Sep 15 05:30

Iran's Resistance Film Festival Key to Undo Hegemony of US Films: Canadian Journalist

"...A Canadian journalist and political analyst described the 16th Resistance International Film Festival underway in Iran as important in the face of the hegemony of American films..."

Sep 14 07:01

Iran Says It Chased Off US Spy Plane During Large-Scale Hormuz Exercises

On Friday the AFP reported on some surprising statement from Iran's military, which however remains unconfirmed from the US side:

The Iranian navy on Friday said it drove off American aircraft that flew close to an area where military exercises were underway near the Strait of Hormuz.

Sep 14 06:25

Iran To Link Its Power Grid To Russia, Azerbaijan

Iran’s electricity grid will be connected with Russia and Azerbaijan in a few months, once grid compatibility studies are completed, Iran’s Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian said on Friday.

Iran’s power grid could be linked and synchronized to connect with other grids either via Azerbaijan or via Armenia and Georgia, Ardakanian said, as reported by Iranian Fars news agency.

Sep 14 06:15

Iran to develop pharmacy network in Venezuela

The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to improve its cooperation with Venezuela, now by the creation of a pharmacy network in the socialist-ruled South American country.

Carrying Iranian medical products, the brand new chain of drugstores is meant to tackle the dire scarcity of medicines hitting Venezuelans as a result of US' economic sanctions that impede imports.

Caracas Mayor's office and the Iranian Embassy have signed an agreement that gives birth to the network. Officials hail the deal.However, from the opposition, some express criticism. But experts say the Venezuela-Iran alliance for medicines is a right move.

Sep 14 06:14

Iran is plotting to assassinate the US ambassador to South Africa Lana Marks as revenge for killing General Qassem Soleimani, intelligence officials claim

Iran is said to be contemplating an assassination attempt against America's ambassador to South Africa.

The alleged plot has been detailed in intelligence papers which have been seen by U.S. intelligence and government officials.

American officials say they have been aware of threats towards ambassador, Lana Marks, 66, since the spring but the intelligence detail has suddenly become more specific in recent weeks.

Sep 14 05:52

Venezuela Defies Sanction Tripwires and Imports Iranian Oil

An oil tanker is discharging Iranian condensate for Venezuela as both countries continue to avoid U.S. sanction tripwires.

The ship, identified as Honey, turned off its satellite signal and started unloading about 2 million barrels of South Pars condensate at Venezuela’s controlled port of Jose on Saturday, according to a report and a person with knowledge of the situation.

The cargo will most likely be used by the state oil company PDVSA to blend with Venezuela’s tar-like oil and help to prop up oil production in the Orinoco oil belt.

Sep 13 07:39

Iran Chased Off US Spy Plane During Strait of Hormuz Exercises

The day before Iran’s Friday military exercises in the Strait of Hormuz, they warned the US to keep their planes out of the area. Unsurprisingly, they did not, and Iran reported a P-8 spy plane and two US drones in the Iranian air defense zone.

Iran reported that they sent planes up and drove the US plane away. It’s hardly a surprise the US made an appearance, especially after being told not to, and this may have just been a chance for Iran to test its interception capabilities amid the wargames.

Iran sought to use the exercises to show off its home-made weaponry, deploying a cruise missile, as well as the Fateh – the first Iranian-made submarine. The Fateh was introduced last year, but this is its first time seen during an operation.

Sep 13 07:14

How Iran-China Strategic Partnership May Hammer Final Nail in Coffin of US' Maximum Pressure Policy

A draft of an economic and security deal between the People's Republic of China and the Islamic Republic of Iran previously leaked by The New York Times is continuing to reverberate in the international media. Iranian political analyst Mahan Abedin has explained the fuss over the accords and shed light on Iran's strategic shift towards the East.

The 18-page Persian-language document envisages multi-billion-dollar Chinese investments in the Iranian economy as well as considerable oil discounts for the People's Republic. The agreement also includes security cooperation, intelligence sharing, and joint military drills. Commenting on the leak, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif admitted that his country had indeed been negotiating a 25-year strategic partnership with China, adding, however, that the accords have yet to be passed by the Iranian parliament. The authenticity of the document in question has not been confirmed by Tehran so far.

Sep 09 02:20

Report: Three More Iranian Tankers Under Way With Fuel for Venezuela

Analysts with have tentatively identified a new round of Iranian gasoline shipments to Venezuela. According to the firm, the product tankers Forest, Faxon and Fortune appear to have taken on about 825,000 barrels of gasoline at Port Shahid Rajaee, then turned off their AIS transponders. None have broadcast an AIS position since the end of August, according to consultancy Dryad Global. believes that these vessels are "very likely" headed for Suez, then Venezuela - marking the second time this year that Iranian-flagged vessels have carried gasoline cargoes on this route.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would like to politely remind those in the Bowels of Power in DC, that a boarding and inspecting the cargo of ships in declared international waters, is tantamount to an act of war.

Sep 09 01:52

China Looks To Build Espionage Hub In Iran Under 25-Year Deal

Authored by Simon Watkins via,

The next phase of the 25-year deal between China and Iran will focus on a large-scale roll-out of electronic espionage and warfare capabilities focused around the port of Chabahar and extending for a nearly 5,000 kilometre (3,000 mile) radius, and the concomitant build-out of mass surveillance and monitoring of the Iranian population, in line with the standard operating procedure across China, senior sources close to the Iranian government told last week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And unfortunately, current US Administration policy is driving Iran ever closer to China, which would seem to be the polar opposite of what the US government would want to accomplish here.

Sep 09 01:42

Iran Seeks Revenge For Sabotage Attack On Natanz Nuclear Plant

Iran has identified the perpetrators of an act of sabotage at Natanz nuclear facility in the central part of the country in July, according to a spokesperson for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. Behrouz Kamalvandi said that while the details of the act of sabotage are still being investigated, the security forces “have detected the agents [who committed the act of sabotage] as well as the motive, methods and manner of the sabotage.”

The AEOI for the first time described the July 2 incident at the Natanz nuclear facility as a sabotage attack on July 23, and since then pro-Iranian sources have repeatedly vowed to take revenge for the attack.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Defence Minister Amir Hatami announced that the country is working to expand its missile capabilities even further. In particular, the military is working on air-launched cruise missiles that would be able to hit targets in the range of up to 1,400km.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And we have a companion piece, also from, with the following title:
Iran moves its centrifuge-manufacturing in Natanz deep Underground.

Sep 08 13:10


Iran has identified the perpetrators of an act of sabotage at Natanz nuclear facility in the central part of the country in July, according to a spokesperson for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. Behrouz Kamalvandi said that while the details of the act of sabotage are still being investigated, the security forces “have detected the agents [who committed the act of sabotage] as well as the motive, methods and manner of the sabotage.”

According to the Iranian side, the saboteurs sought to disrupt the uranium enrichment process at the Natanz facility, but they were not successful in this respect. The act of sabotage reportedly caused no casualties and failed to stop the enrichment work at the facility. The AEOI spokesman likened the current conditions facing the country to the battleground adding that security forces allegedly “succeeded in confronting a large number of cyber attacks on its nuclear facilities.”

Sep 07 07:42

Another Opinion Columnist Pushing War With Iran Who Doesn’t Actually Exist

There is at least one more foreign policy opinion writer from the Mujahideen-eKhalq (MEK) whose existence is dubious, based on a study by a social media analyst and statements from a defector from the group. Amir Basiri, who contributed to Forbes 9 times, the Washington Examiner 52 times, OpenDemocracy, Algemeiner, and The Hill once also appears to be a fabrication.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To those calling for regime change in Iran (fictitious or real); am I the only human on the planet NOT dealing with an industrial-strength case of SMD (selective memory disorder) concerning a Russian sponsored conference on Iran last summer, in which the Iranian delegates were assured that Iran won't be alone, if the US attacks it?!?!

The article went on to state: '“Iran will withstand this type of fight and Iran is not alone,” Zamir Kabulov, the Foreign Ministry’s special envoy for Asian countries including Iran, said at a Russian-Iranian policy forum in Moscow.

When asked if Russia was ready to provide material support to Iran if the U.S. attacks it, Kabulov said that “specific actions are a question for the Russian president.”

“But it’s not just Russia, many other countries sympathize and empathize with Iran,” the Kommersant business daily quoted him as saying. “Tehran won’t be alone if the U.S., God forbid, takes wild and irresponsible actions against it.”

Forgive me, but fighting Russia - in terms of attempting to create regime change in Tehran - doesn't strike me as a "win" for the US government.

The US government still hasn't gotten over the 1979 revolution in Iran, where the US "plant", the Shah was kicked out, and an Ayatollah installed as the Iranian leader.

Sep 07 07:21

US Defends its Illegal Presence in Syria: US troops in Syria clashed with both Russian and Syrian government forces in August

In comments to Newsweek, the US State Department defended the US occupation of eastern Syria. Washington’s policy in Syria has come under fire in recent weeks after US troops clashed with both Syrian government forces and Russian soldiers.

“We have been very clear regarding our overall policy goals in Syria,” the State Department told Newsweek. “The United States’ policy objectives for Syria have been consistent and remain the same: the enduring defeat of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, an irreversible political solution to the Syrian conflict in line with UNSCR 2254, and the removal of all Iranian-supported forces.”

The State Department spokesperson also addressed a recent oil deal inked between a US company and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who the US backs. “We are continuing the vital mission of assisting our SDF partners in securing oil fields in northeast Syria once occupied and used by ISIS to generate revenue,” the spokesperson said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is zero justification for the US's continued illegal occupation of Syria; and you can bet, if the Russian military, who were invited by the Syrian government to get rid of the US funded/trained jihadists, find themselves in a situation where they feel they have to defend themselves, they will.

Is this what President Trump is hoping to provoke here?!? Starting World War III over Syria with Russia as a distraction from his failed international and domestic policies before an election cycle?!?

Somebody, please tell me that the Trump administration is not this ham-fistedly, pig- headedly stupid!!!

Sep 07 06:39

Iran identifies perpetrators of sabotage at Natanz nuclear facility: AEOI spokesman

The spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) says the country's security forces have identified the perpetrators of an act of sabotage at Natanz nuclear facility in central Iran in July.

“It is for the security organizations to painstakingly investigate [the incident] and they are expected to give their final view in this regard. Their investigations are underway and as far as we know, they have detected the agents [who committed the act of sabotage] as well as the motive, methods and manner of the sabotage,” Behrouz Kamalvandi said on Sunday.

He added that the saboteurs sought to disrupt the uranium enrichment process at the Natanz facility, but they failed.

Therefore, the Iranian official said, the AEOI decided to build another shed at the nuclear facility, stressing, “Their desperate effort did not stop us.”

Sep 05 06:14

Iran Launches Gold-backed Cryptocurrency as Anticipation for Crypto-Rial Grows to Evade US Sanctions

A gold-backed cryptocurrency has been launched in the Islamic Republic of Iran,. The cryptocurrency known as Peyman (the Persian word for covenant) is the fruit of cooperation between four banks and Ghoghnoos Company.

The four partner banks are Parsian Bank, Bank Pasargad, Bank Melli Iran, and Bank Mellat. Iran Fara Bourse, an over-the-counter exchange, is also expected to host the new currency, Iranian English daily Financial Tribune reports.

Sep 05 06:08

Iranian Resistance Axis Strikes Back: Convoys With US Equipment Blowing Up In Iraq

Submitted by South Front,

On September 3, an explosion of an improvised explosive device (IED) targeted a convoy with equipment of the US-led coalition in the southern Iraqi province of Dhi Qar.

Iraqi troops that were escorting the convoy suffered no casualties. According to local sources, no significant damage was caused to the equipment. Following the incident, security forces detained 2 suspects near the explosion site. The investigation is ongoing.

However, it is no secret that the attack was likely conducted by one of multiple pro-Iranian Shiite groups that surfaced in the country following the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and several prominent Iraqi commanders by a US strike in Baghdad in January.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Pentagon and the US government will not allow an orderly withdrawal from Iraq, because it would telegraph that despite the blood and money spent, we have lost this one.

Sep 03 14:15

JCPOA Signatories in Vienna Reject Snapback Sanctions on Iran

Hegemon USA increasingly finds itself isolated on the world stage.

The harder it pressures, bullies, otherwise threatens and/or bludgeons other countries to bend to its will, the further its isolation longer-term.

On Tuesday, Joint Commission of the JCPOA signatories Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany and Iran met in Vienna, a statement by Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov saying the following:

“We are witnessing an important process of consolidation of parties to the JCPOA against this American venture.”

“We are certain that the results of today’s event will help our colleagues in New York continue their work in the right direction.”

Ministers attending the meeting stressed the importance of preserving the landmark JCPOA agreement.

By abandoning it illegally in May 2018, the Trump regime has no say on matters relating to it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please read this very carefully; if the US takes any unilateral action against Iran, it will have zero support from the other P4+1 members.

The current ban on foreign weapons being sold to Iran ends Sunday, 18 October; last summer, at a conference including Iranian delegates, the Russian diplomat leading the conference made the following statement:
Iran ‘Won’t Be Alone’ If U.S. Attacks, Russian Official Says

The Russian diplomat making that promise was one Zamir Kabulov, a career diplomat who is very close to Putin, and would not have made that statement without Putin's express approval.

He went on to state: "“But it’s not just Russia, many other countries sympathize and empathize with Iran,” the Kommersant business daily quoted him as saying. “Tehran won’t be alone if the U.S., God forbid, takes wild and irresponsible actions against it.”

War with Russia over Iran>?!? What the hell are those in the bowels of power in DC thinking?!?

Sep 03 06:06

What the UAE-Israel Deal Really Means for the Middle East

A key part of this joint intelligence initiative between the UAE and Israel (and, by extension, the U.S.) has been the dramatic increase in the past two years of the purchase of commercial and adjunct residential properties in Iran’s southern Khuzestan province – a key sector for its oil and gas reserves – by UAE-registered businesses, particularly those based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, said the source.

“Around 500,000 Iranians left Iran around the time of the [1979 Islamic] Revolution and settled in Dubai, in the first instance, and then Abu Dhabi, and they have never been in favour of the IRGC having the key role in Iran, so some of them have been used to front businesses or commercial property developments in Khuzestan that are being funded from business registered in those two states of the UAE,” he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There you have it, folks!!

Sep 02 06:27

Iran’s Drug Control Chief: US Aircraft Smuggling Narcotics Out of Afghanistan

Eskandar Momeni, director general of Iran Drug Control Headquarters, said Monday that not only has the US war in Afghanistan caused an explosion in poppy cultivation, but also that US military aircraft are smuggling drugs out of the country.

Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) reported Monday that Momeni blamed the US for the explosion of the Afghan drug trade over the last 20 years.

“In the year 2000, the total production of narcotics in Afghanistan stood at about 200 tons, which rose to over 9,000 tons in 2017, an increase of about 50 times,” Momeni said during a Monday video conference with national anti-drug coordination councils, ISNA reported.

"Based on reliable information, planes operated by NATO and the United States transport these illicit drugs in our neighboring country," he added.

Aug 31 06:39

US obviously does not understand law or UN after thrice being defeated: Iran FM

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the United States has once again threatened to impose restrictions on ‘anyone and any entity’ dealing with the Islamic Republic despite being dismissed by the United Nations Security Council three times.

“After thrice being rejected by SC, US now threatens ‘sanctioning anyone & any entity that comes between US’ & ‘its snapback’,” Zarif said in a post on his Twitter account on Friday.

After thrice being rejected by SC, US now threatens "sanctioning anyone & any entity that comes between US" & "its snapback"
Obviously they don't understand law or UN. Maybe they can grasp this:
You divorced the JCPOA in 2018. Your name on the marriage certificate is irrelevant.

— Javad Zarif (@JZarif) August 28, 2020

Aug 30 05:30

UAE And Israel Plan To Create Intelligence Bases On Yemen’s Socotra Island

By South Front,

Israel and the United Arab Emirates are going to create a military intelligence-gathering infrastructure on Yemen’s Socotra Island, according to Arab and French sources.

According to reports, a delegation of Israeli and UAE officers recently visited the island and examined several locations for establishing the planned intelligence facilities. Earlier in August, the UAE and Israel with assistance from the United States reached a historical peace agreement relaunching diplomatic, economic and even military cooperation between the states on the highest level. The security and military cooperation in the Bab al-Mandab Strait was among the expected goals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So the first item on the cooperation agenda between UAE and Israel is.... surveillance?!?

Aug 29 00:36

The Israel-UAE Deal Isn’t About Peace at All: The U.S.-brokered pact makes no pretense of peace for Palestinians. Instead, it sharpens a regional coalition against Iran.

In some ways, the U.S.-brokered plan for mutual recognition between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is big news. For more than a quarter of a century, only two Middle Eastern countries – Egypt and Jordan – had officially recognized Israel. None of the Gulf monarchies did.

So, it was a pretty big deal when the announcement was made. Except, actually, not so much.

Despite the UAE’s claimed adherence to a decades-long position that no Arab country should normalize relations with Israel until it ended its occupation of Palestinian land, ties between the UAE and Israel had been quietly underway for years. The same is true of many other Arab states.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wow, this looks more like a cynical "same-old same-old", than a real move for peace in the region.

Aug 27 12:59

Turkey floats ‘new cooperation’ with Iran after gas find

Turkey says its largest-ever natural gas discovery in the Black Sea could lead to new cooperation with Iran even as Ankara aims not to be just a buyer, but also a producer.

Turkey is dependent on imports for almost all of its energy needs and Iran is a key supplier of Ankara’s natural gas purchases which generate nearly 40 percent of the country’s electricity production.

“The countries we have been cooperating with for years are Iran and Russia. This new period for Turkey may lead to new cooperation with these countries,” Turkish Finance Minister Berat Albayrak said in a televised interview on NTV Tuesday.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday his country was determined ultimately to become a net energy exporter as he announced the discovery of a 320 billion cubic meter natural gas field that could come on stream as soon as 2023.

Aug 27 10:33

Iran Shops for Weapons in Moscow, while the US Is Sidelined

Army 2020 is being held on August 23-29 at Kubinka Air Base, Alabino Military Training Grounds, outside of Moscow. About 70 nations will participate in a display of more than 730 pieces of Russian weapons, equipment, and industrial exhibits.

The event acts as a showroom for sales, as well as a forum for discussions between military officials, researchers, and defense industry experts.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the ongoing Army 2020 event will enable the Iranian delegation to inspect the latest Russian equipment.

Aug 27 10:30

Reports Say the Explosion at Iranian Nuclear Plant Had a Criminal Cause

In July, a major explosion hit the Iranian nuclear power plant at Natanz, used especially for enriching uranium – an essential activity for the development of nuclear technology. The explosion sparked a huge fire that caught the attention of the media around the world at the time. After the incident, no fatalities or leaks of radioactive materials were reported in the region, so the damage was considered low.

Immediately after the explosion, several rumors were spread about the real nature of the event, as it is common on such occasions. Some of the rumors claimed that Israel had triggered the explosion with the intention of damaging Iran in its nuclear development plans. At the time, all rumors were denied and no “conspiracy theory” was highlighted. Now, after the result of the investigations, such rumors have surfaced, but the Iranian government remains silent about them, stating that the investigations’ data will be revealed later.

Aug 27 09:39

Iran voluntarily grants IAEA access to two locations specified by UN agency

Iran has agreed to grant the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) access to two sites specified by the UN nuclear agency.

At the end of a two-day trip by IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi to Tehran, Iran and the UN agency issued a joint statement on agreements and the results of high-level talks between the two sides.

According to the Wednesday statement put on the website of the IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Islamic Republic of Iran "agreed to further reinforce their cooperation and enhance mutual trust" to facilitate the full implementation of Iran’s Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement (CSA) and the Additional Protocol (AP) thereto, which is provisionally applied by Iran since January 16, 2016.

Aug 27 09:33

Iran & IAEA reveal deal on inspections day after UNSC president dismisses US sanctions 'snap back' bid

Tehran has struck a deal with the UN’s nuclear watchdog to allow inspectors into two suspected former nuclear sites. The breakthrough comes just days after Washington demanded the UN slap Iran with fresh sanctions.

In a joint press statement, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on Wednesday that “Iran is voluntarily providing the IAEA with access” to the two sites. Inspectors believe that these sites still contain nuclear material, but an Iranian official told Reuters that this information is “fabricated.”

"Iran, like before, is ready to cooperate with the IAEA," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on state television after the announcement.

Aug 26 07:07

Alliance Between Venezuela and Iran Evolves into the Military Sphere

The alliance between Venezuela and Iran seems to be taking new directions. The ties between the two countries began to strengthen in an economic sphere when, in the first half of 2020, Tehran started sending oil ships to Venezuela, circumventing the international trade rules imposed by Washington with the aim of blocking Caracas economically. Earlier this year, Tehran sent several cargoes of gasoline to Venezuela to help the South American country overcome fuel shortages, as well as equipment to help state oil company PDVSA overcome production and export difficulties during the crisis.

Aug 26 06:51

UN Security Council Rejects US Snapback Sanctions on Iran

The UN Security Council has rejected as US demand for snapback sanctions against Iran, with Indonesia’s ambassador, the rotating council president, citing near universal opposition on the council to the US interpretation.

The method for snapback sanctions was built into the P5+1 nuclear deal, and the US argues that they are still technically party to the deal, at least for the sake of doing things to Iran. The US withdrew from the deal in 2018 and ceased meeting its own obligations, and the other nations don’t consider them a party anymore.

Last week, the parties expressed opposition almost universally, saying the US measures were unacceptable. US officials say the opposition has no legal impact on their snapback sanctions. The US has vowed to enforce the sanctions whether they pass or not.

Aug 25 07:45

Iran’s Drug Control Chief: US Aircraft Smuggling Narcotics Out of Afghanistan

Eskandar Momeni, director general of Iran Drug Control Headquarters, said Monday that not only has the US war in Afghanistan caused an explosion in poppy cultivation, but also that US military aircraft are smuggling drugs out of the country.

Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) reported Monday that Momeni blamed the US for the explosion of the Afghan drug trade over the last 20 years.

“In the year 2000, the total production of narcotics in Afghanistan stood at about 200 tons, which rose to over 9,000 tons in 2017, an increase of about 50 times,” Momeni said during a Monday video conference with national anti-drug coordination councils, ISNA reported.

"Based on reliable information, planes operated by NATO and the United States transport these illicit drugs in our neighboring country," he added.

Aug 25 07:40

Analysis of Black Boxes Reveals Downed Ukraine Jet Struck by Iranian Missiles 25 Seconds Apart

Analysis of the black boxes of the Ukrainian passenger plane downed on January 8 by Iranian forces shows that it was hit by two missiles 25 seconds apart and that passengers were alive for some time following the first blast, Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization revealed on Sunday.

According to Touraj Dehghani-Zanganeh, the head of Iran's Civil Aviation Organization, the second missile hit Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 just 25 seconds after the first, but only 19 seconds of that gap were recorded by the black boxes due to damage from the first missile, Reuters reported, citing Iranian state television.

“Nineteen seconds after the first missile hit the plane, the voices of pilots inside the cockpit indicated that the passengers were alive ... 25 seconds later the second missile hit the plane,” he said. “Therefore, no analysis of the performance and effects of the second missile was obtained from the aircraft’s black box.”

Aug 25 07:17

IAEA Chief Visits Tehran, Asks for Access to Former Sites

The sites in question are a pair of sites that the IAEA has claimed might have been nuclear sites, based on Israeli allegations and US backing of Israeli allegations. The US has pushed the IAEA to investigate the sites.

Iran did grant the IAEA access before, and it didn’t find anything definitive one way or another. They’ve kept asking for extra visits, even though Iran insisted neither was relevant to their nuclear program, and that letting them just keep visiting keeps it unresolved forever.

This puts things in an endless loop, where the US will ensure the IAEA keeps saying the issue is open, and Iran can’t resolve the matter outright, and has to just keep responding or be accused of a coverup.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to wonder what new strictures will be placed against Iran between now, and 18 October, when the UN ban on Iranian purchases of foreign weapons ends; I sense that in order to keep his numbers up, President Trump may well find a way of declaring war against someone; Iran is high on his list, I am sure, because very few Americans understand the history of this Middle Eastern country, and the role the US played in its subjugation, when the legitimately and democratically elected elected Prime Minister, Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, was overthrown and the Shah was empowered as Iran's ruler by the US' CIA.

I don't want to be Mrs. Chicken Little of Indiana 2020 here; but the stench of blood is in the air for me right now, and I am telling Mike that my "nesting instincts" are running at full tilt boogie right now.

And IF President Trump declares a "national emergency", he is fully within his FEMA designated capability of suspending the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I am hoping and praying that I am completely wrong on this; but please remember the immortal words of George Carlin, who, in retrospect, was half comedian, half prophet; and note - for some of our more think-skinned readers, the obscenities might be a little much for you, but Carlin's observations in this monologue are bang spot-on:

We Like War!!

Aug 25 06:54

Venezuela’s Maduro thanks Iran for helping oil industry overcome U.S. sanctions

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday thanked ally Iran for helping the South American country overcome U.S. sanctions on its oil industry and floated the idea of purchasing missiles from the country.

Washington maintains strict sanctions against Iran’s oil industry to try to halt the country’s nuclear program. Earlier this year, Tehran sent several gasoline cargoes to Venezuela to help it overcome fuel shortages, as well as equipment to help state oil company PDVSA repair its dilapidated refineries.

“We are helping each other,” Maduro said in an interview broadcast on state television. “I think the Iranian experience will help us reinforce our management capacity.”

He did not provide further details of how Iran was helping, noting he should maintain “silence since we are in a war.”

Aug 24 07:55

Donald Trump and the Art of Betrayal

The betrayal began with Iran. The work had all been done by Obama and Secretary of State, John Kerry. Trump was the beneficiary of a historic treaty that made the world a safer place and that lifted trust between Iran and the US to a level it hasn’t been at since 1979. All Trump had to do was honor it. But he couldn’t do that.

For all the complexity of the negotiations, for all the complexity of the clauses, the deal was pretty simple: if Iran keeps its promise to limit its civilian nuclear program, America would keep its promise to lift sanctions. Iran did; America didn’t. Trump broke America’s word and betrayed Iran.

Aug 24 07:54

Iranian Official: Fire at Natanz the ‘Result of Sabotage’

An Iranian nuclear official said the July 2nd fire at Natanz nuclear facility was the result of sabotage. “The explosion at Natanz nuclear facility was a result of sabotage operations,” Behrouz Kamalvandi, a spokesman for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization said on Sunday.

Kamalvandi also said security officials will reveal the cause of the blast “in due time.” The Natanz explosion caused significant damage to the nuclear facility, and Iranian officials said it slowed down their centrifuge program.

Since the blast, there has been much speculation of the cause since Iran suspected “sabotage” from the beginning. Shortly after the incident, an unnamed Middle Eastern intelligence official told The New York Times that Israel was responsible for the explosion, which was caused by a “powerful bomb.”

Aug 24 07:53

Exposing Pompeo’s phony UN snapback stunt in two sentences

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo failed miserably in his efforts on Thursday to force the United Nations to reimpose its pre-JCPOA sanctions on Iran.

To briefly summarize, the Trump administration and its allies in Washington have been pushing to pile even more sanctions on Iran, and to do that, it hatched a plan to try to get the U.N. to “snapback” its pre-JCPOA sanctions for purportedly violating the nuclear deal’s terms.

Of course there are two big problems with this approach, the first of which is that while yes, Iran has violated some of the JCPOA’s terms, it has done so only after Trump withdrew the United States from the agreement and reimposed crushing sanctions. And second, in order to trigger the “snapback” mechanism built into the agreement, you have to be a participant in the agreement, which of course, the U.S. ceased to be when Trump exited it in 2018.

Aug 24 06:56

US is willing to dismantle the UN Security Council to put pressure on Iran

In a world where American exceptionalism and unilateralism has become common currency, the brazenness of Secretary of State Pompeo’s bid to impose “snap back” inspections of Iran takes the cake. Moreover, it’s doomed to fail.

When it comes to Iran and the Iran nuclear deal (formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA), President Trump has been singularly focused on one outcome–to bring the Islamic Republic back to the negotiation table for the purpose of producing a “better deal” than the one done by his predecessor, Barack Obama, in July 2015. For the former New York realtor and reality television star-turned Chief Executive, it does not get any simpler than that–he is, after all, the consummate (if self-proclaimed) “deal maker.” How the deal is made, and even what constitutes the deal, is less important than the deal itself. This goal dominated his thinking about Iran as a candidate and continues to do so as President.

Aug 24 06:35

Pompeo Rebukes Allies Who Oppose Sanctions on Iran

The United States and other members of the UN Security Council are angry tonight at the US push for “snapback” sanctions on Iran, built around the US dictating what’s going to happen, and the rest of the world seeing the attempt as unseemly.

Pompeo says the move amounts to American leadership, and everyone’s resistance will be viewed as siding with the ayatollahs. Other nations said that in withdrawing from the deal and then trying to use the deal against the parties within it, the US was being “unpleasant.”

The US is arguing that they are still sort of part of the P5+1 nuclear deal, despite publicly disavowing it. The deal had a secret clause allowing the US to force the introduction of a UN resolution on Iran sanctions relief, and then argues that once they veto it, the sanctions will all be de facto back to pre-deal levels.

Aug 24 06:20

Trump Regime Unilaterally and Illegally Imposing Snapback Sanctions on Iran

DJT unlawfully withdrew from the JCPOA in May 2018, giving his regime no legal say over its implementation or whatever relates to it.

Days earlier, he vowed to unilaterally impose snapback sanctions on Iran.

The JCPOA provision lets any of its signatories reimpose veto-proof sanctions on Iran that became null and void when the agreement took effect in January 2016.

Only JCPOA signatories Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany may legally invoke snapback now — not the US after illegally abandoning the binding agreement.

Remaining signatories unanimously oppose snapback because it would undo years of diplomatic efforts that went into establishing the JCPOA they want preserved.

Aug 23 09:23

Officials in Iran say black box from downed Ukrainian passenger plane with 176 on board reveals jet was hit by TWO missiles 25 seconds apart - and some passengers were alive after first blast

Tehran claims it accidentally struck down the passenger plane during a time of extreme tensions with the US in January, killing all 176 passengers on board.

The head of Iran's Civil Aviation Organisation Touraj Dehghani Zanganeh today said a second missile hit the aircraft 25 seconds after the first, but only 19 seconds of this gap was recorded due to damage from the initial hit.

He added voices heard inside the cockpit after the first missile hit 'indicated that the passengers were alive' at that time.

The announcement marks the first official report on the plane's cockpit voice and data recordings since they were sent to France for analysis in July.

Aug 21 05:32

Pompeo: We’ll Sanction China or Russia if They Violate Iran Snapback Sanctions

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed that the United Nations Security Council snapback sanctions on Iran will resume and if China, Russia, or any other country does not follow them, the United States will respond by imposing sanctions on them.

Pompeo said, “30 days from now, all the sanctions that were in place will resume. They have been temporarily paused because of the ridiculous nuclear deal, and the world will be a safer place. The Iranians won’t have the chance to have Russian air-defense systems, Chinese tanks, all the things that pose risk and instability in the Middle East. The Gulf states are all excited about — Israel is excited about it. It’ll reduce their risk, and it’ll make Americans safer too.”

Host Bret Baier then asked, “So when China or Russia refuse, is the administration going to hold them accountable with sanctions too?”

Aug 20 08:13

Trump: US to Restore All ‘Snapback’ Sanctions on Iran

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump said he intends to restore all economic sanctions against Iran, which were reimposed in 2018 when Trump accused Tehran of breaking the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal.

Trump told reporters at the White House he was sending US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to notify the United Nations Security Council that the US intends to restore virtually all suspended sanctions on Iran.

“It’s a snapback," Trump said. "Not uncommon.”

Aug 20 06:19

'Fully valid': US top diplomat desperately makes case for snapback against Iran

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is desperately trying to make the case for the use of snapback against Iran from an internationally backed deal that his boss, President Donald Trump, quit in 2018.

"This will be a fully valid, enforceable UN Security Council resolution," said Pompeo at a joint presser Wednesday, not long after the US failure in the Council to extend an arms embargo against Tehran, set to be lifted under the Iran nuclear deal in October.

Aug 20 06:19

Saudi Arabia issues desperate call for extension of anti-Iran UN arms ban

The Saudi regime has issued a desperate call for the extension of a UN arms embargo against Iran only days after the UN Security Council said a resounding ‘No’ to a US resolution seeking an illegal extension of the embargo.

The cabinet, chaired by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on Tuesday, demanded the extension of the arms embargo on Iran, alleging that the removal of the sanctions will lead to “more destruction” and further fuel conflicts in the Middle East region.

It also pledged the kingdom’s support for all international measures that contribute to stopping Iran’s regional clout.

Aug 20 05:43

Trump demands full restoration of UN sanctions on Iran, as Pompeo warns Russia & China not to meddle

US President Donald Trump said the State Department will soon attempt to trigger a “snap back” of UN sanctions on Iran, as the top American diplomat threatened consequences for Moscow and Beijing if they try to block the effort.

“Today I'm directing the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to notify the United Nations Security Council that the United States intends to restore virtually all of the United Nations sanctions on Iran – it’s a snap back, not uncommon,” Trump told reporters during a White House press conference on Wednesday.

When the United States entered into the Iran deal, it was clear the United States would always have the right to restore the UN sanctions that would prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Aug 20 04:16

Trump Demands ‘Snapback’ Sanctions on Iran

President Trump has demanded the reimposition of ‘snapback’ sanctions on Iran as part of the P5+1 nuclear deal, and revealed the US will go to the UN Security Council on Thursday to demand full imposition of all those sanctions without objection.

Within the nuclear deal, there is a clause that allows the US to snapback all sanctions if they believe Iran is failing in the deal. The clause also says no members of the deal can veto the measure. This is the plan the US is resting on.

And yet President Trump withdrew from the deal in May 2018, and had failed to live up to requirements before then. This raises serious doubts that the US can impose ‘snapback’ under the terms of a deal that they are no longer party to, or whether nations like China and Russia would be compelled not to veto it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, this is like "being a little bit pregnant"; one is either part of the deal, or one is not part of the deal, from which President Trump withdrew American participation in May of 2018.

If the US is no longer a part of the deal, its leadership has utterly no right to demand a snapback to all sanctions.

One has to wonder; is this administration suffering from some kind of collective lead poisoning from the water pipes in DC?!?!?

Because I have to tell you; from where I sit, this looks like desperation on the cusp of madness, and were I a betting woman, the US is going to be made to appear thoroughly, hysterically unhinged, if this administration really pushes these demands today at the Security Council.

Aug 19 13:25

Here we go again! US intelligence saying IRAN is paying bounties to kill Americans in Afghanistan is pure parody

It was Russia in June, now it’s Tehran. Don’t US analysts understand that Taliban fighters really don’t need any more motivation to target American troops? This is simply politicized (un)intelligence that isn’t fooling anyone.
According to CNN, the Iranian government has paid “bounties” to the Haqqani network, a terrorist group with close links to the Taliban, for six attacks on US and coalition forces in Afghanistan in 2019, including one on December 11 which targeted Bagram Air Base, north of Kabul, which wounded four US personnel.

Aug 19 13:22

Here we go again! US intelligence saying IRAN is paying bounties to kill Americans in Afghanistan is pure parody

It was Russia in June, now it’s Tehran. Don’t US analysts understand that Taliban fighters really don’t need any more motivation to target American troops? This is simply politicized (un)intelligence that isn’t fooling anyone.
According to CNN, the Iranian government has paid “bounties” to the Haqqani network, a terrorist group with close links to the Taliban, for six attacks on US and coalition forces in Afghanistan in 2019, including one on December 11 which targeted Bagram Air Base, north of Kabul, which wounded four US personnel.

Aug 19 07:14

Ron Paul warns Trump's failed Iran policy may lead to war  

Former US congressman Ron Paul has warned that the Trump administration's failed Iran policy was leading Americans to war in the Middle East region.

In an interview attached to a featured article titled Trump's Failed Iran Policy Is Leading Us To War, Paul said Trump's failed hostile "maximum pressure" policy against Iran had received no support by most other countries.

Aug 19 07:13

US Media Reveals American, Israeli Plans to Fight S-400s If They End Up in Iran

On Friday, the United Nations Security Council rejected a US draft resolution to indefinitely extend the UN arms embargo against Iran, which is set to expire in October. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the decision “scandalous,” while senior US Senator Lindsey Graham claimed it makes “a major conflict” with Iran “much more likely.”

The United States and Israel are already preparing for a scenario in which Russia sells advanced air defence systems such as the S-400 to Iran, including by conducting drills involving the destruction of advanced surface-to-air missile threats, Breaking Defense has intimated.

Aug 18 09:08

Palestinians only pawns in UAE-Israel deal, shared enmity towards Iran is the REAL move

The “historic” agreement for normalization of ties between the United Arab Emirates and Israel is being presented as a noble effort by the Gulf Arab states to fend off further annexation of Palestinian land.

That facade was quickly eroded when Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu said his annexation plans were only “on hold” and not derailed, as the UAE had claimed in announcing the purported accord mediated this week by the Trump administration.

The terse Palestinian reaction to the supposed deal got it right. It was “a stab in the back.” Iran and Turkey also denounced it as a sell-out of Palestinian rights by the UAE.

Aug 18 06:42

Enhancing tourism major component of draft Iran-China deal: Iranian official

An Iranian official says enhancing cooperation and investments in the tourism sector constitutes a key component of a 25-year partnership agreement under discussion between Iran and China.

Deputy of Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicraft Vali Taymouri said Monday that a major component of the draft agreement — known as the Sino-Iran Comprehensive Strategic Partnership — is seeking avenues of “expert cooperation” within the tourism sector and attracting Chinese tourists.

He said the draft agreement, which Tehran and Beijing are working to finalize, takes into account the views of experts at Iran’s tourism ministry.

The official added that the agreement would address investments in the construction by China of facilities meant to promote tourism.

Taymouri said that the possibility of Chinese or joint investments in the tourism sector and training tour leaders to further accommodate Chinese travelers has been considered in the pact.

Aug 17 15:53

Iran: Fuel En Route to Venezuela Seized by US Wasn't Iranian

THE cargo of four tankers seized by the United States last week en route to Venezuela was no longer Iranian property, Iran's oil minister said Monday, insisting that the U.S. had no right to confiscate the shipment in international waters.

The Trump administration said it seized the cargo of four tankers it was targeting for transporting Iranian fuel to Venezuela. The move was part of stepped-up U.S. campaign of maximum pressure on Iran and Venezuela, both heavily sanctioned allies.

According to the semi-official ISNA news agency, Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said the oil had been “sold to customers and the payment was received" for it.

Aug 17 15:51

Iran: Fuel En Route to Venezuela Seized by US Wasn't Iranian

THE cargo of four tankers seized by the United States last week en route to Venezuela was no longer Iranian property, Iran's oil minister said Monday, insisting that the U.S. had no right to confiscate the shipment in international waters.

The Trump administration said it seized the cargo of four tankers it was targeting for transporting Iranian fuel to Venezuela. The move was part of stepped-up U.S. campaign of maximum pressure on Iran and Venezuela, both heavily sanctioned allies.

According to the semi-official ISNA news agency, Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said the oil had been “sold to customers and the payment was received" for it.

Aug 17 12:23

President Trump Says Stolen Iranian Fuel Sent to Houston

The US confirmed on Friday that it seized 1.116 million barrels of Iranian fuel that was bound for Venezuela. President Trump said the four oil tankers that are carrying the fuel are headed to Houston.

“We have four tankers. They are going to Houston, and they’re there … Iran is not supposed to be doing that. And so we did — we seized the tankers, and we’re moving them, and moved, to Houston,” President Trump said at a press conference on Friday.

It is not clear how exactly the shipment was seized. With US sanctions on Venezuela targeting the maritime industry, it is possible the shipowners were threatened with the loss of registration or insurance, which could have been enough for them to comply and sail to a US port.

Aug 17 12:22

No Longer Leader of the Free World: Trump Administration Humiliated at UN over Iran Arms Embargo

On Friday, the United Nations Security Council took up a resolution presented by US ambassador to the UN, Kelly Craft, aimed at an indefinite extension of the UN arms embargo on Iran. Only one of the 15 members, the Dominican Republic, supported the US resolution. Eleven abstained. And two–Russia and China, voted against it. The resolution would have needed 8 to pass and would have needed to avoid a veto by one of the five permanent members.

But it failed by 13 to 2. China and Russia did not even have to brandish a veto. It is hard to remember another vote on which the US was humiliated quite this badly, though if George W. Bush had actually pursued a UNSC authorization for his Iraq War in spring of 2003, he might have similarly gone down to epochal diplomatic defeat.

Let us underline this. The most powerful countries in the world and the current representatives of the main global blocs just sided with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei against Donald J. Trump.

Aug 17 08:12

Trump planning 'snapback' of sanctions on Iran

US President Donald Trump said on Saturday he will try a "snapback" to force a return of UN sanctions against Iran, after the Security Council rejected Washington's bid to extend the arms embargo against the Islamic Republic.

"We'll be doing a snapback," he said, according to AFP, referring to the argument that the US remains a "participant" in the 2015 Iran nuclear deal despite Trump's withdrawal from it, and therefore can force a return to sanctions if it sees Iran as being in violation of its terms.

The President added that the US will make its move next week.

On Friday, the UN Security Council rejected the US resolution to extend the arms embargo on Iran, which is due to expire in October.

Only two of the Council's 15 members voted in favor of the US resolution.

Aug 16 05:15

US Fails Utterly In Friday Night UN Security Council Vote On Extending Iran Arms Embargo

The US bid to extend a UN Security Council total arms embargo on Iran which had been in effect for 13 years, but which is set to drop this fall as part of the 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA), has ended in utter failure late this week.

As The Hill reported of the vote Friday night, the resolution didn't even come close to gaining the requisite nine “yes” votes which would have forced Russia or China to use their vetoes.

Aug 16 05:14

US Threatens ‘Snapback’ Sanctions on Iran

As efforts to get anti-Iran sanctions through the UN fail at every turn, the Trump Administration is keen to talk about “snapback” sanctions on Iran, suggesting they can impose those at a moment’s notice? But can they? It’s not clear.

President Obama presented snapback sanctions in selling the P5+1 nuclear deal, saying the US could force all UN sanctions back to pre-deal levels. Yet years after the US withdrew from that deal, it’s not at all clear they’d retain that power anymore.

The administration has argued they’re still part of the P5+1 deal despite publicly disavowing it, and that this means the US retains all its powers under the deal with none of the obligations. That’s probably not going to convince anybody else, however, and Russia and China will surely block any measures at the UN.

Aug 16 05:14

Russia calls 'urgent' summit on Iran to avoid UN 'confrontation'

Putin proposes seven-way online summit of UNSC permanent members, Germany and Iran, as US plans to extend arms embargo.

Aug 14 13:47

DOJ confirms ‘largest-ever US seizure of Iranian fuel’ on 4 ships bound for Venezuela

The US has seized some 1.116 mn barrels of Iranian fuel aboard 4 ships headed for Venezuela, the Justice Department has confirmed, hinting at “assistance" from "foreign partners” and declining to reveal where the grab took place.

The agency hailed what it called the largest-ever US seizure of Iranian fuel in a statement on Friday, revealing Washington had nabbed the sanctions-skirting cargo en route to Venezuela with the assistance of unspecified “foreign partners.”

The statement appeared to confirm a Wall Street Journal report, citing anonymous government and shipping sources, that claimed four tankers loaded with Iranian fuel had recently seen their cargo confiscated “without the use of military force.” The vessels were said to be re-routed to Houston, Texas, where they will reportedly be met by senior Trump administration officials.

Aug 14 06:32

Having burned bridges with Europe, US goes it alone to renew Iran arms ban at UNSC: Bloomberg

As the UN Security Council (UNSC) gears up for a vote on a resolution proposed by the administration of US President Donald Trump to extend an arms embargo on Iran, Washington is increasingly finding itself isolated without even a little help from its European allies.

An opinion piece published by Bloomberg said the Europeans are “disinclined to help the US” at the 15-member Security Council.

“Having needlessly antagonized European leaders from the start of his presidency, Donald Trump cannot now rely on them to back the US in any effort to prevent the Islamic Republic from acquiring powerful new weapons,” the report said.

The US has circulated a revised resolution to keep in place a UN arms embargo on Iran, which is set to expire on October 18 under UNSC Resolution 2231 that enshrined the 2015 multilateral nuclear deal.

Aug 11 11:20

‘Zero chance’ for US resolution on Iran arms ban as UNSC readies for vote

As the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) prepares for a vote on a resolution proposed by the US to extend an arms ban on Iran, experts and diplomats at the UN say there is “zero chance” for the draft to pass despite Washington’s attempts to rally support for the push.

The embargo is slated to expire in October under a 2015 UNSC-endorsed nuclear deal between Iran and six world states — Russia, China, Germany, Britain, France and the US.

Washington is, however, seeking to keep the arms ban in place through a UNSC resolution, threatening that it would use a provision in the agreement to trigger a return of all UN sanctions on Iran if the UN body fails to extend the embargo. Ironically Washington abandoned the deal in 2018

The remaining signatories to the deal, even Washington’s own allies, have repeatedly reminded the US that it is no longer a party to the deal and thus cannot use the provision to bring about a renewal of anti-Iran bans.

Aug 11 11:18

Elliott Abrams going to be involved in black op against Iran: Expert

Elliott Abrams is a thug, a convicted criminal who’s going to be involved “in some type of black op against Iran,” an American writer and former professor has said.

E Michael Jones, the current editor of Culture Wars magazine, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV while commenting on the recent appointment of Abrams as the new US Special Representative to Iran.

“The Trump administration announced that their ambassador to Iran, Brian Hook, is retiring, and he's going to be replaced by Elliott Abrams. Now, in gambling, this is known as doubling down. What that means is that when you start losing the game at the casino instead of just walking out and cutting your losses, you start betting twice the amount of money every time you lose. This is a short term strategy that usually ends in disaster. You end up going completely broke,” he said.

“This is precisely the strategy that the Trump administration is now going to pursue with Iran,” he said.

Aug 08 07:45

Elliott Abrams Failed Trump's Mission to Overthrow Venezuela—Now He Will Take On Iran

President Donald Trump's pick to compel Iran into changing its strategy has quit amid a failure to foster diplomacy with the longtime foe and may be replaced by the White House's point person for Venezuela, another country whose embattled government has resisted a "maximum pressure" campaign by the United States.

Elliott Abrams, a Washington veteran who rose to prominence in the 1980s with his staunch interventionist, anti-communist stances in Latin America and until now served as Trump's special representative to Venezuela will replace Brian Hook, who was appointed in the wake of the U.S. exit from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018, the State Department confirmed in a statement.

The selection signifies a hardline push for the administration against Iran in the final months of Trump's first term as the revolutionary Shiite Muslim power continues to defy U.S. attempts to force it to change what Washington calls Tehran's "malign behavior" across the Middle East.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My take?!?

Hook knows what is coming, relative to Iran, and doesn't want to be any where near the situation, when the excrement hits the ventilation system.

Abrams, a staunch "Israeli-Firster" , was the prime architect of the the Fatah/Hamas war in 2007. How Abrams Orchestrated the 2007 Hamas/Fateh Palestinian Civil War, and I am almost ready to bet real money, that he will be advocating for direct US military action against Iran.

There is, however, one teeny, tiny factoid which the Swamp Dwellers in DC don't really want to look at; last summer, at a conference which included Iranian delegates, Russia promised to assist Iran, if the US invaded.

Iran ‘Won’t Be Alone’ If U.S. Attacks, Russian Official Says

Perhaps Abrams has a really bad case of SMD (selective memory disorder) on this issue, but I think that it may be time for someone to politely remind him that this was the promise given to Iran by Russia last summer at this convocation.

The guy who made this promise to the Iranian delegation, Zamir Kabulov, is a career diplomat who most probably doesn't even FART without Putin's express permission, so if he made that promise, you can rest assured that it came right from the top.

War with Russia over Iran?!? This would be one of the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing any US administration could do.

As we have seen in Russia's intervention in Syria, they have weapons systems which work as advertised; Lockheed-Martin's F-35 has had its problems "reclassified", but not fixed.

Unfortunately, just because something would be the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing the US government could possibly do, is utterly no guarantee in the 21st century, that they will not do it.

Aug 06 14:32

Trump's 'Special Envoy' To Tehran Quits As UN Vote To Extend Iranian Arms Embargo Looms

During a day where there have been "a lot of crosscurrents" unfolding as the world awaits word from a 5 pm negotiating session between the White House and Congressional Dems, Brian Hook, the Trump Administration's special envoy to Iran, has quietly bowed out.

Here's more on that from Reuters, which explains that the timing of Hook's decision is notable, given next week's UN SC vote on an Iranian arms embargo.

U.S. Iran envoy Brian Hook is leaving his post and U.S. Venezuela envoy Elliott Abrams will add Iran to his role “following a transition period” with Hook, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday.

Hook’s departure comes as the United Nations Security Council prepares to vote next week on a U.S. bid to extend an international arms embargo on Iran. Some diplomats have said the measure lacks support.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Iranian arms embargo ends on 18 October this year; 24 days before the US election.

One has to wonder what Pompeo, Netanyahu, and President Trump are plotting, if the embargo is not renewed, and how soon on the heels of a "No" vote it will come; it is obvious to me that Hook knows, and wants to be no part of this.

Aug 06 08:16

Pompeo: US Wants 'Untrusted' Chinese Apps Barred, Seeks to Extend Arms Embargo Against Iran

The US State Department will begin working with the Department of Commerce and additional agencies to limit Beijing's ability to store and process data and other sensitive information in the US, according to Wednesday afternoon comments made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

While speaking to the media during a livestreamed conference at the Department of State, Pompeo noted that the US also wishes to see "untrusted" Chinese apps such as TikTok and WeChat removed from digital platforms, claiming they pose significant threats to the personal data of US citizens.

"We want to see untrusted Chinese apps removed from app stores," he said.

Aug 06 07:57

Iran sends humanitarian aid to Lebanon after blast

Iran sent its first and second batch of medical and humanitarian assistance to Lebanon, after a massive explosion in Beirut which has killed more than 100 people and wounded over four thousand others so far. The blast damaged buildings across the capital , sending a giant cloud into the sky.

The number of fatalities and those wounded is expected to rise as search and rescue operations are still underway. Some reports say up to 300,000 have also been left homeless by Beirut explosion.

Speaking to Press TV, the Iranian Red Crescent Society officials said they will send more humanitarian assistance to Lebanon in the coming days and by any means necessary. They also said they have offered the option of treating some of the injured in the Iranian hospitals.

22-member medical team, including general practitioners, orthopedists, anesthesiologists, operating room specialists, pediatricians, neurologists, nurses and field hospital experts were also dispatched to Lebanon on Wednesday.

Aug 06 07:36

Pompeo: US to Submit Iran Arms Embargo at UN Next Week

Forever talking about the Iran arms embargo, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the US will be pushing a vote at the UN Security Council next week to extend the embargo, which is scheduled to expire in November.

Pompeo has demanded it be unconditionally extended, saying that the UN Security Council is obliged to extend it in the name of security, to prevent Iran from buying whatever weapons it wants. The vote will almost certainly fail, with at least Russia and likely China vetoing it.

The embargo was always meant to be a temporary part of the nuclear deal, allowed to expire after a time. Iran is interested in buying defensive arms, particularly from Russia. Russia is inclined to sell to them, particularly with the US and Israel threatening Iran so often.

Aug 05 13:01

US Navy Seizes Iran-Bound Ship Carrying Pharmaceutical Supplies Off China: Fars

Iranian state media has announced that a US Navy warship has seized a transport ship near the Chinese port of Qingdao on Wednesday morning.

The ship was reportedly en route to Iran loaded with medical manufacturing components, specifically zeolite, which Fars News Agency says is needed for manufacturing oxygen concentrators for coronavirus-infected patients.

“Only one imported part is used for production of oxygen concentrators, which is zeolite, and we are forced to purchase it from France and import it to the country through several intermediators,” Peyman Bakhshandeh-Nejad, an Iran-based pharmaceutical company CEO told state media.

Aug 05 08:52

Iran: Massive fire breaks out in Tehran’s industrial zone

A massive fire broke out yesterday inside an industrial zone in the Iranian capital of Tehran, state television reported.

The flames ripped through three warehouses in Jajrud, around 25 kilometres outside of the capital, around 7am yesterday.

The fire affected warehouses used to store manufacturing goods, including wood and leather.

No casualties were reported in the incident.

Aug 05 08:49

Leader of US-based ‘terrorist’ group abducted by Iran in Dubai, says family

The leader of a US-based Iranian opposition group has been abducted by Iran while he was staying in Dubai, says his family. The group is designated as a terrorist organisation by Tehran, AP has reported.

Jamshid Sharmahd, 65, was reportedly due to travel to India for a business deal, but his family last heard from him on 28 July. A hotel in Dubai confirmed that he had checked out the following day. However, tracking data showed Sharmahd’s mobile phone had moved from Dubai to the emirate of Al-Ain, before crossing the border into Oman, where the signal stopped on 30 July.

On Saturday, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry confirmed that it had arrested Sharmahd. The Iranians believe that he was behind “armed operations and acts of sabotage” in Iran and published an image of him blindfolded.

Aug 04 04:19

Riled up Pompeo slams Iran-China deal, threatens with sanctions

The US administration, riled up by a potential long-term strategic partnership between Iran and China, has threatened to slap the same unilateral sanctions already imposed on Tehran against Beijing in case the deal was finalized.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo censured in an interview with Fox News on Sunday the potential Tehran-Beijing cooperation pact and said Washington would apply all Iran’s sanctions also to the "Chinese Communist Party and their businesses and state-owned enterprises" if the deal was signed.

Pompeo also claimed that the 25-year trade deal between Iran and China would foment instability in the Middle East region, once again leveling false accusations that Tehran is a “state sponsor of terror,” among other protestations.

Aug 03 07:56

Iran Imposes Sanctions Against Former Aid to John Bolton for 'Economic Terrorism'

Relations between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran have become increasingly strained in recent years, following the 2018 withdrawal by the Trump administration from the 2015 joint agreement pledging a peaceful development of nuclear power.

Iran's Foreign Ministry said in a Sunday statement that it would introduce targeted sanctions on a member of the US-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), as relations between the US and Iran continue to worsen.

Richard Goldberg, a former member of the United States National Security Council, is accused of "economic terrorism" by Tehran.

Citing "Articles 4 and 5 of the Law on Confronting Human Rights Violation and terrorist and adventurist acts of the United States in the region" the statement by Iran announced the sanctions as a means to achieve the "objectives of the aforementioned law in imposing sanctions on American entities engaged in economic terrorism" against the country.

Aug 03 07:53

Iran’s Intelligence Chief Says Arrested Terrorist Leader Boasted About Being Protected by FBI

On Saturday, Iranian authorities apprehended Jamshid Sharmahd, the leader of the Tondar (‘Thunder’) terrorist group. The US-based group has carried out several terror attacks inside Iran, including the bombing of a mosque and the assassination of a nuclear scientist, and has called for the violent overthrow of the Iranian government.

US officials were confounded by the Iranian intelligence services’ operation to capture Tondar leader Jamshid Sharmahd, Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi has said.

“The reason why they first denied [his arrest] was that they knew he was strongly supported by American and Israeli services, and they considered it unlikely for Iran’s Intelligence Ministry to be able to penetrate their umbrella of support…and apprehend him inside the Islamic Republic of Iran through a complicated operation,” Alavi said on Sunday, his remarks quoted by Tasnim.

Aug 03 06:45

Iran's Supreme Leader: Fresh Talks With US Would Only Boost Trump Ahead Of November

It appears the door has now been fully and finally shut on any Trump administration hopes of a complete 're-do' of the Iran nuclear deal.

Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said during his annual Eid al-Adha address that there will be no new talks with Washington, and further vowed that Iran will only expand its nuclear program, not give it up.

Aug 02 05:53

Pompeo Vows US To Take "Necessary Action" If UN Arms Embargo On Iran Ends

For months the US has been in a full court diplomatic press on fellow UN Security Council members in an attempt to ensure that a UN arms embargo against Iran does not expire.

The embargo on selling conventional weapons to Iran is set to end October 18, and is ironically enough part of the 2015 nuclear deal brokered under Obama, which the Trump administration in May 2018 pulled out of.

But now Pompeo vows the US will "take necessary action" — no doubt meaning more sanctions at the very least, and likely military action at worst. He told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this week that "in the near future... we hope will be met with approval from other members of the P5."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle...

Aug 02 05:49

Iran says it has detained US-based opposition leader over 2008 bomb attack

Iran said on Saturday its intelligence services have detained a United States-based leader of a pro-monarchist group whom it accused of being behind a deadly 2008 bombing and of plotting other attacks, and that he is being held in Iran.

An intelligence ministry statement cited by state television did not say how, where or when the detention took place.

“Jamshid Sharmahd, the ringleader of the terrorist Tondar (Thunder) group, who directed armed and terrorist acts in Iran from America, was arrested following a complicated operation, and is now in [our agents’] powerful hands,” it said.

Jul 31 07:47

IRGC drills in the Persian Gulf: Iran prepares to counter possible US aggression

Iran is the leading Middle East proponent of peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other countries.

It hasn’t attacked another nation in centuries, threatening none now except in retaliation against aggression by a foreign power if occurs — the right of all countries.

Self-defense is a universal right, affirmed by the UN Charter’s Article 51, stating:

“Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security.”

Since establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979 ended a generation of US installed fascist tyranny, Republicans and Dems have been at war on Iran by other means.

Jul 31 06:58

US Expands Sanctions Against Iran to Target Nuclear, Military, Ballistic Missile Programs - Pompeo

United States sanctions against Tehran were reimposed after President Donald Trump in 2018 announced a unilateral withdrawal from the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the Iran nuclear deal.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement on Thursday that the Trump administration would expand its metals sanctions against Iran to cover 22 additional materials used in various Iranian programs.

"Today, the State Department is identifying 22 specific materials used in connection with Iran’s nuclear, military, or ballistic missile programs. Those who knowingly transfer such materials to Iran are now sanctionable pursuant to Section 1245 of the Iranian Freedom and Counter-Proliferation Act," the Pompeo statement said.

Jul 29 07:35

US forces asked to stay in bunkers as Iran fires missiles amid drills: Reports

US military forces deployed to the Persian Gulf kingdoms were reportedly asked to stay in bunkers as Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) fired ballistic missiles during normal military drills off the strategic Hormuz Strait.

Citing her “sources” and those of the CNN, a reporter for the BBC wrote in a post on her official page on Tuesday that US troops based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait and Qatar had been briefly put on “high alert” due to “concerns” over Iran’s missile activities.

Jul 29 07:32

Watch Iran fire missile & overtake mock US aircraft carrier during Strait of Hormuz war games

Amid Iran-US tensions, Tehran’s troops have practiced overpowering an aircraft carrier – using a mock-up in lieu of the real thing – during a massive exercise. The fake warship was attacked from the air and circled by speedboats.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) launched the final leg of The Great Prophet joint exercise on Tuesday, deploying troops from several of its branches. The drill was held in the southern province of Hormozgan as well as the western part of the Strait of Hormuz.

One of the highlights of the exercise was the assault on a mock aircraft carrier, made to resemble the Nimitz-class ships of the US Navy, complete with models of warplanes parked on its deck. Iranian paramilitary forces fired a missile from an attack helicopter and rappelled a commando unit onto the ship, while speed boats were circling around it, footage of the drill released to Iranian media shows.

Jul 28 11:07

The Beginning of the U.S.-Iran Hot War?

“Americans should not blame others in vain,” Iranian general Esmail Gha’ani has declared, “this is a fire they have lit and today has engulfed them.” Gha’ani, a veteran military commander who heads the Quds Force, the branch of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) responsible for extraterritorial operations, was speaking about the massive fire that has overtaken a U.S. navy vessel in San Diego.

The provocative remarks come amid signs of a new level of covert warfare being waged against Iran. The country has been beset by its own mysterious infernos and explosions, including at parks, medical clinics, power plants, ports, factories, a missile production compound, and a nuclear facility. The latter has been attributed to Israel by a source speaking to the New York Times. The incidents also come as the Trump administration has greenlighted the CIA to target Iranian infrastructure with cyberweapons.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Trump has utterly no clue of what he might unleash, if he either he joins with Israel to attack Iran, or attacks Iran directly, for which Netanyahu has been constantly been agitating.

Am I the only human being on this planet without SMD (selective memory disorder) who remembers what Moscow's envoy said at a diplomatic conference to his Iranian counterpart last summer, when the guy made the statement: Iran ‘Won’t Be Alone’ If U.S. Attacks, Russian Official Says The article goes on to state the following:
"“Iran will withstand this type of fight and Iran is not alone,” Zamir Kabulov, the Foreign Ministry’s special envoy for Asian countries including Iran, said at a Russian-Iranian policy forum in Moscow.

When asked if Russia was ready to provide material support to Iran if the U.S. attacks it, Kabulov said that “specific actions are a question for the Russian president.”

“But it’s not just Russia, many other countries sympathize and empathize with Iran,” the Kommersant business daily quoted him as saying. “Tehran won’t be alone if the U.S., God forbid, takes wild and irresponsible actions against it."

War with Russia over Iran?!? You have GOT to be flipping kidding me!!

However,unfortunately, just because something would be the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing the US government and military could possibly do, is utterly no guarantee that they won't do it.

Next Monday is 3 August; we're barely 90 days out until the next election, and between the Covid 19 pandemic and the economic depression with which the country is dealing, President Trump is losing the window on gaining another term in office, and rapidly.

Animals are at their most dangerous when wounded, and between the "Nothing-gate/Russiagate", and his current woes in office, the President is a very definitely geopolitically wounded politician.

He may think that his only card, right now, he's left with, is to play "the war card" against Iran, and that this country, and the world, will line up behind him solidly on this; the man could not possibly be further from the truth.

As long as I have breath, and it does not become illegal, through the suspension of the Constitution and Bill of Rights as a "wartime measure", I will continue to advise President Trump, and this administration, against this recklessly dangerous path of action.

And there is a companion article, from today, with the headline reading:

This article goes on to state: "At the same time, Washington has repeatedly ignored Tehran's calls for the US to stop sending its carriers to the Gulf and its warnings that such actions only contribute to the escalation of tensions in the region, not to security.

The US Navy has criticised Iran’s military drills that are taking place along the waterways in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, adding that it is monitoring them closely. The American military further called the war games an Iranian attempt "to intimidate and coerce", without clarifying whom or for what purpose.

"We are aware of the Iranian exercise involving attacking a mock-up of a vessel similar to a motionless aircraft carrier [...] We are always watchful of this type of irresponsible and reckless behaviour by Iran in the vicinity of busy international waterways", US Fifth Fleet spokeswoman Rebecca Rebarich said in an interview with AFP."

Folks, something wicked this way comes.

Jul 28 06:15

Watch: Israel Reinforces Troops Near Golan Heights Fearing Hezbollah Retaliation To Strikes On Syria

Submitted by South Front,

The Middle East is rapidly moving towards a new round of confrontation between the US-Israeli bloc and Iranian-led Shiite forces...

On July 26, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) deployed M109 Doher howitzers near the separation line with Lebanon. The deployment of howitzers became the latest in a series of broad measures employed by the IDF near Lebanon recently. Earlier, the 13th “Gideon” Infantry Battalion of the IDF’s elite 1st “Golani” Brigade reinforced troops near the border. The number Israeli Hermes 450 drone reconnaissance flights also significantly increased over southern Lebanon. Additional IDF units were also deployed in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. On top of this, the IDF announced that it will hold the Lebanese government responsible “for all actions emanating from Lebanon”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With the election-year turmoil here in the US, coupled with the broader issues of Covid 19 and riots in major metropolitan areas of the US, Netanyahu feels he can "get away with" major provocations in Syria and Lebanon, and that President Trump will do utterly nothing to stop him; the world is in for a profoundly dangerous set of moments which may well not resolve themselves until far after the US elections in November.

Jul 27 10:31

US claims ‘no one’ wants to allow Iran to buy & sell weapons as arms embargo set to expire

No one wants to give Iran the opportunity to buy and sell weapons, Washington has claimed, arguing that regional security would suffer if an arms embargo on Tehran is allowed to expire.

There is no desire to give Iran a chance to enter the arms trade, US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook said on Sunday. He supported the rather presumptuous claim by insisting that the conflict in Syria would worsen if the current weapons embargo on Tehran is lifted. The official accused Iran of bypassing international restrictions and warned that Middle East peace would be threatened if the current sanctions were loosened or done away with.

Washington has repeatedly called on the international community to extend the arms embargo, which is set to expire in October.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned earlier this week that China would begin selling weapons to Tehran once the restrictions expire.

Jul 27 09:20

Mahan Air Passenger Undergoes Surgery on Spine After US Jet Incident

A passenger who was onboard the Iranian Mahan Air flight that encountered a US fighter jet over Syria last week had to undergo surgery for a spinal fracture after the plane landed in Beirut. Lebanon’s Health Minister Hamad Hassan visited the hospital where the passengers were treated and called the incident “criminal intimidation” by the US.

A total of four passengers were admitted to the hospital in Lebanon after the incident. So far, three have been treated and have flown back to Iran. Lebanese media said the remaining passenger “suffers from a fracture of his spine and strokes as a result of a blow to the head.”

The Iranian airliner was en route to Beirut from Tehran when it was confronted by at least one US fighter jet. The pilot of the airliner had to make a sudden altitude change to avoid a collision or at least maintain a safe distance. The quick maneuver caused the injuries to the passengers, a video from inside the cabin shows a man with a bloodied face.

Jul 27 07:38

US military chief visits Israel amid tensions with Iran

The top U.S. general made an unannounced visit to Israel on Friday to discuss “regional security challenges” at a time of heightened tensions with Iran and its allies across the Middle East.

Army Gen. Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs chairman, met with senior Israeli military and intelligence leaders at an air base in southern Israel and held a video conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The visit came days after an air raid on the Syrian capital, Damascus, suspected to have been carried out by Israel, killed five foreign fighters, including a member of the Iran-backed Hezbollah.

Late on Friday, the Israeli military said its attack helicopters struck several positions of the Syrian army in response to unspecified munitions that were fired on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The targets in southern Syria included observation posts and intelligence collection systems, according to a statement from the military.

Jul 27 07:37

Trump’s All-Stick, No-Carrot Approach Has Brought Two US Adversaries Together

Chinese investment in Iran is not a new phenomenon. The Persian Gulf nation is a critical corridor for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s $1 trillion Belt and Road infrastructure initiative. Iran has increasingly benefited from tens of billions of dollars in credit from China’s state-backed financial institutions. Beijing has a hand in wide swaths of the Iranian market, including the transportation, nuclear, and energy sectors.

A draft strategic partnership agreement, however, takes Beijing’s investment in Iran to a new level. Reports that Beijing and Tehran have settled on a $400 billion accord covering 100 separate projects across the Iranian banking, telecommunications, port, and oil industry—not to mention increased cooperation between the two nations in weapons development and intelligence—is a reflection of the importance the Chinese Communist Party attaches to the untapped Iranian market.

Jul 27 07:36

'Flagrant violation': Iran protests US jet approach at UN

Iran has protested the "flagrant violation" of international law to the United Nations after it said United States fighter jets sparked panic on an Iranian passenger plane over Syria.

Iran's state-run television broadcast footage of Thursday's incident with passengers screaming as the pilot of a Mahan Air plane on a flight from Tehran to Beirut changed altitude to avoid collision with a US fighter jet.

A passenger with blood running down his forehead and another who had fallen to the floor were seen in the video, and one jet could be seen through the window in the video.

Jul 27 07:27

‘You’re almost dying but can’t do anything about it’: Iranian plane passengers tell Ruptly about encounter with US fighter jets

What the US Air Force called a routine “visual inspection” of an Iranian commercial plane in Syrian skies turned out to be horror for everyone on board, passengers told RT’s Ruptly video agency shortly after the drama ended.

Adam Hazimah and Feryal al-Ali, a Lebanese couple, were among dozens of passengers who boarded Mahan Airlines Flight 1152 which departed from Tehran earlier on Thursday. Bound for Beirut, Lebanon, the Airbus A310 crossed into Syrian airspace later in the day, with neither passengers nor pilots knowing what lay ahead.

As the plane flew over the Syrian desert close to the Iraqi border, passengers were shocked to see what appeared to be a pair of grey-painted F-15 fighter jets close to their aircraft. Iranian media also reported that there were two warplanes, though the Pentagon later said only one jet was sent to perform a “visual inspection” and see if the commercial plane posed any danger to the US forces at Al-Tanf military base in Syria.

Jul 24 07:17

Israel Leaking Evidence of Its Involvement in Covert Iran Bombing Campaign that Threatens to Spark a Wider War

A relentless campaign of aggression against Iran is entering a new phase with cyberattacks on military and civilian targets that aim to cripple Rouhani’s government and set the stage for wider conflict in the Middle East.

Jul 23 16:06

Breakthrough: Tuesday 4:20 PM, Vienna, America is given a COVID cure, Will it be withheld?

What is being asserted here?

This information held here is a roadmap to rid the United States of COVID 19 in months, not years, perhaps even weeks. The success of this method using GANS technology is 95%.

Key areas of Iran are now successfully treating COVID 19. These proprietary technologies have been offered to the US free of charge. The photos below are Keshe based treatment facilities and distribution in Iran:

Jul 21 08:13

Explosion Hits Central Iranian Power Plant Few Weeks After Natanz Nuclear Site Blast

The blast occurred a few weeks after an explosion ripped through Iran's Natanz facility for enriching uranium, in an incident that was reportedly caused by a bomb.

An explosion took place at a power plant in Iran's central Isfahan Province on Sunday, the country's IRNA news agency reports.

The news outlet cited Saeid Mohseni, chief executive of Esfahan Power Generation Co., as saying that the blast did not disrupt the plant's electricity supply to customers.

Jul 21 06:31

The JCPOA at 5: How the U.S. squandered an unprecedented diplomatic opening with Iran

The deal was never intended as a grand bargain. But by stopping the nuclear capability clock for a decade and a half, with intrusive inspections, it offered an off ramp, an ecosystem conducive to diplomacy and a stepping stone to a mutually brighter future.

President Trump’s impatience has proven costly. Iran has reduced its compliance with the nuclear deal and floats consideration of abandoning it altogether and the NPT as well.

If change is to take place, as much effort, persistence, financial resources, and patience should be devoted to diplomatic solutions as has been devoted to sanctions and pressure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reason President Trump did this, is that he can only see Iran, and its political and economic struggles, through the jaundiced perspective of Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu, who continually describes Iran as an "existential threat" to Israel, when the "threat" is primarily economic in nature, rather than existential.

Recently, Iran's Chief Rabbi, Yehuda Gerami, made the following statement:
"There is a big difference between Zionism and Judaism," says Rabbi who also hails former Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani as a "national hero."

Iran's chief rabbi: The Israeli government doesn't care about Judaism

The article goes on to state: "The chief rabbi of Iran's Jewish community, Yehuda Gerami, lambasted the Israeli government on Sunday, denied any connection between Judaism and Zionism and said there was "total freedom of religion" in Iran.

In a Hebrew-language interview with Al-Monitor, published Sunday and broadcast on Israel's Channel 12, Gerami denied that the conflict between Iran and Israel is a religious one and took aim at the Israeli government.

People tend to get confused, but there is a big difference between Zionism and Judaism. Judaism is a religion that is 3,300 years old, while Zionism is a national and political movement that is just 100 years old. As a country, the State of Israel has nothing to do with religion in general and Judaism in particular," he said.

"The Israeli government doesn't care about Judaism at all. Everything that they supposedly give to the Orthodox is because of some political deal or other, and not because of their religious approach," said Gerami."

What Netanyahu is trying to conjure, is for the US to confront Iran militarily, so that it's "the others of the earth" who get their hands dirty with yet another immoral, illegal war, with no basis in realty; in the 20th and 21st century, the US government has excelled in such wars..

But he is going to have to do this well before the elections, because, unfortunately, President Trump is just unhinged enough, and completely under Netanyahu's Svengali-like influence, to think he can justify such a war with the American people; he cannot, and I would like to hope that there is at least one "adult in the room" who can dissuade him from such an insane act, because such a war... will most probably mean a war with Russia as well.

Iran ‘Won’t Be Alone’ If U.S. Attacks, Russian Official Says

Time is very much running out for Netanyahu to get this to happen, as we are are at the end of July, and the election happens 3 November; unfortunately, however, with Netanyahu a politically wounded animal, facing massive corruption charges in Israel, one cannot tell of what he might be truly capable, to divert attention from this trial, and plunge the world, if he thinks this is "the only way out" of his trial woes.

Jul 15 11:03

China: World must stop US push to reinstate Iran sanctions, kill JCPOA

China has reaffirmed its firm support for the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and five other world states, calling on the international community to put pressure on the US — which left the deal in 2018 — to abandon a hostile push to reinstate sanctions against Tehran and deal even more blows to the multilateral accord.

Speaking on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the conclusion of the deal, named the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying on Monday hailed the accord as an efficient and successful model of multilateral diplomacy in resolving international issues.

“The JCPOA has become a key element of the international nuclear non-proliferation system, an important positive factor in maintaining regional and global peace and stability, and good practice of resolving regional hotspot issues through multilateral approaches,” she said.

Jul 15 11:02

Zarif: Iran will keep trying to send Yemen relief aid despite Saudi siege

Despite the ongoing restrictions and setbacks, Iran will keep up its efforts to transfer humanitarian aid to Yemen, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says, denouncing continuation of the Saudi-led war and siege against the impoverished country as “unacceptable.”

Zarif made the remarks on Tuesday during a video-call with Hisham Sharaf Abdullah, his counterpart from the Yemeni National Salvation Government.

Yemen’s popular Houthi Ansarullah movement formed the government together with its allies in 2016 to undertake administration of the country’s internal affairs.

The allies were forced to come together after Yemen’s former Riyadh-allied government fled the country amid a political deadlock, refusing to stay behind and negotiate power.

Jul 14 06:25

Tehran Rejected Washington’s Demand for No Response to Soleimani’s Assassination - Iranian Deputy FM

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Mohsen Baharvand alleges that Tehran immediately rejected Washington’s attempt at preventing a retaliatory attack by Iranian forces, shortly after the January assassination of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force commander Major General Qasem Soleimani.

“The US had sent a message to Iran via the Swiss ambassador (whose mission also acts as Washington’s interests section in Tehran) to demand Iran not to give a response, but it was rejected immediately,” Baharvand said on Sunday, as reported by Iran’s Fars News Agency.

The January 3 assassination strike near Baghdad International Airport also killed Deputy Commander of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, four IRGC officers and four PMF troops. IRGC forces responded on January 7 with ballistic missile strikes on Al Asad Airbase and an airbase near Erbil, both facilities in Iraq which house US troops.

Jul 14 04:58

Iran informs JCPOA Joint Commission of Europeans' violation of commitments: Senior diplomat

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Abbas Araqchi says the three European signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran have not abided by their commitments and this is why Iran has requested activation of the deal’s dispute resolution mechanism in a letter to the European Union’s foreign policy chief.

The EU foreign policy chief said on July 3 that he had received a letter from Iran that demands triggering the dispute resolution mechanism of the nuclear deal over the failure of the three European signatories to the agreement to honor their commitments.

Josep Borrell said the letter written by Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif referred Iran's concerns regarding the implementation of issues on the part of France, Germany and Britain to the Joint Commission of the nuclear deal -- officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) -- for resolution through the dispute process set out in the agreement's paragraph 36.