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Jun 11 12:08

USS Liberty Survivor Interviewed About Attack and Cover Up

American Journal host Harrison Smith conducted a powerful interview with survivor Phil Tourney about the deliberate and unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 and subsequent coverup by President Lyndon Johnson. Tourney was onboard the intelligence ship, witnessed the attack by the Israeli military, watched the murder of 34 and maiming of 174 of his fellow Navy men, and was threatened to keep quiet or else he and his fellow shipmates would be imprisoned or even killed.-- Anyone trying to get the truth out about this shameful tragedy has typically been smeared as an anti-Semite.

Jun 09 06:12

German royal family lawsuit could backfire and reveal nobles’ support for Nazis

No moment in the story of the German resistance to Nazism has received greater attention — or been more mythologized — than the 1944 “July Plot” when Count Claus von Stauffenberg’s bomb came close to assassinating Adolf Hitler. The plotters, former German chancellor Helmut Kohl proclaimed in 1994, were “the most noble and greatest” individuals “that have ever been produced in the history of mankind.”

Stauffenberg and his fellow conspirators’ bravery — and their aristocratic backgrounds — has cemented in the popular imagination the notion that the German nobility were at the forefront of the domestic opposition to National Socialism.

Jun 09 05:51

Long-lost letter from Amelia Earhart's navigator sent from Indonesia to the US just eight days before they disappeared in 1937 is discovered in San Diego 

A long-lost letter detailing Amelia Earhart and her Captain Fred J. Noonan's adventure around the globe has been discovered nearly 84 years after the pair went missing.

The handwritten, 17-page letter is postmarked just eight days before the duo issued their last radio call from somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

It was mailed on June 23, 1937 from the Grand Hotel in Indonesia and contains specific details of dates, locations and weather challenges that Earhart and Noonan faced along the fateful flight path.

The letter is one of four discovered by San Diego-resident Hunter Person, whose mother found them rolled up in her father’s desk 40 years ago.

Person’s grandfather was a close friend of Noonan and the two had exchanged letters for years and even up until the captain disappeared.

Jun 08 13:50

Will Treason Mania Destroy America?

American politics is increasingly becoming toxic because presidents nowadays are elective dictators. Rather than a process of selecting a chief executive who will uphold the Constitution and enforce the laws, elections nowadays confer a license to run amok over the lives and property of practically anyone who falls under federal sway. Government has amassed so much power that the vast majority of Americans no longer trust Washington. -- The surest recipe for curtailing political vitriol is to reduce political power so elections are not demolition derbies that doom losing sides. Thomas Jefferson in 1799 offered the ideal that can rescue America from strife today: “In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” And if presidents and members of Congress choose to openly scorn their oaths of office and constitutional constraints on their power — well, many Americans would consider that to be treason.

Jun 08 07:35

The FBI's Strange Anthrax Investigation Sheds Light on COVID Lab-Leak Theory and Fauci's Emails

One of the most significant events of the last two decades has been largely memory-holed: the October, 2001 anthrax attacks in the U.S. Beginning just one week after 9/11 and extending for another three weeks, a highly weaponized and sophisticated strain of anthrax had been sent around the country through the U.S. Postal Service addressed to some of the country's most prominent political and media figures. As Americans were still reeling from the devastation of 9/11, the anthrax killed five Americans and sickened another seventeen.

Jun 08 05:58

Shiro Ishii, Head of Unit 731's Horrific Human Experiments, Was Never Punished

Medical scientists, on Ishii’s orders, drained the blood from POW’s bodies, replacing it with horse and monkey blood (in an effort to create “artificial” bloods). Japanese soldiers tied POWs to stakes and exploded germ bombs overhead, while timing their deaths with stopwatches. Medical examiners even dissected live POWs!

No abomination was indecent enough to halt the heightening fervor of experimentation. Prisoners-of-war and the surrounding population were deemed expendable by the Japanese who believed their loss wouldn’t be missed. The use of human guinea pigs was widely known within Japan’s medical community, but prompted no ethical outrage.

Jun 08 05:54

Was Jim Morrison murdered because his father proposed attacking Israel?

The editors of Wikipedia have once again edited the article on Admiral Morrison. Among the changes is their removal of information that shows his anger over the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, during which Israeli fighter jets and torpedo boats spent more than an hour killing 34 sailors and wounding 171, while the American military was ordered to stand by and ignore it.

For example, they removed the remark about his proposal for an “immediate and swift economic and military response against Israel for the attack.”

Their current article is here, and one of the previous versions is here.

Wikipedia does not want people to consider the possible connection between Admiral Morrison's anger towards Israel for their attack on the USS Liberty, and the mysterious death of his son a few years later.

Jun 07 18:54

Paving The Way For The Ronascam

By Julie Beal

“The work that had been done over the years on formulations, RNA modifications and other techniques was paying off just in time for the current pandemic. mRNA vaccination was in exactly the right stage for things to take off with a good expectation of success.”

It helps to know how we got here, and the following timeline traces the creation of the DARPA-Big Pharma package of solutions for SARS-CoV-2 and illustrates just how ready they all were. Every outbreak furthered the development of genetic vaccines. Cases were counted according to tests, then compared to deaths ‘associated with’ the virus in question.  Every outbreak featured a virus with a cleavage site, and they can all be stabilized with the NIH’s pre-fusion design, just like the rona.

Jun 07 17:00

RFK murder solved

Jun 07 11:32

The Finders: CIA Ties to Child Sex Cult Obscured as Coverage Goes from Sensationalism to Silence

In February 1987, an anonymous phone tip was called into the Tallahassee police department reporting that six children were dirty, hungry, and acting like animals in the custody of two well-dressed men in a Tallahassee, Florida park. That phone call would kick off the Finders scandal: a series of events and multiple investigations even more bizarre than the initial report.

The trail would ultimately lead to allegations of a cult involved in ritual abuse, an international child-trafficking ring, evidence of child abuse confirmed and later denied, and ties with the CIA, which was alleged to have interfered in the case. No one was ever prosecuted in the wake of the initial 1987 investigation or a 1993 inquiry into the allegations of CIA involvement: official denials were maintained, and authorities stated that no evidence of criminal activity was ever found. However, documents that have emerged over time beg significant questions as to the validity of the official narrative.

Jun 04 14:21

The Chinese Slave Trade in San Francisco, California

In 1882, the United States instituted the first of three Chinese exclusion acts as a way to control the immense influx of Chinese men. These acts prevented all but a few privileged classes of Chinese men from sending for their families in China. Single men did not have the ability to send for Chinese wives, nor did the law permit them to marry non- Chinese wives.1 The small ratio of Chinese women to men bred a rampant prostitution market. To feed the market of sex, Chinese girls and young women, mostly from Canton, were bought, kidnapped, or coerced into coming to the United States. 2According to Charles Fredrick Holder who wrote in his article Chinese Slavery in America in 1897, he claimed that a young Chinese girl who was between the ages of nine and twelve was usually priced at $150 to $500.A Chinese girl from the ages between twelve and sixteen and also attractive would be priced from $500 to $1,500.Chinese Girls over the age sixteen were marketed for up to $3,500 (289). 3

Jun 04 06:14

Burning Injustice (6 Pics)

Jun 03 13:05

My Interview With A USS LIBERTY Survivor

Next Tuesday (June 8, 2021) is the 54th anniversary of the unprovoked attack of the USS LIBERTY by the State of Israel that killed 34 American sailors and Marines and wounded 174. To this day, the State of Israel has never been held accountable for this despicable and dastardly attack against the people of the United States. In fact, the U.S. government and the news media have covered up this horrific attack for all of these decades.

I am using today’s column to print my recorded interview with a USS LIBERTY survivor. This man is a friend of mine. His name is Ron Kukal.

Ron was born in 1939. He grew up in Rushville, Nebraska, and now lives in Sheridan, Wyoming. He joined the Navy at the age of 20. He served 8 years in the Navy and had served 7 years when he was assigned to the LIBERTY. He was a first class petty officer and a communications supervisor on board the LIBERTY. Here is my interview with Ron Kukal (edited for space):

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 01 07:56

Betrayal of a Great Man by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society

I don’t use the word hero lightly. If you don’t either, you might ask how a rank and file sinner like me presumes to call out a Society that, however you feel about war, is made up of heroes: a small, astonishing Society where each and every member embodies character, selflessness, initiative, endurance, tenacity, and courage in the face of death. This Society, proven by feats of arms at the limits of what’s humanly possible, wears our country’s coveted Congressional Medal of Honor. Yes, heroes. But there’s a stain on the Society. Nobody else is calling them out. They’ve got it coming. So I’ll do it. So there.

Jun 01 06:43

Examining the Real Egyptian History of the Hyksos, the Hebrews and the Exodus

The usual suspects took a tremendous amount of license with the story of the Hyksos, the Hebrews and the Exodus. The real story is hidden in plain sight.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
May 29 11:24

Shedding and Spreading Genetic Vaccines

By Julie Beal

Is it possible to shed and spread a genetic vaccine? Some of the people who’ve had a coronavirus vaccine seem to think so, despite being ‘pro-vax’. Most of them are simply saying what they’ve experienced, not making accusations about the vax being spread.

May 28 07:06

The lies and conspiracy theories from neocon ‘crazies’ that fueled Iraq war are subject of new history

Last month Foreign Affairs ran an article saying that Iran and Israel were engaged in mutual hostilities that could drag the United States into a war not of our choosing, and there was no mention in the article of the people who really do want the U.S. to go to war with Iran, the neoconservative branch of the Israel lobby. Last week Foreign Policy ran an article by one of those neoconservatives, saying that if the U.S. returns to its deal with a “rogue regime committed to Israel’s destruction,” Israel will likely go to war against Iran.

It ought to be terrifying that our supposed client state is escalating its attacks on Iran just as the United States is trying to reenter the Iran deal; and its friends in the U.S. are escalating the war of words. But the most you hear about this on mainstream media is Andrea Mitchell venturing to Jake Sullivan that Israel “is being unhelpful” to the United States with its attacks.

May 26 19:15

What Lies Beneath: President Biden’s Deceptive Acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide

Op-Ed by David Boyajian

President Biden’s April 24 statement acknowledging the Armenian Genocide (1915–1923+) carried out by Turkey was welcome but flawed. Indeed, “Turkey” appears nowhere in the document. Moreover, the State Department swiftly undermined Biden’s virtuous-sounding words.

American acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide isn’t even new. The U.S. House has passed several resolutions on the Genocide. And a nearly unanimous Congress did so in 2019.

Presidents going back to Woodrow Wilson have described the Armenian ordeals with language such as: an effort to exterminate all Armenians; terrible massacres; mass killings; death marches; and an ancient [Armenian] homeland was erased. If these don’t describe genocide, the word is meaningless...

May 25 05:36


In 1961, SV40 was discovered by Dr. Bernice Eddy of the National Institute of Health, Division of Biologics when she took the material used to grow polio vaccines and injected it into hamsters. Tumors grew in the hamsters. Her discovery was subsequently validated by Drs. Maurice Hilliman and Benjamin Sweet of Merck.

Upon the discovery that SV40 was an animal carcinogen that had found its way into the polio vaccines, a new federal law was passed in 1961 that required that no vaccines contain this virus. However, this law did not require that SV40 contaminated vaccines be thrown away or that the contaminated seed material (used to make all polio vaccines for the next four decades) be discarded. As a result, known SV40 contaminated vaccines were injected into children up until 1963. In addition, it has been alleged that there have been SV40-contaminated batches of oral polio vaccine administered to some children until the end of the 1990’s.

May 24 02:10

Trump's 1776 Commission To Reassemble, Tackle Critical Race Theory In History Education

Authored by GQ Pan via The Epoch Times,

Members of the 1776 Commission, which President Joe Biden disbanded on his first day in White House, are reportedly set to meet again with a renewed focus on combating the teaching of U.S. history based on the Marxist critical race theory.

The advisory commission was established by the Trump administration in November 2020 to celebrate and promote the principles enshrined in the nation’s founding documents. It is commonly seen as a response to The New York Times’ controversial 1619 Project, which argues that the United States was founded as, and remains today, a racist nation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In my world, hatred is never a way forward.

Additionally, you have to remember how Africans who came to study in the old Communist Soviet Union were treated; the short version is, not at all well.

May 23 10:22

The Conscious Resistance Network Presents: The Pyramid of Power Ep. 3 – Big Tech

By Derrick Broze

The Pyramid of Power is a brand-new 16-part documentary series aimed at exposing the individuals and institutions which seek to manipulate our world.

By now, most viewers will be familiar with the well-publicized problems of social media. It’s purposefully addictive, produces jealousy, insecurity, and depression (and this) in some people, and the big socials sell your data for a profit. Despite the growing awareness of these problems, companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are still some of the most widely used platforms in the world. Billions of people download these apps and use them to stay informed about the world. (Or, so they believe.)

May 22 18:36

Growing Questions About Anthony Fauci’s Role

By Neenah Payne

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), published an article on March 26, 2020 in the New England Journal of Medicine called Covid-19 – Navigating the Uncharted. It was co-authored by Dr. H. Clifford Lane, M.D., NIAID Deputy Director for Clinical Research and Special Projects and by Dr. Robert Redfield of the CDC.

The article said:

“the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a fatality rate of approximately 0.1)…rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively”.

Dr. Fauci was a very prominent member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force throughout 2020. A growing number of people are now raising key questions about Fauci’s role in the COVID-19 saga..

May 21 07:14

Fauci’s criminal history dates back decades

Many people are unaware of just how long Anthony Fauci has been a mainstay in the federal government. Going back all the way to the early 1980s, Fauci has been trying to scare people into fearing their loved ones, just as he continues to do today with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Back in 1983, it was AIDS that Fauci was touting as the scary “pandemic” of that day. He was the first to publish an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) warning that people within the same household could spread AIDS to each other without sexual contact, which was never actually proven.

The mainstream media ran with Fauci’s narrative, though, even though it lacked definitive scientific proof. A UPI wire dated May 5, 1983 warned that “Household contacts can transmit AIDS” – again, despite the fact that Fauci never proved this and even admitted to such.

May 18 05:40

Black Share of Known Murder Offenders, 1980-2019

The federal government has a website for creating custom data sets from the FBI’s official crime stats.

Here’s a helpful graph I generated where the jagged red line represents what percentage of known murder offenders were black from 1980-2019.

The low point for black homicidality relative to nonblacks was 1984, when blacks accounted for 45.2% of known murder offenders. This was a particularly warm moment in white-black relations, the year of Beverly Hills Cop, The Cosby Show, and Prince’s Purple Rain succeeding Michael Jackson’s 1983 Thriller at the top of the pop charts. In 1984, the powder cocaine wars of c. 1980 were mostly over and the crack cocaine wars had yet to begin.

The high point (so far) was 1993 during the Crack Wars, when blacks made up 56.2% of known murder offenders. But 2019 almost topped that with 55.9%. And God knows what 2020 will look like.

The straight pink line is a linear trend line, which rises from 49% black four decades ago to 54% black today.

May 17 12:17

"No Dogs, No Irish, No Blacks" -- A History of Discrimination and the New Vaccine Passport

By Dustin Broadbery

The shotgun wedding of the British people to a vaccine passport takes place today, Monday, meaning plans for a two-tier society are afoot. The effrontery of those leading the charge beggars belief. When they said ‘there were no plans for ‘discriminatory’ Covid vaccine passports’, they were quietly funding at least eight different vaccine passport schemes since last year. And that’s just the half of it. We are midway through a Europe-wide feasibility study for the development of a common vaccine passport, launched by the European Commission in 2018...

But it must be understood – this principle of divide and rule is as old as the hills. It was not so long ago that signs hung in the windows of establishments in Britain that read: ‘No dogs, No Irish, No blacks.’ The difference today is that it won’t be the colour of your skin, your class, gender or sexual orientation that will condemn you, it will be your ideology...

May 16 11:56

Why Edith Hamilton Feared the Decline of Individualism More Than Atomic Bombs

By Lawrence W. Reed

“People hate being made to think,” the educator and classical scholar Edith Hamilton (1867-1963) once said. Laziness of mind is indeed easy to find, even more so today than in her time. It shows up in vapid social media posts, flippant political rhetoric, superficial media coverage, knee-jerk but sanctimonious opinions, and the widespread absence of critical thinking skills. It’s everywhere.

People who don’t think are vulnerable to those who do, especially to those who think constantly about how to use others for nefarious purposes. Dictators and demagogues strongly prefer compliant, sycophantic subjects over thoughtful, independent, free-spirited types...

May 16 05:45

CIA spying scandal in Switzerland shows the best way for intelligence services to read your messages is to OWN the platform

The CIA’s role in the Crypto AG case makes clear that spies don’t need a way into messaging apps, but a secret bird’s-eye view from the word go. This is far more effective than any ‘backdoor’ foreign powers may have access to.

On May 12, the head of Switzerland’s federal intelligence service (Nachrichtendienst des Bundes, NDB), Jean-Philippe Gaudin, announced his resignation.

Local media reports say Gaudin’s departure stems from a falling-out with Defense Minister Viola Amherd over his handling of the Crypto AG scandal – namely, he failed to inform her about the affair until it was already public knowledge.

May 16 05:42


The Lavon affair was a failed Israeli covert operation, codenamed Operation Susannah, conducted in Egypt in the summer of 1954. As part of the false flag operation,[1] a group of Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israeli military intelligence to plant bombs inside Egyptian-, American-, and British-owned civilian targets: cinemas, libraries, and American educational centers. The bombs were timed to detonate several hours after closing time. The attacks were to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Communists, "unspecified malcontents", or "local nationalists" with the aim of creating a climate of sufficient violence and instability to induce the British government to retain its occupying troops in Egypt's Suez Canal zone.[2] The operation caused no casualties among the population, but cost the lives of four operatives: two cell members who committed suicide after being captured; and two operatives who were tried, convicted, and executed by the Egyptian authorities.

May 12 10:35

Did The NSA Create Bitcoin?

Op-Ed by Insight History

The mysterious origins of Bitcoin have led to endless theories pertaining to who Satoshi Nakamoto actually is. One prominent theory, which is sometimes circulated in the liberty movement, is that Bitcoin is nothing more than a trojan horse of the establishment, designed to move people away from cash and gold, and towards digital currencies.

The basis for this argument tends to lean heavily on a paper written by three employees of the National Security Agency (NSA) Office of Information Security Research and Technology, Cryptology Division, in June 1996. The paper was titled: How to Make a Mint: The Cryptography of Anonymous Electronic Cash...

May 11 07:44

Truth Is Gaining Ground on the Lies of World War II

Years ago concerned with Washington’s growing provocation of Russia, I made the remark in a column that Hitler, like Napoleon, destroyed himself by marching off into Russia. I suggested we not repeat the folly. Two readers corrected me. They informed me that Hitler had no choice. Hitler’s decision was not based on hubris or miscalculation. A former Russian KGB official with access to the documents had defected to the West and written a book that proved that Stalin was preparing to invade Germany and overrun all of Europe and that Hitler had no alternative but to strike first, even though Germany was unprepared for such a war, before Stalin completed his preparations.

May 11 07:32

History: The Kent State May 4, 1970 Shootings. New Documents Surface, Raise Serious Questions

The Kent State community commemorated the 51st anniversary of the May 4, 1970, shootings outside Taylor Hall on Tuesday. It was a solemn gathering as many former students returned to visit the site of a tragedy where the Ohio National Guard opened fire on anti-Vietnam War protestors. The shootings resulted in the deaths of four students and nine others were wounded.

Fast-forward 51 years later and so much has changed on the Kent campus. However, the sadness brought on by the events of May 4th remains. And behind the tears, pain and uncertainty is a longing for answers.

A Timeline of Events

On April 30, 1970, President Richard Nixon announced the invasion of Cambodia, a country which remained neutral during the Vietnam War. The announcement was met with a surge in anti-war protests across the country including on college campuses like Kent State University.

May 11 05:29

FLASHBACK - The CIA and the Media: 50 Historical Facts the World Needs to Know

Since the end of World War Two the Central Intelligence Agency has been a major force in US and foreign news media, exerting considerable influence over what the public sees, hears and reads on a regular basis. CIA publicists and journalists alike will assert they have few, if any, relationships, yet the seldom acknowledged history of their intimate collaboration indicates a far different story–indeed, one that media historians are reluctant to examine.

When seriously practiced, the journalistic profession involves gathering information concerning individuals, locales, events, and issues. In theory such information informs people about their world, thereby strengthening “democracy.” This is exactly the reason why news organizations and individual journalists are tapped as assets by intelligence agencies and, as the experiences of German journalist Udo Ulfkotte (entry 47 below) suggest, this practice is at least as widespread today as it was at the height of the Cold War.

May 11 05:16

After JFK was killed, ex-president Harry Truman called for CIA abolition

“For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from its original assignment,” wrote former president Harry Truman in the Washington Post on December 22, 1963. It was exactly one month after the assassination of President Kennedy.

Harry Truman’s complaint
“It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government. This has led to trouble and may have compounded our difficulties in several explosive areas,” Truman wrote.

The former president never explicitly linked JFK’s death to the clandestine service, but the timing and venue of his piece was suggestive.

Why Truman spoke
Already Soviet bloc news outlets were speculating Kennedy’s murder—and the murder of the only suspect while in police custody—pointed to U.S. government involvement in the assassination.

May 08 18:19

The Conscious Resistance Network Presents: The Pyramid of Power Ep. 1 – Big Education

By Derrick Broze

The Conscious Resistance Network presents: The Pyramid of Power, a brand-new 16-part documentary series aimed at exposing the individuals and institutions which seek to manipulate our world.

Chapter 1: Big Education

Public schooling is a ritual that most children endure during the most impressionable years of their lives. While the assumed goal of public education is to educate the children so that they may become the doctors, teachers, artists, and leaders of the future, some suspect a more sinister agenda is at play. Some believe that mandatory public education has become the tool for the governments of the world – and the education organizations which advise governments – to influence and manipulate the opinions of the youth.

So how accurate are these claims? Is government involvement in education a flawed attempt at achieving a worthy goal? And what role does government education play in influencing the minds of youth?...

May 07 07:30

The BIG lie that led us into WWI

Webmaster's Commentary: 

American war material salvaged from the Lusitania.

May 06 11:31

Crimes of Covid Vaccine Maker Pfizer Documented

Pfizer, a drug company which appears to have won the lottery to produce the first Covid-19 vaccine, is currently battling hundreds of lawsuits over Zantac, a popular heartburn medication. Zantac lawsuits claim the popular drug can be contaminated with a cancer-causing substance called N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). The Zantac suits are open-ended and ongoing, as the drug maker is fighting them; but Pfizer has, we know, committed several crimes or transgressions for which it has been punished in recent years. The company’s failings are well documented and worth reviewing at this critical time in human history as we all search for answers.

May 06 06:58

Movie Review: Sacrificing Liberty

One is at a loss for superlatives in reviewing this stellar work, Sacrificing Liberty. First, it’s a state of the art, full audiovisual-impact documentary, finely honed by one director-editor-cinematographer-archival-artistic-retrievalist Matthew Skow under auspices of the TruNews Christian media network with the utmost care for the men of the USS Liberty—whether surviving, injured (174), or killed (34)—out of a crew of 294.

May 05 08:46


Porton Down was set up in 1916. It was a centre designed to test chemical and biological weapons.

Nerve gases such as Sarin and CS gas were tested on volunteer servicemen.

Servicemen were offered around £2 and three days leave as an incentive to take part in tests.

Very few servicemen knew what they were volunteering for and some were even told it was research into the cure for the common cold.

In 1953 it is alleged that serviceman Ronald Maddison died after taking part in a Sarin gas experiment.

In 1962, one of Porton Down's own scientists, Geoffrey Bacon died of the plague.

May 05 07:14



May 03 06:58

Boris Pasternak's 'Doctor Zhivago' and His Nobel Prize - a CIA Operation

If you were the only person in the world who thought yourself a genius, it would be an embarrassment to be named Barry Parsnip.

Robert Zimmerman solved the nomenclature problem. He became Bob Dylan – and Hey Presto! He won the Nobel Prize for Literature for 2016.

Barry Parsnip (aka Boris Pasternak) didn’t solve the problem. But it was solved for him by a combination of the British, US and Soviet secret services, with an assist from the Dutch and Italians. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature for 1958 before his novel, Doctor Zhivago, had been read in the original Russian by more than a thousand people, counting government officials. Following the prize-giving until now, about 10 million people have read it, mostly in translation.

May 01 07:56

American-Style War ’til the End of Time? (A Lifetime “at War”)

The question that Americans seldom even think to ask is this: What if the U.S. were to begin to dismantle its empire of bases, repurpose so many of those militarized taxpayer dollars to our domestic needs, abandon this country’s focus on permanent war, and forsake the Pentagon as our holy church? What if, even briefly, the wars, conflicts, plots, killings, drone assassinations, all of it stopped? -- What would our world actually be like if you simply declared peace and came home?

Apr 30 08:03




Apr 29 14:13

Unconstitutional Debt and Future Generations

...But here we are paying debts that are more than 100 years old and borrowing money as if there were no consequences. How much longer can a society last with a central government that does not pay its bills? Why have a Constitution that limits the government if no person or entity enforces the limitations? Why have taxes in the first place if borrowing and deferring debt will do?

Apr 29 05:20

'Life Is Such a Simple, Yet Cruel Thing' By Vladimir Putin - Family Memories of WW2

Frankly, my father did not even like to touch on the subject of the war. It was more like I was simply nearby when the adults were discussing or recalling things among themselves. All my knowledge about the war – about what happened to my family – arose out of those overheard conversations between adults. Still, there were times when they spoke to me directly.

My father was a sailor. He was called up in 1939 and served in a submarine squadron in Sevastopol. On his return, he worked in a factory in Peterhof where he lived with my mother. I think they even built some kind of little house there.

Apr 28 15:38

The Global Deep State: A New World Order Brought to You by COVID-19

I have studied enough of this country’s history—and world history—to know that governments (the U.S. government being no exception) are at times indistinguishable from the evil they claim to be fighting, whether that evil takes the form of terrorism, torture, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, murder, violence, theft, pornography, scientific experimentation or some other diabolical means of inflicting pain, suffering and servitude on humanity.

Apr 28 06:40

Her Name Is Linda Stoltzfoos: White Amish Teen Walking Home from Church Raped and Murdered by Black Man

A young Amish woman whose remains were found this week, 10 months after her disappearance, was strangled and stabbed in the neck, a coroner ruled Friday.

The Lancaster County coroner used dental records to positively identify the body of 18-year-old Linda Stoltzfoos. The cause of death was asphyxia from strangulation, along with suffocation, the coroner, Dr. Stephen Diamantoni, said following an autopsy Friday. He said the stab wound was a contributing factor in her death.

Stoltzfoos was last seen walking home from church in the Bird-in-Hand area on June 21, 2020. Her remains were found in a grave along railroad tracks behind a business where the man charged in her death had worked.

Justo Smoker, 35, of Paradise, was charged with homicide in December and is awaiting trial. Smoker was initially arrested in August, and also faces charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment. He has pleaded not guilty.

Apr 28 00:48

7 Parts Of 'Rapunzel' That Were Really Messed Up

We all know the basics of Rapunzel: girl with long hair imprisoned by an evil witch, prince comes along, climbs up hair, rescues said trapped princess. (Why Rapunzel didn't just cut off her hair, knot it to something and climb down it herself is testimony to the power of Stockholm Syndrome.) But, while the original story seems to draw inspiration from several tales of women trapped in isolated places in various cultures, the Grimm Brothers' version of Rapunzel is the definitive tale — and it's one hell of a bizarre ride.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Claire located this after we watched Disney's "Tangled" last night. It is one of my favorite recent Disney movies; especially Maximus the horse (the team that animated him were brilliant IMHO). But in the spirit of "wokeness" Disney did sanitize the original tale a wee bit!

Apr 27 12:56

Washington Was Broke? Why Founding Fathers Were Strapped for Cash

In March 1789, as he prepared to leave his beloved Mount Vernon and drive to his first inauguration in New York City, George Washington dashed off letters to his closest friends and nephews. Washington had not sought the presidency, preferring, after 15 years of warfare, to rusticate in retirement and tend his Potomac acres. To Henry Knox, his old comrade-in-arms, he wrote, “My movements to the chair of government will be accompanied with feelings not unlike those of a culprit who is going to the place of his execution.” But Washington had more than an abiding sense of civic duty drawing him back into public life: he was broke.

Apr 25 04:13

A Horror Story From The Distant Past, About How The Worst Famine In The US History Killed 3 Out Of 4 People That Contains A Lot Of Lessons For Preppers

For as long as there have been people, there’s been famine. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors developed agriculture because, although most people’s diets actually got worse when they started farming, it was easier to build up the stores needed to survive a future shortage. Famines still happened, though; bad weather, disease, or pests could destroy the crops, and that usually meant starvation would follow. Famines are described in the Bible and the works of Greek and Roman historians. They regularly devastated Europe through the Middle Ages and as late as the 1840s, when blight ravaged the whole continent’s potato crop (not just Ireland’s) and killed over a million people.

What fewer people know is that famine has also reared its ugly head in the USA – and reduced some of the earliest settlers to squalor, degradation and finally cannibalism. It was an episode that threatened the whole idea of European settlement in North America; it also contains a lot of lessons for preppers.

Apr 23 14:01

The Reasons Why Leftists Will Never Successfully Disarm Americans

Elitists and leftists just don’t seem to get it. Maybe it’s the way their brains work. Maybe they just can’t comprehend the idea that some people will not compromise certain freedoms no matter the cost. They think everyone has a limit; that everyone has a price. They think anyone can be bought, or that anyone can be leveraged into submission. The truth is, many of us can’t. Some of us have no price, and we cannot be compelled to comply. -- We are the people that keep freedom alive, and totalitarians are terrified of us; gun grabbing is merely a natural extension of their fear and doubt. Wherever an oligarchy is seeking to disarm the population this is a sure sign they are about to grasp for even more control, and they are afraid that the population might dethrone them. And honestly, they should be afraid.

Apr 23 12:53

New Study Finds Granddaughters of People Exposed to DDT Have Increased Risk of Cancer

By Derrick Broze

A newly published study has concluded that exposure to the toxin DDT is linked to an increased breast cancer risk in the granddaughters of exposed women.

A new article published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, shows that the higher levels of DDT a grandmother has in her blood while pregnant, the higher the probability that her granddaughter will likely be overweight. The research also showed the granddaughter would likely have an earlier onset menstruation...

Apr 21 19:58

Key U.S. Air Base in Turkey Sits on Property Stolen from Armenians During the Genocide

Op-Ed by David Boyajian

This article first appeared in The Fresno Bee and is reproduced here with permission from the author.

Suppose the U.S. built and operated a military base in Germany on property confiscated from Jews during the Holocaust. America, Jewish Americans, Germany, and Israel would have reached a principled resolution years ago.

Now consider Incirlik (EEN-jeer-leek) Air Base in Turkey. American taxpayers and the Army Corps of Engineers built it 67 years ago. Its 3,320 acres are home to the U.S. Air Force’s 39th Air Base Wing, B-61 nuclear weapons, thousands of American military personnel, and American businesses...

Apr 21 06:19

The First Flight On Another World Wasn’t on Mars. It Was on Venus, 36 Years Ago

The world was thrilled this week as NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter pulled off something truly novel (see video above)—the first powered, controlled flight on another planet. But if you paid close attention, the precise wording of that accomplishment included qualifiers. Like the Wright brothers’ airplane, the Mars helicopter was preceded by balloons. In Ingenuity’s case it was a pair of aerobots that rode along with the Soviet Vega 1 and 2 Venus spacecraft and flew through the Venusian atmosphere in 1985. The episode is recounted in Jay Gallentine’s lively 2016 history of planetary exploration, Infinity Beckoned, from which the following excerpt is adapted.

WHAT’S IMPORTANT to understand about French space scientist Jacques Blamont is that he had this thing for balloons stretching back almost thirty years before the Soviet Vega spacecraft arrived at Venus in 1985.

Apr 20 10:14

The Ukraine Famine of 1933 was a Government-Made Disaster

By Vincent Geloso

No market economy with a liberal democracy suffered through a famine during the 20th century. However, famines produced out of human design increased considerably. The ten worst famines of the 20th century could all be attributed directly (e.g. the Holodomor) or indirectly (e.g. wars) to government policies. And these ten worst famines are amongst the worst famines in all of humanity’s history...

Apr 20 09:40

Flashback 2003: Farce mask: it's safe for only 20 minutes

Retailers who cash in on community fears about SARS by exaggerating the health benefits of surgical masks could face fines of up to $110,000.

NSW Fair Trading Minister Reba Meagher yesterday warned that distributors and traders could be prosecuted if it was suggested the masks offered unrealistic levels of protection from the disease.

"I'm sure everyone would agree that it is un-Australian to profiteer from people's fears and anxieties," Ms Meagher said.

"There appears to be some debate about whether surgical masks are able to minimise the effects of SARS."

Ms Meagher said her department would investigate any complaints about false mask claims which concerned the public.

How times change...

Apr 20 08:31

Video: Worlds Major Pro Vaxxer Says "Halt The Vaccines Now"! Sadly It Is Already Too Late For Many

Del Bigtree's tireless efforts to raise awareness about the dangerous experimental vaccines being administered en masse is to be admired. This may be scariest 17 minutes you'll have watched. Pass it on to anyone still on the fence about taking the vaccines. Their life depends on it.

Apr 19 15:07

U.S. Constitution Expired. California Exemptions Revoked. Natural Law Stands.

Op-Ed by Rosanne Lindsay, Naturopath
No Shot No Public School

According to a notice from the State of California Department Health and Human Services, all medical exemptions for children attending state public schools are now revoked and no longer valid. Specifically, medical exemptions that meet two conditions under the amended law eliminates a parent’s ability to exempt their children from one, some, or all vaccines, at the start of coming school year, January 1, 2021-2022 (or September 1, 2021, for child care facilities).

In a shaming ritual some call a witch hunt, The California DPH “disciplined” a group of medical doctors and publicly blacklisted them by name and license number...

Apr 19 12:15

How Stalin Canceled “Hamlet” in the Soviet Union—and What It Can Teach Us about Cancel Culture

By Jon Miltimore

William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is considered by some to be the single greatest story ever written.

Hamlet has it all: ghosts, sword fights, suicide, revenge, lust, murder, philosophy, faith, manipulation, and a climactic bloodbath worthy of a Tarantino film. It’s a masterpiece of both high art and sensationalism, the only play I’ve seen performed live three times.

Not everyone likes Hamlet, of course. One of its detractors was Soviet premier Joseph Stalin.

Stalin’s hatred for the play has almost become a thing of legend, in part because it’s unclear precisely why Stalin hated the play. Entire academic papers are dedicated to answering the question.

In his autobiography Testimony, the famous Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich suggests that Stalin saw the play as excessively dark and potentially subversive...

Apr 19 11:18

Chambers Flintlock Machine Gun from the 1700s

Joseph Chambers invented a repeating flintlock weapon in the 1790s, and I think it is appropriate to consider it a “machine gun”. The design used a series of superposed charges in one or more barrels, with specially designed bullets that has hollow central tubes through them. This would allow the fire form a detonation charge to transit through a bullet at the rear and set off a subsequent charge. The result was a single trigger pull to use a flintlock action to start an unstoppable series of shots. Chambers made pistol and musket versions, as well as a full-on mounted machine gun.

Apr 19 08:08

FLASHBACK - The Oklahoma City Bombing - Were there additional explosive charges and additional bombers?

There are many problems with the official story of the bombing. Let's start with McVeigh's whereabouts on April 17.

McVeigh had been filmed by a security camera at a nearby McDonald's 24 minutes before the time stamped on the truck rental agreement, wearing clothes that did not match either of the men seen at Elliott's.
There is no plausible explanation of how he traveled the mile and a quarter from McDonald's to the rental agency, carless and alone as he claims, without getting soaked in the rain.

The three people interviewed agreed John Does 1 and 2 were dry. According to Stephen Jones, who has seen the interview transcripts, it took 44 days for the FBI to convince the car rental agency owner that John Doe 1 was Timothy McVeigh. And in the end they did not dare put him on the witness stand, for fear of what might happen under cross-examination.

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Apr 19 08:06

FLASHBACK - WACO - Who Shot First?By Michael Rivero

The wounded BATF man has been tentatively identified as BATF gent who shot himself in the leg while climbing a ladder. Note that he is being assisted from the area in full view of the upper floor windows of the church, apparently unconcerned with the possibility of gunfire from the occupants of the church.

The vehicle at the right is the horse trailer in which the BATF agents arrived for the raid. The top of it is canvas. It also shows no signs of any bullet holes, even though the Branch Davidians, had the been so inclined, would have been well advised to shoot through it to the BATF agents inside, and later, hiding behind.

The public has been told that the members of the church had .50 caliber rifles. Had they used them, the cars and trucks would have not stopped the bullets and there would be bullet holes on the sides of the vehicles facing the cameras where the rounds exited.

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Apr 16 21:05

Flashback: Boris Johnson - I'll eat my ID card

...but vaccine passports are fine.

Apr 15 14:28

One Question Before Us Is: Will We Be Destroyed in War Before We Lose Our Civil Liberty to the Establishment’s Orchestrated ‘Covid Pandemic’?

Washington is so confident of its intimidating military power that it has sent two warships into the Russian Black Sea as a warning to Russia in the event Ukraine renews its attacks on Donbass.  Washington miscalculated the Russian response, which was not passive. Russia said Washington should remove its warships “for their own protection.”

Apr 15 13:14

Joe Biden And Guns

President Joseph R. Biden Jr. recently announced his determination to use his powers as the chief executive of the federal government to infringe upon the right to keep and bear arms. This is a profound violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution. -- It also perpetuates an attitude about the Second Amendment that was prevalent in state and federal officeholders in both major political parties from the FDR to the George W. Bush eras. That attitude was based on a misreading of the Second Amendment, which characterized the right to own a gun as a collective and not an individual, personal right. In 2008, the Supreme Court corrected that misreading.

Apr 14 05:11

Going Undergroud interview with Alistair Crooke former MI 6 Agent

Apr 13 18:29


An interesting debate and dialogue, well worth the watch/listen!

Apr 13 06:05


Joe Biden’s anti-Second Amendment nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) has a background ripe with controversy.

Currently serving as a senior policy advisor at former representative Gabriel Giffords’ anti-gun lobbying group “Giffords,” David Chipman used to carry a semi-automatic rifle while raking in a taxpayer-funded paycheck.

The Biden nominee’s government career places him on location or being directly involved in some of America’s most infamous events over the last few decades.

Daily Mail reports that Chipman was “at the Ruby Ridge standoff,” in 1992 near Naples, Idaho.

After the federal government entrapped a man into selling two sawed-off shotguns with barrels shorter than the legal limit, the individual suspected a conspiracy against him and refused to surrender when agents showed up to his home.

In what turned into an 11-day standoff, the man’s 14-year-old son, his wife and their dog were all killed by U.S. Marshals and FBI agents.

Apr 12 04:34

Stop being Reconstructed

In theory, “Reconstruction” was the process of re-integrating the rebellious states into the One Holy Eternal Union. In practice, it was a reign of terror and plunder swaddled in the rhetoric of righteousness and carried out through the apparatus of military dictatorship.

William N. Grigg, “Civil Rights” and Total War, Pro Libertate, May 26, 2010.

Apr 07 07:22

‘What happened next?’ CIA roasted after bragging about arming Afghan Mujahideen, aka the Taliban

The fact that the CIA armed the same Afghan militants who now kill US troops is not a conspiracy theory, and the agency was roasted after it took to Twitter to boast about its covert 1980s arms shipments to jihadists.

In a Twitter post on Tuesday, the CIA proudly displayed a shoulder-fired FIM-92 Stinger missile launcher. The launcher, the post read, “supplied by the United States gave Afghan guerrillas, generally known as the Mujahideen, the ability to destroy the dreaded Mi-24D helicopter gunships deployed by the Soviets to enforce their control over Afghanistan.”

Apr 06 12:00

History Of Ancient Rome In 20 Minutes

Apr 05 06:21

The Three Fates: 3 Goddesses Of Greek Mythology Who Control All Mortal Life

If you remember the 1997 animated Disney film Hercules, you probably recall the Fates, three old women who determined how long a person lived by rolling out a string and then cutting it. Although many of the characters in Hercules were Disney inventions, others were based on Greek mythology, including the Fates. Cartoon depictions aside, the Three Fates offered a unique lens through which the people of Ancient Greece understood death, longevity, and destiny.

Apr 05 06:17

Jonas Salk: Inventor Of The Polio Vaccine (Life, Bio, & Stories)

Poliomyelitis, A.K.A. polio, is a viral infection which damages neurons, specifically motor neurons, weakening the infected's muscles and sometimes resulting in paralysis or death. While the origin of the virus is not well known, it was relatively rare until the 1900s, when outbreaks started popping up all over the world. In the United States, 35,000 people became disabled from complications of polio every year. Fortunately, polio no longer attacks children at the rate it once did, thanks in large part to the perseverance and integrity of one man, virologist and researcher Jonas Salk.

Apr 05 06:16

The Rock Springs Massacre Of 1885: When 28 Chinese Miners Were Slaughtered, Homes Burned

Barely past the crack of dawn on September 2, 1885, an argument broke out between the Chinese and European immigrant workers of the Union Pacific Coal Company, and while it is difficult to know the exact sequence of events that took place in the mine that morning, two Chinese miners were beaten severely and one died. Rather than stopping or attempting to cover up the murder, the European miners actually marched out of the mine in protest of the presence of Chinese miners and traveled to the nearby town of Rock Springs, Wyoming, where they carried out one of the worst racially motivated massacres in U.S. history.

Apr 03 19:59


According to the government, James Earl Ray shot Dr. Martin Luther King from that window. There is, needless to say, no physical evidence to prove this charge. James Earl Ray spent his life in prison based solely on a coerced confession which he immediately retracted. None of the ballistics tests, which were performed on the rifle James Earl Ray allegedly used, were able to link that rifle to the actual bullet that killed Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. King's family does not think James Earl Ray was the killer, and recently won a civil court case proving there was a conspiracy.

Now, thanks to writer Ted Wilburn, in a story which follows, new evidence has surfaced to prove that the government and the media have been lying to the public about the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

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Apr 01 14:13

Absolute proof that the FBI launched a bogus operation against Trump’s 2016 campaign using longtime deep state asset

In the end, we find out that Obama and his deep state cabal were so fearful of Trump and his promises to actually ‘drain the swamp’ they went all-out to depose him in one of the most outrageous scandals in the history of our country. -- Worse, we see historically how the deep state has operated for decades to undermine the will of the American people who ‘they’ believe really don’t have a say in who they want to lead them.

Apr 01 13:47

How Conspiracy Theorizing May Soon Get You Labelled a ‘Domestic Terrorist’

If you question World Health Organization narratives on COVID-19, or doubt the use of vaccines produced by organizations like Astra Zeneca due to their ties to eugenics organizations then you are a delusional conspiracy theorist. -- If you doubt that global warming is caused by carbon dioxide or that implementing the Paris Climate accords may cause more damage to humanity than climate change ever could, then you must be a conspiracy theorist. -- If you believe that the US government just went through a regime change coordinated by something called “the deep state”, then you run the risk of being labelled a delusional threat to “the general welfare” deserving of the sort of treatment dolled out to any typical terrorist.

Mar 31 14:11

Flashback: King Soopers asked customers NOT to carry guns in stores in 2019, creating conditions for mass murder in 2021

Leftists always ask conservatives why they think they need beefed up firearms; the answer is always the same — because mass shooters don’t care about left-wing gun laws.

Mar 31 12:54


FBI agents last Thursday interviewed a man claiming to be the long-sought mystery witness who found the body of Vince Foster. He was delivered to them by an alumnus of the bureau, Gordon Liddy of Watergate notoriety, who informed the agents the witness said he saw no gun in the hand of the dead White House aide.

All reports had a revolver found in Foster's hand. Thus, if this indeed is the "man in the white van" alleged to have first discovered Foster's body, an assertion that he saw no gun would pose serious questions for Whitewater Special Counsel Robert Fiske's investigation.

Assuming Foster committed suicide, did he do so in an inconvenient place? Then, did someone move his body and put it in a park on the Virginia shore of the Potomac? If so, who did it?

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Mar 31 01:26

Former MP George Galloway Confirms Anti-Apartheid Movement In South Africa Was Led Entirely By Jews

During a 2003 speech at Oxford Union, former Labour MP and out-spoken critic of Israel, George Galloway, was interrupted by Jewish protesters who waved the Israeli and accused him of “racism” against Jews — which prompted him to defend himself by revealing his activism in South Africa with the Jews who led the anti-Apartheid movement there:

I am one of the few people on the Left in Britain who traveled the length and breadth of Apartheid South Africa — as an underground agent of the African National Congress led by Nelson Mandela — then in Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town.

Mar 30 11:10

Kamala Harris is Lying. She and Others are Coming After Your Guns

Harris isn’t the only politician in recent years to make clear that they are in fact “trying to come after your guns.” Rather, overt calls for gun confiscation have become an obvious fixture of gun control politics.

Mar 30 05:55

‘Atomic Cover-Up’ Reveals A Previously Unseen Story Of Human Devastation

The documentary “Atomic Cover-Up” begins on an oddly hopeful note. In December 1945, four months after the bombing of Nagasaki, Lt. Col. Daniel McGovern was leading a film crew through the rubble when he picked up the strains of “Silent Night.”

“I heard voices singing,” he says, adding that at first he thought he was imagining it. He wasn’t. He and the crew set up their equipment inside the cathedral where the voices were coming from and began filming. We see a priest and children singing.

“And I look out and see complete devastation,” McGovern says. “And hear the voices.” The singing continues as the camera pans across the ruins of a city that had been utterly destroyed by the second of two atomic bombs dropped by U.S. forces.

Mar 29 08:25

Ready for another game-changer? Tartaria was a global civilization with free energy, healing centers, classic architecture that our Evil .01% ‘reset’ ~200 years ago then claimed as their own (mud floods, World’s Fairs, star forts, and more)

As a professional historian with published research, I’m one of hundreds in independent media who explain, document, and prove the United States is an ongoing criminal rogue state empire. The abundant lies of omission and commission to propagandize empire start in corporate media, then are placed in school text books. The annual costs of the .01% psychopath class include millions killed, billions harmed, and trillions looted.

If you believe anything claimed by proven Orwellian-liars acting as “official” empire “leaders,” you are a sheeple.

Sheeple ignore the objective and independently verifiable data of the first paragraph to believe the US-led wars are for peace, exponential debt means prosperity, we had a fair election in 2020, our leaders care about children, and forcing people to wear masks and never get close to other humans while destroying “non-essentials” is for our safety.

Mar 29 07:42

REVEALED: CIA's gruesome 1960s experiments to create 'remote control' dogs by implanting electrodes into their brains which saw one animal killed after being shocked 2,000 times

Documents of the CIA's 1960s 'remote controlled' dog experiments were declassified in 2018, but images of the canines fitted with electrodes in their brains have recently emerged.

The black-and-white photos show beagles strapped with a receiver-stimulator on their back and a protective helmet covering where the devices were surgically placed in their skulls.

The newly declassified documents also describe three tests subjects in the program that endured shocks up to 90 volts, with one being zapped 2,000 times until it began convulsing and died.

The research setout to determine if it is feasible to control them through brain-stimulation reward, but it is not known if any of the surviving dogs were used in military missions.

The top secret experiments were part of the infamous mind control project MKUltra, which conducted hundreds of experiments sometimes on unwitting citizens to assess the potential use of LSD.

Mar 28 13:02

Google and the CI@: How Independent Are Multinational Giants?

By Insight History

How independent are the largest corporations in the world? It is often portrayed that companies such as Google are simply private corporations that have very few connections to the establishment. Yet, as It turns out, there are endless connections between many corporate giants and the military-intelligence complex.

We got a glimpse into this relationship back in 2016, when the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, who, at the time, was Executive Chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc, became the head of a new innovation board at the Pentagon. Later that year, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, joined the same board at the Pentagon.

Google and DARPA

The ties between Google and US government agencies run much deeper than this, however....

Mar 26 04:54

Atomic Cover-Up Premieres to Rave Reviews

Atomic Cover-up is the first documentary to explore the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 from the unique perspective, words and startling images of the brave cameramen and directors who risked their lives filming in the irradiated aftermath. It reveals how this historic footage, created by a Japanese newsreel crew and then an elite U.S. Army team (who shot the only color reels), was seized, classified top secret, and then buried by American officials for decades to hide the full human costs of the bombings as a dangerous nuclear arms race raged. All the while, the producers of the footage made heroic efforts to find and expose their shocking film, to reveal truths of the atomic bombings that might halt nuclear proliferation. Atomic Cover-up represents, at least in part, the film they were not allowed to make, as well as a tribute to documentarians everywhere.

Mar 24 13:32

All Wars are Bankers Wars, by Michael Rivero

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Reposted at reader request.

Mar 24 07:55


. Apparently their was this millionaire real estate and oil man named Francis D. Shelden who owned a island in Lake Michigan and is called North Fox Island. He bought North Fox Island and ran a boy's camp called Brother Paul's Children's Mission which was a front for making child pornography which was sold abroad on the international and national black market.

Mar 21 08:37

The 2017 Raqqa Exodus: The US Coalition’s “Secret Deal” to Allow ISIS-Daesh Terrorists to Escape…

Ten years ago. March 18-19, 2011; This week we commemorate the beginning of the US-NATO led war on Syria. Our thoughts are with the people of Syria.

The US has no intention of going after the terrorists in Syria. The Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists continue to be supported by Washington.

This article recounts the 2017 Raqqa Exodus first published in November 2017.