"There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution" -- Aldous Huxley

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NATO is looking into a more permanent increase in the number of troops in the Western Balkans to keep tensions under control, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Monday.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization sent hundreds of additional forces to Kosovo from Britain and Romania after a battle between police and armed Serbs holed up in a monastery turned a quiet village in northern Kosovo into a war zone on Sept. 24.

"We are now reviewing whether we should have a more permanent increase to ensure that this doesn't spiral out of control and creates a new violent conflict in Kosovo or the wider region," Stoltenberg told reporters on a visit to Kosovo.

The gunbattle in September prompted new international concern over stability in Kosovo, which has an ethnic Albanian majority and declared independence from Serbia in 2008 after a guerrilla uprising and a 1999 NATO intervention.

Posted on: Nov 21 07:19

The United States urges Ukraine to carry out maximum mobilization and call up women, minors and the elderly, according to Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergey Naryshkin.

"The West demands from the regime of (Ukrainian President Vladimir) Zelensky to ignore losses and demonstrate to the world community the impossibility of the Russian victory in the Ukrainian conflict. In particular, the reliable data obtained by the SVR show that the US orient the Ukrainian leadership towards maximum active mobilization events to replenish huge losses sustained by the Ukrainian armed forces during the failed counteroffensive," the SVR quoted him as saying.

"The American and British curators of Kiev recommend to the Ukrainian military-political leadership to decrease to 17 years and increase to 70 years the call-up age and additionally mobilize women," he said.

Webmaster addition: Near the end of WW3, Germany was drafting women and children. It's a sign of desperation IMHO!

Posted on: Nov 21 07:18

The Department of Defense relies on hundreds, if not thousands, of weapons and products such as uniforms, batteries, and microelectronics that contain PFAS, a family of chemicals linked to serious health conditions.

Now, as regulators propose restrictions on their use or manufacturing, Pentagon officials have told Congress that eliminating the chemicals would undermine military readiness.

PFAS, known as “forever chemicals” because they don’t break down in the environment and can build up in the human body, have been associated with such health problems as cancer. In July, a new federal study showed a direct link between testicular cancer and PFOS, a PFAS chemical that has been found in the blood of thousands of military personnel.

Congress has pressured the Defense Department to clean up U.S. military sites and take health concerns more seriously. Under the fiscal 2023 James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act, the Pentagon was required to assess the ubiquity of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, in products and equipment used by the military.

Posted on: Nov 21 07:18

Renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough has concluded that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines may cause cardiac arrests following his review of various studies about the matter.

"We're seeing a disturbing continued trend of cardiac arrests in people who have taken the vaccine," said McCullough. "Now we have data from Nakahara in a human cardiac PET [positron emission tomography] study, showing that PET scans of the heart change in almost everybody who took the shot, at least for six months or longer, where the heart's metabolism changes."

"Of interest among those with a sore arm after the shot, there were more striking differences in the heart scan, consistent with the inflammatory changes seen in the arm and the heart at autopsy by Schwab et al," McCullough added.

Posted on: Nov 21 07:11

The controversial decision by Iraq's Supreme Federal Court to oust the parliament speaker, Mohammed al-Halbousi, deepened the country's political crises and sowed division among the Iraqis and foreign diplomatic missions.

On Tuesday, 14 November, Iraq's top court revoked the parliamentary membership of Iraq's parliament speaker, Mohammed al-Halbousi, on charges of forgery, ending the powerful Sunni politician's tenure.

But  the US ambassador in Baghdad, Alina Romanowski has intervened in the crisis. She met with the head of Iraq's Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Faiq Zidan, on 16 November. Romanowski stated that she discussed recent developments and the security situation in Iraq with Zidan. In a post on her official social media account, she emphasised the importance of having an independent judiciary that follows legal procedures and bases its decisions on the Iraqi constitution.

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Posted on: Nov 21 07:10

Israel's far-right finance minister, who has so far been excluded from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's war cabinet, called on Monday for lawmakers taking a harder line towards Hamas to be included in decisions about the war.

Netanyahu, whose ruling coalition includes parties from Israel's far right, has been managing the war with a small group of ministers from his hawkish Likud party and a centrist opposition group that joined an emergency government shortly after Hamas' deadly rampage through southern Israel on Oct. 7.

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and other hardline members of the broader cabinet have been excluded from much of the decision making, and were particularly critical of a decision last week to accede to a U.S. request to allow some fuel into Gaza for humanitarian reasons.

Posted on: Nov 21 07:08

Democratic members of Congress have introduced a bill that would impose restrictions on bulk ammunition sales, licensing requirements on ammunition vendors, and background checks for ammunition buyers.

Posted on: Nov 21 07:08

Dozens of Palestinians were killed and injured as Israel continued to bomb hospitals and schools sheltering displaced people, as well as homes and buildings, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Northern Gaza

After destroying the Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City and putting it totally out of service, the Israeli forces surrounded at dawn on Monday the Indonesian Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip, targeting it with artillery shelling, which led to the death of at least 12 wounded people who were receiving treatment. 

Two doctors were also reportedly wounded.

At dawn, the Israeli artillery bombed the Kuwait School, near the Indonesian Hospital, in the northern Gaza Strip.

Posted on: Nov 21 07:08

America is suffering from multiculturalism, division, and a sprawling empire.

China has a demographic time bomb.

Neither will flex on the other because each is waiting out the collapse of the other.

Posted on: Nov 21 07:07

The once prestigious Lancet medical journal has made the astounding claim the year 2023 saw “the highest global temperatures in over 100,000 years,” even though temperature data collection only began in the 19th century.

Posted on: Nov 21 07:07
  • Hamas chief says truce deal is “approaching”; reports suggest possible three- to five-day pause in fighting as Qatari official says captive release talks at “critical and final stage”.
  • Health ministry says all hospitals in northern Gaza are now out of service.
  • At least 20 Palestinians killed in attack on Nuseirat refugee camp as Israeli bombardment continues.
  • More than 13,300 people have been killed in Gaza since October 7. In Israel, the official death toll from Hamas’s attacks stands at about 1,200.
Posted on: Nov 21 07:07

'There's a portal to hell on a plate in front of him', tweeted radio presenter Dana Loesch.

'Why he gripping the table like that?' asked Mubashar Ali. 'The cake reminds me of a state of the US economy it is in,' added another X user.

Posted on: Nov 21 07:05

The sales side (or variable operations) in the Retail Automotive sector is crashing. Service (fixed ops) isn't fairing much better. I'm very glad I sold my store a few years ago.

Posted on: Nov 21 07:00

The United States is confident that the Arab states will not use oil supply as a weapon as they have done in the past, White House energy security adviser Amos Hochstein told the Financial Times in an interview published this weekend.

“Oil has been weaponised from time-to-time since it became a traded commodity, so we’re always worried about that, working against that, but I think so far it hasn’t,” Hochstein told FT.

Webmaster addition: But it will.

Posted on: Nov 21 06:58

New US House Speaker Mike Johnson struck a blow for liberty and justice last week when he finally authorized the release of all the tapes from the January 6, 2021 “insurrection.”

We were told by no less than President Biden himself that this was the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

The FBI was unleashed by the Biden Administration to hunt down hundreds of participants in this “insurrection” and lock them up in the gulag where they awaited trial in torturous conditions – many in solitary confinement.

A Congressional Committee was set up under then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi to “get to the bottom” of the “Trump-led insurrection.” It did not include a single Representative nominated by the opposition Republican Party, but rather two “Republicans” – Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger – who could be relied on by Pelosi and the Democrats to toe the line.

In short, the whole thing was an old-fashioned Soviet show trial, where the evidence was kept secret and the pre-determined verdict – guilty – was to be used to tighten the grip of the ruling regime and intimidate any further dissenters into silence.

The message was clear: “speak out against the ‘perfection’ of the 2020 election and you may find yourself in the gulag along with the insurrectionists.”

Posted on: Nov 21 06:57

The Social Cancelers are now facing Social Cancellation!
Musk can simply bury these people in legal fees alone.

Posted on: Nov 21 06:56

It’s quite astonishing that the United States of America, one of the most powerful nations in the world, struggles to hold streamlined elections. We’ve gone from having election results on the same night or in the early hours to prolonged counts of sketchy ballots behind closed doors, with the winner remaining unknown for days on end. And these types of rinky-dink elections with long “third world” delays are being normalized, but it’s far from normal, and we all know it. This unacceptable stark contrast was glaringly obvious during the recent presidential election in Argentina, where they efficiently tallied 25 to 30 million paper ballots within hours. Meanwhile, certain blue districts in the United States, using machine ballots, take days to count a fraction of that number. How does one reconcile this?

Posted on: Nov 21 06:56

Truth Social, the social media platform connected to former President Donald Trump, announced a massive, billion-dollar lawsuit against 20 news media companies.

The company posted a statement about its lawsuit Monday evening.

"Today Truth Social filed a defamation lawsuit that is likely unprecedented in history, incorporating twenty publications - and even more may be added. All of them published the same false information about Truth Social and refused to fully retract their stories," the statement read.

"To the Fake News outlets that think themselves about accountability: we'll see you in court," it added.

Posted on: Nov 21 06:56

For well over a year and a half, we have been listening and reading about all the mythical “victories” of the Kiev regime forces. If we were to believe the mainstream propaganda machine, Russia is about to collapse, its forces are in disarray, President Putin is in perpetual hiding in some bunker, etc. And yet, concurrently, that same mainstream propaganda machine is publishing texts about the massive increase in the number of forcibly conscripted women in the Neo-Nazi junta forces. This begs the obvious question, why? Why would the side that’s supposedly “winning” enforce conscription on anyone, let alone women? Men are far more suitable to be soldiers for evident biological reasons (unless you’re an ultra-liberal, “woke” extremist).

Women can surely play a part in the defense of their own country, but ideally, this shouldn’t be encouraged. Warfare has always been quite an ugly business, even for the toughest of men, as evidenced by the number of veterans with PTSD. In this regard, frontline units are particularly exposed to the horrors of war and female soldiers should certainly be kept as far as possible from direct combat zones. The dread that male POWs (prisoners of war) can go through is more than enough, while women in the same situation are at the risk of experiencing even worse horrors. This alone should disqualify female soldiers from serving in frontline units. Notwithstanding many famous women who served in wars during momentous times in history, this is something that should be an axiom.

However, it seems the Kiev regime didn’t get the memo. Worse yet, not only are they sending women to the trenches, but are now forcibly conscripting pregnant ones. Yes, you read that right – pregnant Ukrainian women are being sent to the frontline.

Posted on: Nov 21 06:55

The White House marked Joe Biden's 81st birthday on Monday by defending him against attacks on his age and insisting that he has used his vast experience to deliver results for the American people.

The nation's oldest president plans to celebrate his birthday with family in Nantucket during the Thanksgiving break.

But the chorus of Democratic voices calling for him to step aside from the 2024 race is only growing as poll after poll shows Americans think he is too old to run again.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did nothing to dispel the idea that the White House is in a defensive crouch when quizzed about the data during her daily briefing.

Webmaster addition: It's not about his age. It's about his dementia!

Posted on: Nov 21 06:53

Regulators across the country are proposing bans on PFAS chemicals - sometimes known as 'forever chemicals' - that are found in thousands of products and have been linked to cancer and infertility.

The Department of Defense (DoD) depends on thousands of weapons and products like uniforms, batteries and microelectronics that contain PFAS, it said.

In a report quietly submitted to Congress in August, the DoD said: 'Losing access to PFAS due to overly broad regulations or severe market contractions would greatly impact national security and DoD's ability to fulfill its mission.'

Posted on: Nov 21 06:52

Palestine’s UN representative Nada Abu Tarbush confronts Israel’s actions in Gaza, sharply criticising Israeli officials’ statements, accusing them of viewing all 2.3 million Gazans as legitimate targets. She challenges Israel’s claim of adhering to international law, pointing out the alarming justification of over 11,350 deaths, including children, journalists, and UN staff. She dismantles Israel's lies and disinformation, sets out what Palestine stands for, and why it will succeed.

Posted on: Nov 21 06:47

A US Navy reconnaissance aircraft plunged into the Pacific Ocean following a botched landing attempt at a Marine Corps base in Hawaii on Monday afternoon, military officials have said.

The P-8A Poseidon overshot a runway at the Marine installation at Kaneohe Bay as it touched down for landing, according to Marine Corps spokesperson Gunnery Sgt. Orlando Perez.

The plane’s nine crew members were able to make it back to shore safely, the Honolulu Emergency Medical Services reported.

Local media outlets shared photos and footage of the Poseidon following the failed landing attempt, with the aircraft seen floating in shallow waters in Kaneohe Bay.

Posted on: Nov 21 06:47

The reason given for constructing the wall was to guarantee security against attacks from those living in the West Bank. The barrier even passes through Jerusalem, isolating Palestinian East Jerusalem from the rest of the city. In 2004, the United Nations International Court of Justice considered it illegal. With the passage of time, the barrier has turned it into a tool that, in times of war like the one that began on October 7, allows the ring around the Palestinian territory to be further tightened and therefore control and usurp the land of the encircled Palestinians. EL PAÍS has visited several points along the West Bank barrier, a scar that remains two decades after it was built.

Webmaster addition: