Don’t Let Apple’s ‘Privacy’ Fight With Facebook Fool You For A Second | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Don’t Let Apple’s ‘Privacy’ Fight With Facebook Fool You For A Second

War is brewing in Silicon Valley. A long-simmering fight between Apple and Facebook — two of the architects of Big Tech — spilled into the avenue this past week, with commercial and legal threats hitting the pages of both tech publications and broader media.

To read the Cult of Mac journalists who dominate Big Tech reporting, you’d think America had flipped the calendar back 10 years to a simpler time when Apple, Inc. was seen as some white knight fighting for innovation, user privacy, and a freer, cooler future. Facebook, on the other hand, you might read, stands for old-fashioned corporate greed.

It’s garbage,(see: of course — the good guy part, anyways.

So why now? Over these past few weeks, Apple has experienced something it isn’t used to: bad PR in the wake of essentially banning popular social media app Parler from its phones without publicly providing any truthful explanation. As its carefully crafted rebel chic began to look a more and more like polished corporate liberalism, what did Apple’s Tim Cook do? He attacked Facebook’s privacy-last profit model.

At first glance this might seem strange, but it isn’t. Indeed, fake battles and shiny objects are the core of Apple’s PR strategy.