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Report: Three More Iranian Tankers Under Way With Fuel for Venezuela

Analysts with have tentatively identified a new round of Iranian gasoline shipments to Venezuela. According to the firm, the product tankers Forest, Faxon and Fortune appear to have taken on about 825,000 barrels of gasoline at Port Shahid Rajaee, then turned off their AIS transponders. None have broadcast an AIS position since the end of August, according to consultancy Dryad Global. believes that these vessels are "very likely" headed for Suez, then Venezuela - marking the second time this year that Iranian-flagged vessels have carried gasoline cargoes on this route.

Venezuela is in the midst of a dire fuel shortage, driven in part by U.S. sanctions on its petroleum industry and in part by a long decline in the maintenance of its refineries. Earlier this year, its government reached an agreement with Iran for the delivery of five tanker loads (about 1.5 million barrels) of gasoline. The Forest, Faxon and Fortune were part of that shipment, along with the Petunia and Clavel, all Iranian-flagged. Like Venezuela, Iran is also under strict U.S. sanctions, and the United States added the masters of all five ships to its travel and banking blacklist for their involvement in the transaction.

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I would like to politely remind those in the Bowels of Power in DC, that a boarding and inspecting the cargo of ships in declared international waters, is tantamount to an act of war.