"We must enter and take possession of the mind of childhood, the mind of the youth." -- Plutarco Calles, President of Mexico, 1924 -1928 

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MEGHAN Markle "doesn't seem to care" about her dad - and acted "astonishingly" after his stroke, claimed a royal expert. Royal biographer Tom Bower made shocking claims the Duchess of Sussex has "moved on" and doesn't seem to give "two hoots... whether he's frankly alive or dead".

In a move that, while not unheard for the franchise, feels particularly weird given that in involves a real-world historical figure, a new report suggests that both Yasuke and Naoe will be able to romance same-sex partners in Assassin’s Creed Shadows.

Actor Jack Black — one of Hollywood’s most prominent Joe Biden fundraisers — is seeking to control damage to his career after his Tenacious D bandmate publicly wished for the assassination of former President Donald Trump. With several movies in the works, including a likely Super Mario Bros. sequel and a rumored Kung Fu Panda 5, Black is facing a career crisis as the incident has not only hurt his image as a likeable, family-friendly star, but has also thrown into question his role as a DNC fundraiser.

MORE and more Strictly celebrities are raising complaints about their time on the show — as the BBC fears a £1million personal injury bill. A number of stars are lining up claims citing physical or mental health harm, and loss of earnings.