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Woman's Entire Family Dies After She Hides Positive COVID Test

The family of a Venezuelan woman who tested positive for coronavirus died after she concealed her diagnosis from them.

Verónica García Fuentes, 36, from the state of Tachira in Venezuela, fell ill with a fever in mid-December. She took a PCR test which came back positive and isolated herself at home, but she told her husband and children she had a bad case of the flu.

According to the Venezuelan newspaper La Nación, Fuentes may have kept her COVID-19 diagnosis a secret out of fear. At the end of December, she told her husband José Antonio, 33, she had coronavirus as he was on his way to a family party to stop him from mixing with other relatives.

In January, Fuentes developed pneumonia but her husband and three children, one aged 17 and twins aged four, all tested negative in a rapid test.

Two weeks later, Fuentes' condition deteriorated and she was admitted to hospital. The rest of her family then tested positive for COVID-19, but appeared to be asymptomatic.

Days later, her husband was admitted to hospital with severe symptoms and a week later, both died. The couple's three children had also passed away by the end of January.

Medical authorities in the region have responded to the sad case by reinforcing the need to follow basic precautions, like using face masks, hand washing and social distancing.