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Belarus, Crimea: Ukraine Prepares for Armed Conflict in North and South

The Ukrainian government has announced that it is shoring up security and military forces in the north of the country on its border with Belarus and to the south on what it calls the administrative border of the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea: the exact language of the government and the armed forces of the nation.

Serhiy Deineko, in charge of the State Border Guard Service, was quoted confirming he’d returned from inspecting the Ukrainian border with Belarus and had identified measures for strengthening protection against alleged Belarusian threats.

In his words: “We need to continue building up the system of protecting the state border with Belarus. This applies to the entire section, including the borders of the exclusion zone…we are further strengthening our technical and engineering capabilities. We must ensure the national security of Ukraine from all possible threats.”

That Belarus presents any conceivable threat to Ukraine would be risible if the implications of that accusation were not so precarious. Ukraine has a population of 44 million; Belarus has a population of 9 million. Ukraine has the full force of the U.S., NATO and the European Union behind it (with Britain alone having trained 20,000 Ukrainian troops under Operation ORBITAL); Belarus’ support from Russia is problematic at best and from the Collective Security Treaty Organization non-existent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

War with Russia, on the part of Ukraine, would be one of the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid things the US and NATO could do right now; unfortunately, that is utterly no guarantee that they won't just haul off and do it.