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Soldiers from Senegal and North Macedonia to train in Vermont

Vermont Business Magazine North Macedonian and Senegalese Soldiers will join Vermont National Guard members for training starting next week.

North Macedonia and Senegal are both partnered with Vermont through the National Guard State Partnership Program.

Soldiers from the Senegalese Fire Brigade will spend a week with various Vermont National Guard, State and local disaster response organizations participating in multiple demonstrations and training events. The Fire Brigade is a unique asset for Senegal that focuses on various aspects of disaster response.

Meanwhile, a team of soldiers from North Macedonia will be participating from Camp Johnson in Cyber Shield 2021, a 14-day resident course designed to provide students hands-on Defense Cyberspace Operations Element training.

“The State Partnership Program is designed to be a mutually beneficial relationship,” commented Maj. Gen. Greg Knight, Vermont’s Adjutant General, “the sharing of ideas, best practices and training opportunities is just one facet of our strong relationships with both North Macedonia and Senegal.”