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NewsTexas Wins Lawsuit Against Biden Administration!

Don’t mess with Texas.

It’s only the first week, and the Biden administration is already LOSING lawsuits!

Biden and co have been sued and officially defeated in court over executive orders which aim to weaken Texas’ borders.

If this week has been any indication; the usurper Biden has a LONG and HARD road ahead of him. Shouldn’t have cheated Joe…….shouldn’t have cheated.

Left wing Bloomberg also reported this:
President Joe Biden suffered his first major court setback after a federal judge in Texas temporarily blocked the new administration’s plan to pause deportations of undocumented immigrants for 100 days.

Tuesday’s ruling by U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton is a preliminary victory for Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican. Texas sued just two days after Biden’s inauguration, taking aim at a measure seen as the first step by the new president to reverse Donald Trump’s harsh immigration policies.

The decision is a sign of the legal battles to come. Just as attorneys general from Democratic-leaning states like California and New York flooded the Trump administration with lawsuits seeking to block key policies, Republican-led states are now poised to return the favor, potentially backed by the massive complement of judges Trump and the former Republican Senate majority managed to appoint over the past four years.