short of running the world’s largest Excel spreadsheet on ‘conspiracy theories which came true’, it appears safe to say that the anti-vaxxers and covidiots among us (other slurs are available from those who learned nothing from Brexit) were right about practically everything. So, how did we know – we ‘little people’, who clearly aren’t world-renowned virologists and therefore had no right to an opinion on the matter?

The Supreme Court has been critical in deciding major issues in recent years. Thanks to its strong conservative majority, the court has rolled back many progressive decisions and laws. The biggest, of course, was the ending of Roe v. Wade in 2022.

The court has also restricted blue states’ ability to hinder Americans’ Second Amendment rights and repeatedly upheld Americans’ religious rights.

VAX-INDUCED CANCER: Rare turbo cancers are accelerating in much younger people, so doctors and the corporate media blame it all on Covid, not Covid vaccines malterwitty

The most senior medical oncologist in Japan recently slammed the COVID-19 mRNA shots as “the work of evil” that has caused “essentially murder.”

In an interview published April 19, Dr. Masanori Fukushima, who spearheaded the first cancer outpatient clinic at Kyoto University and launched the first course in pharmacoepidemiology there, listed a slew of problems with the COVID mRNA jabs, evidencing what he called an evil “abuse of science.”

The suppressive effect of SARS-CoV-2 spike on p53-dependent gene activation provides a potential molecular mechanism by which SARS-CoV-2 infection may impact tumorigenesis, tumor progression and chemotherapy sensitivity. In fact, cisplatin-treated tumor cells expressing spike S2 were found to have increased cell viability as compared to control cells. Further observations on γ-H2AX expression in spike S2-expressing cells treated with cisplatin may indicate altered DNA damage sensing in the DNA damage response pathway.

Voyager 1 makes stellar comeback to science operations malterwitty
NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft is back in action and conducting normal science operations for the first time since the veteran probe began spouting gibberish at the end of 2023. All four of the spacecraft's remaining operational instruments are now returning usable data to Earth, according to NASA. Some additional work is needed to tidy up the effects of the issue. Engineers need to resynchronize the timekeeping software of Voyager 1's three onboard computers to ensure that commands are executed at the correct times.
Several days ago, I learned via John Cullen that the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) just ordered 4.8 million doses of the avian flu vaccine. However, there have been only three cases in America and fewer than 10 cases worldwide. This move does seem excessive, so what gives?