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Joe Biden to Import More Workers and Consumers for Wall Street

President Joe Biden, as soon as Monday, will restart the unpopular but business-backed inflow of Central American consumers and replacement labor that President Donald Trump had shut down, according to Reuters.

The extra workers and consumers will help CEOs and investors, even as millions of Americans have been pushed into the unemployment line and poverty by the coronavirus crash and by prior migration.

Biden is expected to end the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) agreement with Mexico, to tear up asylum deals with El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, and even open a new route for migrants to fly from U.S. embassies into homes through the United States, according to the article. Trump’s MPP program deterred unsafe migration by denying U.S. jobs to migrants before their asylum claims were approved by courts.

Biden will also sign an order directing officials to prepare for a future inflow of 125,000 refugees imported from Africa, Asia, and other regions, according to Reuters. Trump cut the refugee inflow down to 15,000, which pressured companies to raise wages for Americans and to invest in wealth-producing, labor-saving machinery.

The executive orders will also begin the process of killing Trump’s “Public Charge” regulation which denies entry to legal migrants who are too poor to support themselves without aid from Americans. Poor migrants are valuable to Wall Street, which scoops up the profits from additional government-funded aid and welfare, such as food stamps and Medicare.

Biden has already killed several of Trump’s protections for many American graduates and employees.