Jan 03 11:03

Must See: MRNA Developer Speaks After Being Banned From Twitter

On Thursday, Dr. Robert Malone, a contributor to mRNA vaccine technology, told Newsmax that he is focused on "telling the truth" after being booted from Twitter a day before.

Malone, appearing on "Stinchfield," mentioned that he is actively fact-checked by Reuters, who he states "has links" through "inboard relationships" with the vaccine producer Pfizer.

Jan 03 10:38

In 2021, the Police Took a Page Out of the NSA’s Playbook

With increasing frequency, law enforcement has been using unconstitutional, suspicionless digital dragnet searches in an attempt to identify unknown suspects in criminal cases. Whether these searches are for everyone who was near a building where a crime occurred or who searched for a keyword like “bomb” or who shares genetic data with a crime scene DNA sample, 2021 saw more and more of these searches—and more attempts to push back and rein in unconstitutional law enforcement behavior. 

Jan 03 10:32

New York Bill Seeks to Forcibly Quarantine Covid-Positive Citizens, Force Jabs on Unvaccinated

In the United States, the New York Senate is preparing to vote on a bill that would allow the forcible removal of Covid-positive individuals who are “potentially dangerous to the public health.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has allowed some states in the US – such as New York and California – to expand upon tyrannical laws, introduce mandates and other changes that pose a threat to the freedoms of citizens.

New York lawmakers appear to now be pushing for quarantine camps for individuals who test positive for Covid-19.

The bill, which is called the New York State Assembly Bill A416, will be voted on in the next legislative session on January 5th, 2022. Several changes have been involved which focus on how the pandemic is being handled. New rules include the “removal and detention of cases, contacts and carriers who are or may be a danger to public health… in the event that the governor declares a state of health emergency due to an epidemic of any communicable disease.”

Jan 03 10:27

34 percent of Americans say violence against government justified: poll

A third of Americans say violence against the government is sometimes “justified,” a shocking new poll revealed on Saturday.

The percentage of people with that view compared to previous years increased significantly, according to the poll published by The Washington Post-University of Maryland survey.

The results, which come almost a year after a violent mob of former President Donald Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol, found that 40 percent of Republicans agreed it could sometimes be “justified for citizens to take violent action against the government.” Twenty-three percent of Democrats and 41 percent of Independents also endorsed situational violence.

Jan 03 10:23

New York to Deny White People Access to Small Supply of Covid Treatments

New York is planning to deny covid medical treatments based off race in the name of fighting "longstanding systemic health and social inequities."

Jan 03 10:13

'Draconian State': Ignoring CDC, California Enacts Harsh Measures To Fight New Wave

California will require "additional testing recommendations to exit isolation and quarantine and improved masking measures," more stringent than those that the CDC currently recommends.

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently released new guidance, minimizing their recommended guidelines for self-isolation and quarantines. The state of California has chosen to ignore that new guidance and keep their much stricter rules.

Jan 03 10:06

BREAKING: Pastor Artur Pawlowski ARRESTED again

Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother David were arrested again, just moments ago — the government just won’t leave them alone.

It’s becoming an international disgrace.

How ironic — just a few hours ago I wrote to you telling you that Pastor Artur Pawlowski was the 2021 “newsmaker of the year” for the persecution he suffered.

Well, 2022 isn’t even a day old, and Pastor Artur is back in the news again.

Not by his own choosing — but by the choosing of the abusive, intolerant, anti-Christian, punitive government of Alberta. They’re furious with Pastor Artur.

As you know, he scored a major court victory against them where the draconian sentence against him was suspended.

The government had asked that he be banned from travelling (to stop him from giving speeches) and that he be forced to read out government propaganda at the end of every sermon, media interview or Facebook post where he disagreed with the government’s views on the lockdowns.

Jan 03 09:47

2019 federal law may have authorized fake COVID-19 statistics, data

A law enacted months before the first reported outbreak of COVID-19 may allow U.S. government agencies to publish falsified data and statistics, including for national security and “law enforcement” purposes.

Previous articles discussed information which suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic may be a falsified pandemic national security “exercise,” “operational exercise,” law enforcement hoax, ruse, ploy, or something similar enacted by the federal government in coordination with international governments.

A method used to determine if the COVID-19 pandemic may possibly be a hoax or something similar was to look at U.S. federal law changes leading up to the reported outbreak of COVID-19 which the reasonable person may see as tip-offs for the government’s plans to falsify a pandemic ? or, more generally speaking, tip-offs that the government planned to falsify data, statistics, or other public information during a major national operation.

Jan 03 09:36

Did Banned mRNA Vax Inventor Robert W. Malone M.D. Just Break the Google Algorithm?

Which ought to be kind of embarrassing to Twitter and the rest of the tech barons trying to stomp him out from any Internet media presence based on his inconvenient ideas about the risks of the mRNA vaccines. Although Malone is a giant in his field and hard to discredit the way they can do with assorted pipsqueaks out there, somehow they think they need to silence the man. On Google, they’ve tried to paint him as a nut, a conspiracy theorist, a vaccine skeptic, a Nazi, based on the search results they tried to throw up. -- But the truth got out anyway, and their manipulated algorithms have been exposed, discrediting them, and in any case, not working. All they managed to do was promote him bigger than ever, generating so much public interest in his ideas and warnings that they busted the Google algorithms.

Jan 03 09:36

Technocrats Go On Censorship Rampage In Desperate Attempt To Prevent Total Narrative Collapse — Sunday Night Live

Guest host Harrison Smith breaks down the panicked actions by Big Tech to censor anyone who calls out the COVID narrative – mostly recently Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene or Dr. Robert Malone – which faces total collapse as humanity wakes up to the medical tyranny takeover.

Jan 03 08:56

“No One Has Ever Complied Their Way Out of Totalitarianism – This Is the Hill We Need to Die On” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Releases New Year’s Statement

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: I’m going to tell you these three things that you need to remember in this critical day and age.

1.) Once government acquires a power, it never lets it go voluntarily.

2.) Every power that government acquires, using this pandemic as a pretense, it will ultimately abuse to the maximum effect possible. This is a rule that is as certain as gravity.

3.) Nobody has ever complied their way out of totalitarianism. Every time you comply the demands will get greater and greater.

Jan 03 08:54

Direct Hit: YouTube Begins Removing Uploads of Dr. Robert Malone’s BOMBSHELL Interview With Joe Rogan From Its Platform

The now-viral episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, featuring guest Dr. Robert Malone, is officially being purged from Google-owned YouTube.
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The episode was posted in full to an account not affiliated with Rogan’s podcast, but is now labeled as unwatchable because the video “violated” Youtube’s guidelines.” For now, the 3+ hour podcast, including the video, can still be found on Spotify, here.

An archive of the since-removed youtube video can be found using the way-back machine.

After this latest takedown, YouTube has now removed the Joe Rogan interviews of both Dr. Malone and the world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough for sounding the alarm over the tyrannical public health regime’s Covid response.

Jan 03 08:39

USA Today labels 2A activism, gun shows as “gateway to extremism”

Concern trolling is the art of undermining an issue or topic of discussion by expressing insincere concerns about it. USA Today’s Will Carless took this art to a maestro level in a “news” story Wednesday titled, “??Down the barrel of a gun: How Second Amendment activism can be a gateway to extremist ideologies.” (Archived). Carless starts by priming the pump with fear porn for readers who aren’t familiar with gun shows.

Jan 03 08:29

Dr. Robert Malone hits it out of the park on Joe Rogan today

Right before my friend Dr. Robert Malone left on a plane for Austin for his Joe Rogan interview, he was permanently de-platformed from Twitter. He had 512K followers.

He may have lost 512K followers, but with Joe Rogan interview he’ll likely reach 100X as many with a 3 hour message. It wouldn’t surprise me if this episode is the all-time record-breaker (the previous record-breaker was Peter McCullough).

Here’s the link for the episode. You can listen audio only or video. I listened to most of it while on the ski slopes today and finished it at home. I don’t think he could have done a better job. I can’t recommend this episode enough. One friend of mine said he has been listening to Rogan for years and thought this was the best episode ever.

And here’s the meme that goes along with the episode. It’s that good.

Jan 03 08:24

The Extreme Tyranny Today Has Been Caused by Mass Voluntary Compliance

Who among you has no master? Who among you is not a slave? How can so many be ruled by so few? A huge preponderance of all societies cannot negate these questions, for there can be no certain answer or honesty from obedient and irresponsible fools. Ignorance is no excuse, cowardice is shameful, and indifference is immoral. Mankind has sunk to his lowest level, but compliant commoners fear not. The enslavement of billions at the hands of a few evil masters will allow the collective to wallow in self pity together; solidifying their happiness with their own servitude. For all of you who submit to orders, for all of you who have willingly given up your freedom, this is the bleak future you are building for yourselves and your children.

Jan 03 08:18

What if the largest experiment on human beings in history is a failure? - Robert W Malone MD, MS

A report from an Indiana life insurance company raises serious concerns.

Jan 03 08:16

Dispatches from the New Normal Front: The Ministry of Truth’s War on “Misinformation” (When 2 + 2 = 4 Is Verboten)

What I’ve discovered, based on the failures and successes of others as well as myself, is it is nearly impossible to gain traction on the “science” front. Their allegiance to the “experts” and the mainstream narrative is imbued with a religious fervor, and anyone who voices even the most hesitant of concerns is a heretical tin-foil hoax plandemic conspiracy nut.

Jan 03 08:03

America is now in fascism’s legal phase

The history of racism in the US is fertile ground for fascism. Attacks on the courts, education, the right to vote and women’s rights are further steps on the path to toppling democracy

Jason Stanley
Wed 22 Dec 2021 05.00 EST

“Let us be reminded that before there is a final solution, there must be a first solution, a second one, even a third. The move toward a final solution is not a jump. It takes one step, then another, then another.”

So began Toni Morrison’s 1995 address to Howard University, entitled Racism and Fascism, which delineated 10 step-by-step procedures to carry a society from first to last.

Jan 03 07:52

The Death Of Truth

Without freedom of speech, all of our other freedoms will rapidly become meaningless. -- Sadly, at this point freedom of speech in the United States is getting pretty close to being completely wiped out. -- Our Republic is rapidly dying, and millions upon millions of Americans are cheering as it happens. -- The big tech companies have become the arbiters of truth, but most of the “truths” that they are relentlessly pushing are actually lies.

Jan 03 07:52

Is The Hysteria Justified? Omicron Measures Threaten Economy

The US is ringing in the new year with a surge of COVID cases as the Omicron variant proceeds to sweep through the country at a rapid rate.

The nation witnessed 497,151 new confirmed cases on Saturday, bringing the national count to 54,743,993 as numbers have persisted in reaching new records in the past month.

In terms of the death toll, 1,235 have been registered, bringing the count to 825,536 - beating last month's previous record.

This comes after a study by Columbia University showed that Omicron-fueled cases could peak to roughly 2.5 million by January 9, with others estimating the surge to go to 5.4 million.

Jan 02 08:00

Inconvenient studies get buried by the media

Had the study found the opposite, I have little doubt it would have been heralded from the hills. We’d have been inundated with reports about what the study proved. -- Instead, we get silence. -- Meanwhile, this same media is absolutely baffled that trust in them is so low. -- See, this is part of how media bias works. It’s not just how the stories are written/reported, but also what stories are reported. This one is, to steal from Al Gore, an inconvenient truth, so they’re hoping you’ll just forget about it.

Jan 02 07:31

Ben Shapiro Eviscerates COVID Cult And 'Authoritarian Lockdown Nonsense' That's Destroyed 'Millions Of Lives'

Now that the tide has officially turned thanks to Omicron - the hyper-transmissible, vaccine-mocking Covid strain that features flu-like symptoms and virtually no death, public health officials and their legacy media lapdogs have some explaining to do.

In a Friday Twitter thread, Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro shines an industrial grade spotlight in the faces of the hypocritical left over their seemingly-overnight pivot on Covid truths - which until now were verboten and could get one banned, demonetized, or canceled by woke mobs.

Jan 01 16:54

PAPERS, PLEASE! Mother and child kicked out of New York City restaurant by police because young boy had no covid vaccine passport

Several people inside the restaurant expressed outrage over the scene, calling it “disgusting and gross” that the cops would scare, traumatize and ultimately terrorize and innocent young boy and his mother while they were trying to enjoy a meal.

Jan 01 14:23

Another Nail in the U.S. Empire’s Coffin… Biden Signs $770 Billion War Budget

As this year ends, U.S. President Joe Biden signed into law military spending of $770 billion. That’s just for the next year alone. The scale of wastefulness and bloated corruption is eye-watering. It eclipses what the United States is willing to invest for overhauling its badly neglected civilian infrastructure and for combating the coronavirus pandemic that has killed far more people in the U.S. than in any other nation.

Jan 01 05:13

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau: Unvaccinated People Are 'Racists'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went on an unhinged tirade earlier this week smearing the unvaccinated as "racists" and "misogynists" who hate science.

Trudeau then questioned whether society should "tolerate" these people or vax rape them.

Dec 31 17:46

Happy New Year WRH

Dec 31 17:46

Happy New Year WRH

Dec 31 08:16

Gun Control Advocates Had a Very Bad Year

National groups began the year with the high hopes of further restricting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans. To them, it wasn’t about God-given rights enshrined in the Constitution or even about personal and community safety. To them it’s all about control.

Dec 31 08:08

Morbidly Obese Def Sec Fires Unvaxxed Troops In The Name of 'Combat Readiness'

Morbidly obese Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a former Raytheon board member hired for reasons of "diversity," fired dozens more troops this week for not getting "vaccinated," citing combat "readiness concerns."

Dec 31 07:38

"Journalism Is Not Sedition": US & Taiwan Blast China's Crackdown On Hong Kong Free Media

Following the widely reported Hong Kong police raid on the independent news outlet Stand News Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued swift condemnation on what's clearly an ongoing pro-China crackdown against any HK opposition media.

Blinken called on China's ruling Communist Party and local HK police to "cease targeting" the city's "free and independent media and to immediately release those journalists and media executives who have been unjustly detained and charged."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The hypocrisy is stunning for the US government to criticize China for banning a free media while at the same time doing just that here in the US!

Dec 31 07:34

COVID & Corrupt Federal Statistics

Federal agencies don’t count what politicians don’t want to know. President Biden and other Democrats continuously invoke “science and data” to sanctify all their Covid-19 mandates and policies, but the same shenanigans and willful omissions have characterized Covid data.

Dec 31 07:33

Thanks To Omicron, The Price Increases Of 2022 Will Be More Painful Than Anything We Have Experienced Before

It looked like 2022 was going to be really bad even before Omicron came along, and now the outlook for next year is downright horrifying. -- Fear is poison for any economic system, and the level of fear in this country just continues to rise with each passing day.

Dec 31 07:28

CDC Director Admits Latest COVID Restrictions Based On What Government "Thought People Would Be Able To Tolerate"

Appearing on CNN, Walensky addressed the fact that the CDC suddenly updated its guidelines after Joe Biden declared that “there is no federal solution” to the virus.

Restrictions including quarantine times were lessened from ten days to five.

“It really had a lot to do with what we thought people would be able to tolerate,” Walensky starkly admitted.

She added, “We really want to make sure we have guidance in this moment where we were going to have a lot of disease that could be adhered to, that people were willing to adhere to, and that spoke to specifically when people were maximally infectious. So it really spoke to both behaviors and to what people were able to do.”

Dec 31 07:27

‘Anti-Democratic and Cowardly’: US Building New Secret Courtroom at Guantánamo

Human rights advocates and attorneys representing Guantánamo Bay detainees on Thursday decried a secret new courtroom reportedly being built by the Pentagon at the notorious offshore US prison.

The New York Times reports Gitmo’s new second courtroom – which will cost $4 million – will not allow members of the public to witness proceedings against detainees to be tried for alleged terrorism-related offenses. People wishing to view those trials will have the option of watching delayed video footage in a separate building.

“I’ve observed trial proceedings in person at Guantánamo. The chipper ‘secrecy’ imposed by the military is insulting, anti-democratic, and cowardly,” said Michael Bronner, producer of the 2021 film The Mauritanian, which portrays Gitmo detainee Mohamedou Ould Slahi’s 14-year fight for freedom. “The entire enterprise makes a mockery out of what the US pretends to stand for.”

Dec 31 07:27

'Looks like you have too much to think': Twitter punks ban inventor of the mRNA vaccine

Looks like the ignorant, malevolent little Katzenjammer Kidz of Twitter are back at it.

This time they've banned a biggie, Dr. Robert W. Malone, the medical doyen whose research on the mRNA vaccine has been critical to the development of the vaccines for COVID.

He's the guy who probably knows more about these vaccines than anyone else.

His banning offense?

Warning about the risks and limits of the mRNA vaccines, based on his bona fide scientific research, which included studies of young athletes who dropped dead of heart failure after taking them, and a suggestion that the vaccines not be given to kids.

Dec 31 07:26


Dec 31 07:25

How Activists Are Hardwiring ‘Race Marxism’ Into The Medical Field

The Biden administration proposed giving bonus payments to physicians who acknowledge systemic racism as the primary cause of health differences between racial groups and incorporate so-called “anti-racism” into their medical practices.

The move to pressure healthcare professionals to repeat the claim that racial health disparities are caused by racism and not lifestyle choices is part of a broader, years-long push to hardwire “race Marxism” into the medical field. The effort stretches from medical schools and research institutions to patient care and medical administration, with potentially devastating effects for patients and the healthcare system as a whole.

“Race Marxism,” analogous to “anti-racism” as popularized by Ibram X. Kendi, seeks to promote equal outcomes across racial groups, as opposed to a “colorblind” approach which favors equal opportunity and does not take race into account.

Dec 31 07:06

“The Vaccine Edict”: RCMP Member Sent on “Unpaid Leave” Writes this Powerful Letter You Must Read

Hi everyone,

Since most members make a goodbye email before they leave, I figured I should as well, despite the “special” circumstances around my departure. Anyways, my time here in the RCMP is up. For now. The low T wannabe tyrants in Ottawa have decided that I can no longer serve as a police officer because I refuse to tell them if I have submitted to their “vaccine” edict.

I’ve served in the RCMP for 21 years and one of the first things I said to any person I ever arrested was “you don’t have to say anything to me.”

Unfortunately, our government has told me that I have to tell them what’s in my body, and if the right drug is not inside me, I have to get it as condition of my continuing employment, human rights be damned. Why did I put vaccine in quotations above you ask? More on that later. Buckle up and tighten the straps on your government mandated shame muzzle, this goodbye email will likely ruffle some feathers.

Dec 31 07:03

Permanently suspended on Twitter...

We all knew it would happen eventually.

Today it did. Over a half million followers gone in a blink of an eye. That means I must have been on the mark, so to speak. Over the target. It also means we lost a critical component in our fight to stop these vaccines being mandated for children and to stop the corruption in our governments, as well as the medical-industrial complex and pharmaceutical industries.

So, please spread the word - share this on your own twitter feed or whatever social media venue you wish.

My Substack sign-up is:

Dec 31 06:47

Why Political Moderates Walked Away from Gun Control

Millions are still moving along the path from reflexive support for gun control to passionate support for the right to bear arms. These voyagers are rapidly changing our culture. Last month’s public opinion polls are already out of date. The shift away from supporting gun control is accelerating. The shift toward a passionate and committed defense of citizen self-defense will be deep and lasting.

The Ruling Class won’t be able to stop it.

Dec 31 06:35

The Fall Of The Mainstream Media And The Biggest Lies They Told In 2021

If the past year has confirmed anything it is that the mainstream media is thoroughly dishonest. Yes, most people already suspected this, but the last 12 months have provided more confirmation than the past several years combined. 2021 has made it clear that the mainstream media is a propaganda arm of political and corporate elitists, from big government to big pharma.

Dec 30 21:07

69-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (December 30, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Joe Olson, and I discuss current events to sharply discern objective reality fit for news from corporate media bullshit to herd sheeple: here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

This is my best “shot” to explain, document, and prove the “Covid” + “vaccine” narrative are Crimes Against Humanity: a 4,700-word essay I sent to ~100 teacher colleagues.

Want to learn more about false flags and conspiracies? For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference. The 2021 False Flags and Conspiracies Conference is here.

Context: American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

Dec 30 08:46

COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Arm Implants

Vaccine passports have been dangled like the proverbial carrot in front of a weary public longing to get back to a semblance of normalcy after nearly two years of lockdowns, masking and social distancing. A Swedish company released a short video1 demonstrating technology that allows them to implant a computer chip in your hand or arm that can carry your vaccine status.

The video quickly spread across social media, generating questions and contributing to the growing fear that “Big Brother” is growing stronger. The millions of deaths that were predicted by a flawed model for this pandemic,2 and which seemingly started the push for a vaccine, have not come to fruition.

Coupled with a recent engineering analysis of the data,3 which strongly suggests that the number of deaths from the vaccine now outnumber the number of deaths from the illness, the likelihood that the push for vaccine mandates is meant to protect your health is slim to none.

Dec 30 07:45

Biden reveals condition for imposing domestic travel vaccine mandate

US President Joe Biden said he would agree to impose new travel rules for the unvaccinated should his medical team advise it, after the White House’s most senior Covid official suggested the move would be “reasonable.”

Asked about the restrictions on Tuesday, Biden told reporters he would make a decision “when I get a recommendation from the medical team,” according to the Hill.

While the president previously said he would wait for guidance from the scientific community before moving ahead with any new rules, he told ABC News last week that, so far, “the recommendation I’ve gotten is [that they are] not necessary.”

Dec 30 06:39

Guardian ‘Person of the Year’ Poll Deactivated After J.K. Rowling Takes Lead

An online poll conducted by the staunchly left Guardian newspaper seeking nominations for “Person of the Year” has been turned off, sparking speculation it was shut down when author J.K. Rowling took the lead.

The poll was launched on December 15 and posed a simple question: “Who would be your 2021 person of the year, and why?” It can be found here.

As of Wednesday it was no longer live, launching conjecture from a number of sources that the fact author J.K. Rowling was such a dominating choice the outlet had no option left other than to stop accepting nominations.

It still exists but comes with the caveat This form has been deactivated and is closed to any further submissions.

Reactions online have been straight to the point.

Dec 30 05:32

The Deep State and Its Tentacles

What’s going on is the destruction of personal liberty in America by the very folks we have hired to protect it. CIA and FBI agents have all taken the same oath as I did when I became a judge — to abide by the Constitution. The folks who torture, spy without warrant, and create and participate in criminal behavior have become a law unto themselves as they decide what laws to break, what laws to uphold and whom to permit to get away with lawless behavior. -- This will bring us to ruination. Why do we tolerate it?

Dec 29 15:09

Prospects for Constitutional Carry in 2022

2021 was a record year for Constitutional Carry. In 2021, five states joined the Constitutional Carry club, increasing membership from 16 to 21. The last and largest state to join the club was Texas. The four other states to join the club in 2021 were Tennessee, Iowa, Montana, and Utah.
Several other states are working to pass Constitutional Carry bills. Here are states and possibilities for Constitutional Carry in 2022.

Dec 29 09:27

EU Drafting Law Allowing Seizure of Private Property During Pandemic Emergencies: Report

The European Union is reportedly drafting a law that will allow Brussels to seize private property during a pandemic emergency.

In a leaked New Year message to his staff, the EU’s Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton has outlined plans for a “Single Market Emergency Instrument” that will have a “toolbox of measures” in order to ensure the “security of supply during a crisis”.

The measures are expected to be proposed in the Spring and are believed to potentially include controls on exports and also new powers for the EU to obtain information from companies on production, stockpiles, and their supply chains, POLITICO reports.

In his message, Breton justified the need for the new power by stating that the European Union “will not allow corporate interests to interfere with the greater interest of the European people.”

Dec 29 09:20

How COVID Lockdown Fanatics Took Over The World

Early in the pandemic, I had been furiously writing articles about lockdowns. My phone rang with a call from a man named Dr. Rajeev Venkayya. He is the head of a vaccine company but introduced himself as former head of pandemic policy for the Gates Foundation.

Now I was listening.

I did not know it then, but I’ve since learned from Michael Lewis’s (mostly terrible) book The Premonition that Venkayya was, in fact, the founding father of lockdowns. While working for George W. Bush’s White House in 2005, he headed a bioterrorism study group. From his perch of influence – serving an apocalyptic president — he was the driving force for a dramatic change in U.S. policy during pandemics.

He literally unleashed hell.

Dec 29 09:10

CBS censors reporter slamming 'crushing impact' of COVID policies on kids

The iconic CBS Sunday morning news show “Face the Nation” edited out a network correspondent’s passionate criticism of COVID-19 policies for the harm they have caused children and teenagers who have a minuscule chance of suffering serious illness or death from the disease.

Newsbusters reported the remarks of CBS correspondent Jan Crawford were axed seconds before they would have aired Sunday.

“Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan, in a special year-end show with a reporter roundtable, pivoted the discussion, saying, Well, I want to get to underreported stories as well, Jan?”

Crawford immediately responded, saying her to underreported story centered on an issue “my kids hear me rant about … every day, so I might as well tell you guys.””

“It’s the crushing impact that our COVID policies have had on young kids and children,” she said.

Dec 29 08:55

Challenging our public school district’s obedience to county ‘health’ ‘orders’: District removes my committee’s 2-month censorship after conceding addressing lockdown’s doubled failure rate was ‘aligned with district learning goals,’ ~50 students revolt

“The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.” ~ Elena Gorokhova, A Mountain of Crumbs (also attributed to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)

Perhaps the most helpful communication is a summary of events to the most recent article, the specific updates when they occurred, and preview of coming events (articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39).

This is my best “shot” to explain, document, and prove the “Covid” + “vaccine” narrative are Crimes Against Humanity: a 4,700-word essay I sent to ~100 teacher colleagues in September, 2021.

Dec 29 08:33

What To Do About A Government That's Always Watching Us

Two University of Maryland professors recently announced they developed a software program called “Geneva” that can protect people from the pervasive surveillance of their online activities by repressive governments like the People’s Republic of China. This will help Chinese citizens, but it is no solution for them. China has created unprecedented surveillance networks in which cameras, facial recognition and artificial intelligence overseeing every communication and commercial transaction work together to create a startlingly clear portrait of more than 1 billion individuals in real time.

More than one writer refers to China as a “panopticon” – a technological update on the blueprint of a prison in which the guards always have line of sight on the prisoners, but the prisoners can never be sure when they are being watched. How far are we from a panopticon of our own in the United States?

Dec 29 07:45

Op-Ed refers to Biden’s gun control as “voodoo”

See, voodoo is a superstitious practice that has allowed those who use it to bilk others out of hard-earned money for something that provides absolutely zero results. You want someone to fall in love with you, there’s a voodoo practitioner somewhere who will sell you a potion to make just that happen. -- Only, it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, you’ll probably be told the problem was your lack of faith or something of that sort.

Dec 29 07:18

“You will be Arrested for Trespassing!” – Young Boy Traumatized After NYPD Officers Kick Him Out of Restaurant For Not Having Covid Vax Papers (VIDEO)

NYPD officers harassed a family and forced them out of a restaurant for not having Covid vaccine papers.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio have imposed vaccine mandates for healthcare workers and public and private school employees.

Dec 29 07:10

NYPD Arrest Patrons In Queens Center Mall Over COVID19 Vaccination Proof Mandate

Multiple NYPD officers are directed to Queens Center Mall during the 2021 Christmas holiday to enforce COVID vaccination proof mandates!

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Dec 28 14:40

Stop and Assess the Asses…

This traditionally blank week between Christmas and New Year’s, when almost, nothing gets done, is the opportunity to stop-and-assess the situation. Do you not see what is going on? Will you allow yourself to keep getting hosed by illegitimate authorities? Do you want your personal sovereignty back? Do you want your country back? Will you go along with obvious malevolence just to avoid standing out and risking your status, your livelihood, your special privileges? Do you actually believe in what’s known as your sacred honor? And what relation it has to reality? Do you understand that periodically in history the human race goes crazy and does terrible things that it later regrets? This is one of those times.

Dec 28 11:47

With America’s entire medical system dominated by mafia-style operations, the American people are being robbed blind – staggering evidence a ‘medical mafia’ is running America

So with the hoodlums in the medical professions and the Bosses in the well protected back rooms of the speakeasies – err, I meant “agencies” in government buildings and board rooms, how are we going to rid ourselves of them?  Their own protectors are the police both local and federal that are paid well and threatened loss of their jobs if they do not work for the bosses.  The Bosses are very well protected and the “law” seems unable to do anything to stop them.

Dec 28 10:14

Newsweek: Armed Republicans will Overthrow Government if Trump Loses in 2024

There is fearmongering, and then there is Newsweek-level fearmongering. The once-respected news magazine – which a former reporter recently described as “a painful embarrassment to anyone who toiled there in its golden age,” which is now known for its incendiary click-bait – is at it again, blasting conservatives, gun owners and the Second Amendment, while warning its shrinking über-woke readership of a coming civil war. -- A recent story by their science writer, David H. Freedman, titled “Millions of Angry, Armed Americans Stand Ready to Seize Power If Trump Loses in 2024,” is so biased, so heavily spun and just so damn creepy, it defies belief that it was actually set into type by an alleged news publication, or what purports to be a news publication or, more accurately, what used to be an actual news publication.

Dec 28 10:06

Snyder: They're Working Relentlessly To Transform Our Society Into A Dystopian 'Big Brother' Hellhole

The past two years have fundamentally transformed just about every nation on the entire planet, and there will be no going back if the elite have their way. For more than a decade, I have been warning about the rapid growth of the “Big Brother” control grid all around us, but in 2020 and 2021 things have gone to an entirely new level. The pandemic has given them the perfect excuse to impose lockdowns, mask requirements, vaccine passports and mandatory injections all over the globe. They have used fear of the virus to get the vast majority of the world population to accept measures that they never would have accepted during normal times. As a result, now they can monitor us, track us and control us like never before.

Dec 28 09:50

Dr Scott Jensen Sounds Alarm on New Medical Surveillance Regime

On Christmas Eve, Dr Scott Jensen, a general practitioner and candidate for Governor of Minnesota, released a video explaining how he has been targeted by his state’s medical board with an investigation for the FIFTH time. The move by the state appears to be political in nature, and is designed to harass and deter Jensen from continuing to help his patients. His crimes, according to the state: “spreading misinformation”, not being vaccinated, recommending children not wear masks in school, “promoting natural immunity,” and prescribing Ivermectin, What’s worse, his faceless, nameless accusers are asking him to handover the private medical records of his patients who have been given Ivermectin. Dr Jensen warns that this is a dangerous precedent, and could be the shape of things to come.

“If it can happen to me, it can happen to you. It’s happening to you right now,” said Dr Jensen.

Dec 28 09:42

Is This Question The Biggest Obstacle To Restoring The Second Amendment?

In an ideal world, the next step would be to completely repeal such a system, often relying on the “text, history, and traditions” surrounding the Second Amendment, not to mention “original intent.” But we’re not in an ideal world. Much of this is due to the fact that there have been (and will be) horrific crimes and acts of madness that come from those who misuse firearms, and such acts will be used by anti-Second Amendment extremists.

Webmaster addition: It follows that anti-Second Amendment extremists might cause horrific crimes to further their agenda!

Dec 28 07:54

Fed’s Doomsday Prophet Has Dire Warning About Where We’re Headed…

Between 2008 and 2014, the Federal Reserve printed more than $3.5 trillion in new bills. To put that in perspective, it’s roughly triple the amount of money that the Fed created in its first 95 years of existence. Three centuries’ worth of growth in the money supply was crammed into a few short years. The money poured through the veins of the financial system and stoked demand for assets like stocks, corporate debt and commercial real estate bonds, driving up prices across markets. Hoenig was the one Fed leader who voted consistently against this course of action, starting in 2010. In doing so, he pitted himself against the Fed’s powerful chair at the time, Ben Bernanke, who was widely regarded as a hero for the ambitious rescue plans he designed and oversaw.

Dec 28 07:25

Dems Pushing SPYING On Citizens-The Reason None Can Be Trusted

On Monday's broadcast of "Fox News Primetime," House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced that all but one House Democrat "voted for the 87,000 IRS agents to spy on you. They voted to open the border and make people legal citizens when they came here illegally" by voting for the Build Back Better reconciliation bill.

McCarthy stated, "Democrats made a fatal mistake, and Nancy Pelosi made a fatal mistake. Remember, they all said they wouldn't pass a bill in the House until it already had been conferenced in the Senate and make sure it passed the Senate. She had all her Democrats, and there were no Joe Manchins over there that would stand up, only one would. And now they have voted for the 87,000 IRS agents to spy on you. They voted to open the border and make people legal citizens when they came here illegally. They voted to take away work requirements."

Dec 28 06:39

NY Gov. Hochul Backs Off Covid Shot Mandate For MTA Workers Due to Staff Shortages

New York Governor Kathy Hochul's (D) plan to fire all unvaxxed workers and replace them with foreigners for refusing the so-called vaccines "from god" is running into a roadblock.

Dec 28 06:18

Is the Crack-up Boom Here?

Recent polls show Americans expect continued large price increases. This indicates we may be on the verge of what Ludwig von Mises called a “crack-up boom.” A crack-up boom occurs when the general population realizes that constant currency depreciation is a feature, not a bug, of central banking. This leads people to seek alternatives to government-issued currency and to factor rising prices into their plans. The crack-up boom will likely extend overseas as more countries reject the dollar’s world reserve currency status. This rejection will be driven by a combination of concern over America’s growing debt and resentment of America’s hyper-interventionist foreign policy.

Dec 28 06:03

2021 Year in Review: Madness, Mayhem and Tyranny

The state of our nation. There may have been a new guy in charge this year, but for the most part, nothing changed. The nation remained politically polarized, controlled by forces beyond the purview of the average American, and rapidly moving the nation away from its freedom foundation. Over the past year, due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans found themselves repeatedly subjected to egregious civil liberties violations, invasive surveillance, martial law, lockdowns, political correctness, erosions of free speech, strip searches, police shootings of unarmed citizens, government spying, the criminalization of lawful activities, warmongering, etc.

Dec 28 05:00

Sleepwalking into the Abyss in 2022

Alas, expedient speedball fixes to systemic problems only create new instabilities while fueling the instabilities of the problems left unsolved. Sleepwalking in a fantasy-dream of free money forever, free energy forever and endlessly expanding asset bubbles of "wealth" will take us to the edge of the clioff and then into the abyss. -- What would be truly optimistic would be to surrender our dependence on asset bubbles and malinvested debt to prop up an unstable delusion of effortless "wealth" and an unsustainable waste is growth Landfill Economy.

Dec 28 04:40

California parents speak out against sexual predator public school teachers caught grooming children into transgenderism

It turns out that this is hardly an isolated incident. Public schools all across the country are filled with “teachers” who similarly aim to corrupt and destroy precious children by manipulating them into becoming “trans” and engaging in sexually deviant behavior.

Dec 28 04:32

With Tanking Poll Numbers, How Long Can Anti-Gun Biden Hang On?

His attempt to appoint a gun control lobbyist to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives embarrassingly crashed last summer, his Build Back Boondoggle derailed last week, and his poll numbers sinking like lead in a hot tub. Can Joe Biden hang on or is he already a lame-duck unable to push an agenda that includes gun control as a priority? -- Western Journal is reporting a recent Economist-YouGov poll showing “fewer than 3 in 10 Americans under 30 approve of the president’s job after a year in office.

Dec 27 22:38

71-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (December 27, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Joe Olson, and I discuss current events to sharply discern objective reality fit for news from corporate media bullshit to herd sheeple: here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

This is my best “shot” to explain, document, and prove the “Covid” + “vaccine” narrative are Crimes Against Humanity: a 4,700-word essay I sent to ~100 teacher colleagues.

Want to learn more about false flags and conspiracies? For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference. The 2021 False Flags and Conspiracies Conference is here.

Context: American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

Dec 27 13:42

Children with disabilities offered ‘do not resuscitate’ orders amid pandemic

The UK’s efforts to ‘protect the NHS’ from being overwhelmed during the Covid-19 pandemic reportedly extended to asking families of disabled minors whether they should be resuscitated in the event their heart stopped beating.

The so-called ‘do not resuscitate’ orders, known as DNACPRs, were offered to families of children with autism and other learning disabilities amid concerns about pressure on the UK’s socialized National Health Service, The Telegraph reported on Sunday.

The media outlet cited interviews with families that were presented the opt-out for resuscitation during routine medical appointments. For instance, the mother of a 16-year-old boy with Down’s syndrome said that a clinic employee offered her the option of a DNACPR for her son during a checkup.

Dec 27 13:41

UK Mulls Door-To-Door Vaccination Squads

The UK is considering a plan to send door-to-door vaccinations squads to the homes of unvaccinated Britons in an effort to reach an estimated five million people who haven't taken the jab, according to the Daily Mail.

The initiative has been discussed by the Department of Health, NHS England and No. 10 over the past week as part of a nationwide drive to send vaccine teams into areas which have the lowest vaccination rates - and are floating it as an alternative to lockdowns and other restrictions, as well as a solution to 'encourage' vaccination in rural areas or households where people cannot easily travel to a vax center.

Dec 27 13:28


Krishnamurti, an Indian writer, philosopher and speaker, was, at an early age, taken in by the Theosophical Society and groomed to become the new World Teacher. Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater, the leaders of the Theosophical society at the time, nurtured Krishnamurti at their headquarters in Madras.When the famous quantum theorist, David Bohm, read Jiddu Krishnamurti’s “The First and Last Freedom”, he was blown away by his insight and knowledge regarding the phenomenon of the observer and the observed. Despite having no university-level training, much less formal education in the sciences, Krishnamurti had, through his philosophical writings, demonstrated a profound understanding of various concepts related to quantum mechanics.

Dec 27 13:26


In its infinite Scientific™ wisdom, the city of Boston, Massachusetts just announced a new “vaccine passport” system set to take effect next month. This was one of the first major actions of the recently-elected mayor, Michelle Wu, who’d been hailed by many as a paradigm-shifter for her inspiring Progressive potential. Wu’s passport system is endearingly called “B Together,” because there’s nothing more emblematic of heartwarming communal “togetherness” than compulsory monitoring of medical activity by the government. Waiters, front-desk clerks, and movie theater ushers will join “together” to carry out this very important epidemiological task. At first, the proof-of-vaccination requirement will apply to all individuals age 12 and up who wish to enter a covered venue — restaurants, museums, sports arenas, etc. — but children as young as five will be included by March. It has been so ordered.

Dec 27 13:11

Must Watch David Martin: This Man Is a Genius (Video)

Currently, Dr. David Martin is leading the charge against the tyranny we have been experiencing. He has had 20/20 vision so far in what’s been taking place. Dr. Martin exposes so much more new information and who’s behind all of this.

I can’t recommend this video enough!

Dec 27 09:34

Considering the COVID Rules, Vaccine Mandates and Censorship of Opinion…

…Are we in an abusive relationship with our own government?

Dec 27 05:26

'There needs to be a quick and devastating take down': Emails show how Fauci and head of NIH worked to discredit three experts who penned the Great Barrington Declaration which called for an end to lockdowns - DailyMail

PUBLISHED: 19:16 EST, 18 December 2021 | UPDATED: 08:16 EST, 19 December 2021

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the head of the National Institute of Health (NIH) colluded on a way to discredit an alternative plan to deal with COVID from a group of experts, released emails reveal.

The emails, some of which were tweeted out on Saturday by Phil Magness, senior research faculty and interim research and education director at the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), show Fauci and Francis Collins attempting to coordinate a 'devastating takedown' of the Great Barrington Declaration.

Dec 24 11:28

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fascism (a Christmas Carol)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Incredible voice!

Dec 24 09:15

NY Bill Would Allow Govt to Detain and Forcibly Medicate Those POTENTIALLY Posing “Public Health Threat”

Legislation introduced in New York proposes to grant the governor power to forcibly detain people infected with contagious diseases, those who have been in contact with those infected, or anyone suspected of presenting a “significant threat to public health.” In addition to that, state authorities could prescribe detained persons to receive any vaccinations or medical treatments deemed “necessary.”

Bill A416 reads like a playbook out of 1940s-era in Europe, but it actually will be considered by New York lawmakers in the next legislative session starting January 5, The National Pulse reports.

Per the text,

Removal and detention of cases, contacts and carriers who are or may be a danger to public health.… The provisions of this section shall be utilized in the event that the governor declares a state of health emergency due to an epidemic of any communicable disease.

Dec 24 09:00

Surprise Democratic candidate rumored to run in 2024 instead of Biden

During a Wednesday appearance on ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ Gingrich blasted President Joe Biden and pointed to his handling of the economy, Covid-19 and the border crisis as the reasons behind bad polling numbers.

“I fully expect Biden not to run again,” Gingrich said, when speaking about potential 2024 presidential tickets. If Biden, now 79, ran for reelection, the Democrat Party would be “in a state of shock,” he added.

As Vice President Kamala Harris is “weaker” than Biden, and has been polling similarly low, Gingrich believes 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could run again, potentially setting up a rematch between her and former President Donald Trump, whom many pundits have predicted will likely run again.

Dec 24 07:43

What Do We Do with the FBI Now?

The events of the past five or six years have demonstrated to America that the FBI is no longer the unbiased law enforcement agency it once was. Between the Hillary Clinton investigation-in-name-only, the Crossfire Hurricane hoax, the targeting of Americans as domestic terrorists, and playing three blind mice with the Biden graft machine, the bureau’s issues can’t be ignored any longer. If we don’t take corrective action soon, the FBI will finish its transition from law enforcement to being a political functionary advancing the interests of one party.

There are only two options: rehabilitate the FBI, or eliminate it. The current state is unacceptable in a functioning constitutional republic. We need a credible and competent federal law enforcement capability. Sadly, the FBI has lost it claim on both those things.

Dec 23 22:26

69-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (December 23, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Joe Olson, and I discuss current events to sharply discern objective reality fit for news from corporate media bullshit to herd sheeple: here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

This is my best “shot” to explain, document, and prove the “Covid” + “vaccine” narrative are Crimes Against Humanity: a 4,700-word essay I sent to ~100 teacher colleagues.

Want to learn more about false flags and conspiracies? For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference. The 2021 False Flags and Conspiracies Conference is here.

Context: American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

Dec 22 12:12

WH would mandate vax proof for travel if impact ‘overwhelming,’ Psaki says

White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted Wednesday that the Biden administration would require proof of vaccination for domestic travel “if the health impact is overwhelming” amid the latest COVID-19 surge.

During an appearance by Psaki on MSNBC’s “Way Too Early,” host Jonathan Lemire pointed out that Americans are about to travel “in what could be … record numbers for the holidays.”

“So why isn’t a vaccination requirement for domestic travel part of the president’s plan during this COVID surge?” Lemire asked.

“That’s a good question, Jonathan. I think it’s one we get asked pretty frequently,” Psaki replied.

“It’s because we know that masking can be — is very effective on airplanes. That’s a restriction that we’ve also increased the fines on so we know that people are wearing masks, more people are wearing masks,” she added.

Dec 22 12:12

Americans Swept Up Into Massive Digital Data Dragnet As Police Use Warrantless Real-Time Cell Phone Data to Track Travel, Movement

The Rutherford Institute is warning that Americans are being swept up into a massive digital data dragnet that does not distinguish between those who are innocent of wrongdoing, suspects, or criminals. Weighing in before the U.S. Supreme Court in Hammond v. U.S., The Rutherford Institute is challenging the government’s unconstitutional practice of warrantlessly tracking people’s location and movements through their personal cell phones in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Institute attorneys argue that technological advancements in cell phone providers’ ability to obtain data on their users’ whereabouts, especially as a result of cell site proliferation due to 5G networks, means that law enforcement can use “triangulation methods” to pinpoint a person’s location with much greater precision than ever before, whether that person is at home, at the library, a political event, a doctor’s office, etc.

Dec 22 08:09

EXCLUSIVE 'When are we going to stop "went to Eton" as a qualification to run the country?': Ricky Gervais slams Covid rule-breaking Tories for acting like 'Charlie Sheen' while people were unable to attend funerals

Ricky Gervais has slammed Covid rule-breaking Tories for acting like 'Charlie Sheen' while people were unable to attend funerals or visit loved ones in hospital during lockdown.

The After Life star, 60, compared Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his party to the former Hollywood hellraiser while questioning whether they have the adequate credentials to run the country.

In his latest vlog Ricky stated the government's inability to stick to their own rules is 'the worst thing' he's witnessed during the pandemic.

Dec 22 07:54

This is how many Germans are allowed to party together on NYE

Germany is set to introduce new anti-coronavirus restrictions ahead of New Year's Eve festivities, curbing nightlife and limiting private parties for those vaccinated to a maximum of ten people.

The impending curbs were announced by Germany’s new Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Tuesday, after a meeting with the leaders of the country’s states. The new measures will be rolled out nationwide on December 28.

“This is not the time for parties and cozy evenings with lots of people,” Scholz stated. “I would have liked to share more pleasant news just before the holidays.”

Dec 22 07:53

City hiring people-hunters to pursue and fine the unvaxxed

A city in Austria is looking for employees who will be tasked with enforcing fines against those unwilling to get the Covid jab. The recruitment drive comes weeks ahead of a sweeping vaccine mandate in the European country.

Successful candidates will be issuing penalties, processing appeals and taking measures against those who fail to shell out their fine for being unvaccinated, says a job ad placed by the Austrian city of Linz. The opening line says the job will suit those who “take pleasure in working with legislation and administrative procedures.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Being able to survive being run over by a truck is a plus!

Dec 22 06:59

A Power-Grab at Levels Never Before Seen in the History of the World? The Coronavirus Hustle Exposed

Lockdowns, mandates and passports are the major issue of the day with millions of people protesting against them worldwide. In fact, what has become known as the “medical freedom” movement is arguably the biggest and most diverse international movement in world history.

Vaccine mandates and vaccine passports are among the most vile, unconstitutional, immoral, unscientific, discriminatory and outright criminal policies ever enforced upon the population and goes against everything GPUS stands for under social justice.

These policies are coming from an out-of-control government at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry.

The mainstream media and social media are also working in lock-step to censor any and all doctors, scientists and investigative journalists who have an opposing view or who even question the current mainstream media orthodoxy.

Dec 21 12:45

Fauci's Finished - ZeroHedge

TUESDAY, DEC 21, 2021 - 01:25 PM
Authored by James Rickards via DailyReckoning.com ,

In a little under an hour, Joe Biden is expected to address the nation about the new Omicron variant of the virus.

An aide claims the administration is “prepared for the rising case levels” and that Biden will explain how it “will respond to this challenge.”

The Omicron variant is highly contagious. Some models, along with data from Europe, suggest the number of cases could potentially double every two days. Of course, you can’t really trust models, but this variant is spreading rapidly.

Dec 21 09:41

New US city requires proof of Covid vaccination

In response to rising Covid-19 cases, the city of Boston will soon be requiring both staff and customers of indoor businesses to give proof of their vaccinations against the virus.
Democratic Boston Mayor Michelle Wu announced the new mandate on Monday, saying it will go into effect for all indoor businesses in the city on January 15. It was part of what the mayor dubbed the ‘B Together’ initiative in response to a spike in Covid cases.

City workers will no longer be given the option of weekly testing and will instead be mandated to get inoculated amid an Omicron wave hitting the city. According to the mayor, over 90% of city employees are already vaccinated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

'Cradle of liberty' my astrolabe!!!

Dec 21 09:17

Revanchist Nazism Throughout the Western World

We are witnessing the return of Nazism, but this time throughout the entire Western World. Austria, Germany, and Italy have eliminated civil liberties more thoroughly than Hitler and Mussolini achieved. Re-nazified Germany, Austria and Italy have destroyed the doctor-patient relationship more completely than did Josef Mengele. The political leaders of resurrected Nazism are all guilty of crimes under the Nuremberg Laws.

Will the US, UK, France, and Russia again invade these Nazi countries and execute the leaders for their capital crimes? No. The US, UK, France, and Russia are doing the same thing, as are Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Dec 21 08:59

Watchdog Warns Biden Will Install Build Back Better Through Executive Orders

A regulations watchdog predicted that President Joe Biden will try to use executive orders to implement his $2 trillion Build Back Better legislation.

Clyde Wayne Crews, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told the Washington Examiner that Biden appeared poised to expand federal regulations greatly, especially if he loses control of the House and Senate.

Former President Barack Obama called that approach ruling with a "pen and a phone" when he lost support on Capitol Hill, the Examiner said.

"Despite all the talk we have from Biden and many Democrats about protecting democracy, progressives see themselves as experts, and progressivism itself is rooted in the rule of experts," Crews told the Examiner.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are some serious constitutional issues with that!

Dec 21 08:20

Biden’s Baby Is Officially Dead

And just like that, with barely a whimper, Joe Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar spending baby is officially dead.

Build Back Better, the most awkward weird-sounding name for a piece of pork-ridden legislation is toast.

And now, Biden and his staff are furious at United States Senator Joe Manchin – a fellow Democrat who represents the poverty-stricken state of West Virginia – because he was the lone Democrat to stand up and kill the baby in its crib.

Here’s what happened according to the conservative news site Breitbart:

“The White House issued a condemnation of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) on Sunday after the senator said he would not vote for the Build Back Better bill, effectively killing it in its current form.

Dec 21 08:14

Tucker Carlson: Biden’s COVID policies are the muscle spasms of a dying political party

So you may not have noticed because the people in charge of diverting your attention are working overtime right now, and honestly, they're pretty good at their jobs, but if you look around, pay a little closer attention, you will notice that Joe Biden's political support is in the process of collapsing completely.

The new Marist polls out, it shows that only 29% of independents support Joe Biden. That is a very bad number. How bad is it? For perspective, in the last election, Donald Trump took 41% of independent voters and lost. So if you're a political consultant, a poll that shows 29% independents support sends you immediately to the liquor cabinet for more vodka. It means your candidate is going to lose along with everyone who's connected to your candidate. You're looking at this tsunami forming on the horizon aimed at you. It's terrifying.

Dec 21 08:01

Pentagon Issues New Rules to Punish Troops For 'Liking' 'Extremist' Content, Exercising Their First Amendment Rights

The Pentagon is working in partnership with the ADL to conduct an ideological purge of our military.

Under their new rules, service members can be punished for as little as "liking" so-called "extremist" content.

Their purposefully vague definition of "extremist activities" which merit punishment is defined as anything which "calls into question the individual's ability to follow orders from, or effectively lead and serve with, persons of diverse backgrounds," which they insist prevents "maximum utilization and development of the Department's most valuable asset: its people."

Dec 21 07:17


If you’ve been wondering how the world economy has been hijacked and humanity has been kidnapped by a completely bogus narrative, look no further than this video by Dutch creator, Covid Lie.

What she uncovers is that the stock of the world’s largest corporations are owned by the same institutional investors. They all own each other. This means that “competing” brands, like Coke and Pepsi aren’t really competitors, at all, since their stock is owned by exactly the same investment companies, investment funds, insurance companies, banks and in some cases, governments. This is the case, across all industries. As she says:

Dec 21 07:15

The Year of the New Normal Fascist

And so, as 2021 goose-steps toward its fanatical finish, it is time for my traditional year-end wrap-up. It’s “The Year of the Ox” in the Chinese zodiac, but I’m christening it “The Year of the New Normal Fascist.”

And what a phenomenally fascist year it has been!

I’m not talking amateur fascism. I am talking professional Class-A fascism. Government and corporate sanctified fascism. Bug-eyed, spittle-flecked, hate-drunk fascism. I’m talking mobs of New Normal fascists shrieking hatred and threats at “the Unvaccinated” as they are dragged off “Vaccinated Only” trains, painting Nazi-era messages on their windows of their stores, leaders of government fomenting mass hatred, TV commentators literally quoting sadistic Nazi SS doctors, leftists going full-fascist on Facebook, concentration camps, Goebbelsian propaganda, censorship of dissent … the whole nine yards.

Dec 21 06:41

Bail-Ins To Take Place?

An upcoming banking crisis with record amount of bank loan defaults could be on the horizon. With your money on the line, banks and financial institutions could use it for either:

Bail-in - where you pay for it right now as the bank takes some of your deposits

Bail-out - where you have to pay for it through future taxation

The national debt has skyrocketed beyond a recovery point and is still increasing post covid-19. The credit worthiness of the U.S. is at risk and the government can't afford to take on more debt unless it is willing to face imminent insolvency and ultimate bankruptcy. The financial burden to stabilize this enormous debt is too great. Therefore, a bail-ins could take place sooner than expected and without any prior warning.

Dec 21 06:40

America Must Decide – Will It Be a Constitutional Republic or a One-Party Totalitarian State?

It is a nation in the final transition to a one-party totalitarian state, modeled after the People’s Republic of China with whom those controlling the U.S. government are colluding.

Patriotic Americans must now recognize that the federal government, as an institution, is hopelessly corrupt, that, even though we have elections, we do not have Congressional representation, and that the country is governed by a two-tiered justice system, not determined by the rule of law, but by one’s power, wealth and political beliefs.

The erosion of the Constitution and the theft of our Constitutional rights have been happening incrementally and quietly over a long period of time.

Under Barack Obama and with the tacit approval of the Republican Party, those efforts accelerated, when he delivered on his promise to fundamentally transform the United States, stealthily, into a one-party totalitarian state.

Dec 20 16:17

66-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (December 20, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Joe Olson, and I discuss current events to sharply discern objective reality fit for news from corporate media bullshit to herd sheeple: here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

This is my best “shot” to explain, document, and prove the “Covid” + “vaccine” narrative are Crimes Against Humanity: a 4,700-word essay I sent to ~100 teacher colleagues.

Want to learn more about false flags and conspiracies? For ~25 years I’ve learned from Professor Fetzer’s academic work; he offers 24 free video presentations from the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference.

Context: American Revolution 2.0 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS