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Here Are The States Receiving Bulk Of Afghan Refugees (With D.C. So Far Taking In Zero)

"I strongly oppose the resettlement of these Afghan nationals in Montana," Republican representative Matt Rosendale said in a Thursday statement after it was revealed Montana is due to resettle 75 Afghan refugees who fled on US evacuation flights in August.

According to recent New York Times estimates, a minimum of 50,000 Afghans are expected to be resettled in the United States over the course of the next month, while some 31,000 have already arrived, many still undergoing DHS processing. Over the next year it's expected this number will reach nearly 100,000 - based on White House estimates of how many the administration hopes to admit to the country.

This would end up being more than all Afghan refugees resettled in the US since the war began in 2001, according to prior State Dept. data.

While many of these are said to include translators and their families or other Afghans who over the past two decade long US occupation assisted US and NATO forces in some way, it's as yet unclear how many were simply Afghans who crowded into military transport planes without any level of vetting. Others who are to be admitted were reportedly deemed "at risk" by the US government - essentially a declaration of asylum.


I Just Arrived…


…From a Mining convention and I have 2 companies from Turkey that I have known for years.
That being said; I asked how the refugee problem was affecting them. They told me that the problem is more complex than just the Afghans. They are taking on loads from Syria as well.
Anyway the main point they emphasized was all of these refugees have 0 amount of currency and are doing any work to get money so the Native Turks become redundant!
The consensus is their final destination is Europe…

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