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Israel, America and the Iranian nuclear deal crisis

The Israeli government is preparing for a new phase in its relationship with America under the new US administration headed by Joe Biden. It will not be without disagreements and contradictions, unlike the past four years of Donald Trump's term in office, as he did everything he could to satisfy Israel's extreme right wing led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

One area for disagreement with the new administration is not related to any US position against Israel, but is mainly about the concept of Israel's interests. US administrations are generally keen to ensure that Israel's political, economic and security interests are taken care of, and that the occupation state's hegemony in the region is maintained, not least because it acts as a tool for the benefit of US interests given the strong alliance between the two countries.

The differences between the US and Israel are apparent in the positions of the Biden administration and the Netanyahu government on two main issues. The first relates to the two-state solution and Biden's apparent opposition to Israel's imposition of facts on the ground unilaterally in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially settlement construction and any legal change in the status of these territories which is a threat to "two states". This position is also accepted by the majority of American Jews, as they believe it is in the best interest of Israel and preserves its status with a solid Jewish majority and a democratic system. This is an important requirement for continued Western support and alliances.