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"This nation was founded by many men of many nations and backgrounds. It was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened." -- John F. Kennedy, Radio and television report to the American people in civil rights, June 11, 1963



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September 7, 2009

Sep 07 15:06

Fallout From Nuclear Tests Leads to Health Crisis

HONOLULU (AP) -- Pius Henry fears his adopted government will kill him, that the United States won't live up to a health care obligation to people from Pacific islands where it tested nuclear bombs.

Henry, a diabetic from the Marshall Islands, has received free dialysis treatments three times a week for years, but the cash-strapped state of Hawaii has threatened to cut off him and others to save money.

Like thousands of legal migrants to Hawaii from independent Pacific nations, Henry believes the United States has a responsibility to provide health care to compensate for the radioactive fallout of 67 nuclear weapons tests from 1946 to 1958.

Sep 07 14:20

Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama Back to School Event

Full text of President Obama's speech.

Sep 07 14:15

Labor Day - What a Joke

A real celebration would be to stop continually robbing and controlling workers in the name of "taxation" and "regulation."

Sep 07 14:12

Booga booga - Iranian arms shipments

I must have missed something - how is Iran not allowed to buy arms suddenly? And why is the US enforcing non-existant laws against a country for Israel's sake, hmmmm?


Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Sep 07 13:57

Farewell America

The most astonishing financial analysis of US, made by a bank!

Sep 07 13:46

A History of Labor Unions From Colonial Times to 2009

Labor unions have been defined as “private combinations of workingmen” that try to increase wages and improve working conditions for members. But how? What means do labor unions use? As Henry George suggests, trade unionists are hardly known for their kindness to strangers and genteel ways.

Sep 07 12:58

Defra confirms its bulb 'ban' is not legal

On Wednesday, in a bid to support the EU's attempt to ban incandescent light bulbs, the BBC News website invited its readers to "Have your say".

After a few hours of being deluged with more than 2,000 comments castigating the EU and so-called "low energy" bulbs in equal measure, the BBC hastily shut down the debate.

From the public response, it is clear that this has been one of the most provocatively unpopular actions taken by government for a long time. People deeply resent being forced to use bulbs which are not only widely detested but whose energy-savings and benefits have been vastly overstated. As the tests carried out by The Sunday Telegraph last week showed, "compact fluorescent lamps" give out barely half the amount of light claimed for them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is another classic case of using "The Environment" to swindle the public into buying a more expensive product of dubious quality (and in this case highly toxic when broken).

Sep 07 12:17

What happens to "Uppity" Parents

Sep 07 11:51

Mass Mind Control is Upon Us - It's Time to Awaken Your Consciousness

Because of the passive, hypnosis-like viewing of television as well as its predominance in the homes of nearly all Americans, the television is one of the most powerful tools used today. As of 2009, six companies controlled all of the major media outlets in the United States. That is a very small number of people controlling all of the information that streams into millions of homes across America each day through their television sets. In recent years, a number of investigations and exposes have revealed that these giants' silence independent voices and investigations, discourage journalism that interferes with the agendas of special interests, and eliminate diversity in the information they provide. Because of the control that these companies have over the information that most Americans receive on a daily basis, these criticisms and revelations are never known by most of the American public.

Sep 07 11:51

Why is gay marriage a "public policy" issue?

The best solution to the gay marriage debate is to privatize the institution altogether.

Sep 07 11:48

Bernie Madoff Gets $13,800 Tax Refund

Sep 07 11:41


If Lehman was indeed sacrificed, who pushed it and to what end? Some critics point to Henry Paulson and his cronies at Goldman Sachs, Lehman’s arch rival. Goldman certainly came out on top after Lehman’s demise, but there are other possibilities as well, involving more global players. The month after Lehman collapsed, Gordon Brown and the EU leaders called for using the financial crisis as an opportunity to radically enhance the regulatory power of global institutions. Brown spoke of “a new global financial order,” echoing the “new world order” referred to by globalist banker David Rockefeller when he said in 1994:

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the new world order.”

Sep 07 11:31

Beware the Torchbearers of Oligarchy

Over the last 18 months or so most everyone I know in North America has - in some way or another - been impacted by the sudden un/under-employment of a friend, colleague or loved one. Many of those affected had been working in tech-related, specialist or professional fields with abundant credentials under them, only to be laid-off during this period of wanton corporate belt-tightening. This is, of course, a classic process of redistribution and consolidation of wealth. Although it might seem differently, everyone isn't doing badly. The consolidation of banks, food and media, for example, is a wonderful thing - if you count yourself among the oligarchs. For them, less workers working more efficiently means a return to profit.

Sep 07 11:14

Traficant: Government ‘had to cheat to convict me’

Former Democratic House Rep. Jim Traficant, recently freed after a seven-year stint in prison, told supporters that the government “had to cheat” to secure a conviction in his 2002 corruption trial.

“The powerful enemies that I have — I’ll just say this to you: they had to cheat to convict me,” Traficant, who represented Ohio’s 17th congressional district until his conviction, told an audience in Boardman, Ohio.

Sep 07 11:07

New American Poll: Support Israel, Blame Hamas

“Americans accept Israel’s justification for acting in Gaza because they accept Israel’s stated obligation to defend the safety of its citizens and the understanding that no country would allow rockets to fall on its citizens without taking action,” said Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research Dr. Stanley Greenberg.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Thinking Americans do not, for one moment, condone what Israel does in Gaza in any way, shape, or form!

But look closely at who funded this "research": that's the answer to the outcome here.

Israel's military actions in Gaza are not about self-defense for the Jewish people of Israel; it is a blatant attempt to starve, sicken, incarcerate, and kill as many Palestinians Israel thinks it can get away with in order to obtain more territory, period, end of discussion.

Sep 07 11:00

Death Derivatives: Wall Street Casinos aim to 'securitize' life insurance benefits

Where have we heard this one before? When Wall Street turns the life insurance market into the same toxic mess as the mortgage market and the big banks walk away with hundreds of billions in profits, then let some made up firms default, who's going to be left holding the bill?

Not to worry, since the SEC watchdogs and those sterling reliable ratings firms will do their jobs, right?

Death Derivatives anyone?

Maybe this is the true 'death panels?'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Read this carefully.

The people investing in these "life settlement" packages stand to make a fortune if there were to occur, say, by chance, perhaps, a major pandemic among the insured in the very near future!

Sep 07 10:58

New Iran sanctions likely after nuclear watchdog says talks at stalemate

A new round of international sanctions against Iran looked almost inevitable today, after the head of the UN's nuclear watchdog, Mohamed ElBaradei said talks with the Islamic republic were at a "stalemate", and the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appeared to rule out a compromise.

In a report to the agency's board, the IAEA director general, ElBaradei, said Iran had failed to answer questions arising from evidence suggesting it had at least contemplated the design of a warhead.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"...looked almost inevitable..."?!?!?

There is no way China and Russia will sign on to any new sanctions. That's just not going to happen.

And that statement "...Iran had failed to answer questions arising from evidence suggesting it had at least contemplated the design of a warhead."?!?

So now, with no solid evidence at hand, are El Baradei and the UN accusing Iran's leadership of thought crimes?

Were I a betting person, I would not bet that there will be any new sanctions with any teeth coming out of the next meeting of the UN General Assembly.

So then, what? Unilateral sanctions by the US and Israel?

Some fat, hairy effect that's going to have, particularly now that Venezuela is going to be exporting gas to Iran, as reported in:


The timing of all these actions is right out of the playbook used right before the US invaded and occupied Iraq.

I would suspect that this military operation will start sooner rather than later, and I would not be surprised to see an "October Surprise" in the form of an Israeli/US joint attack on Iran, in the absence of any UN sanctions.

Sep 07 10:44


One of the untold scandals of this country is that our museums are stuffed with fake old masters because the people who authenticated paintings for the Mellons and Morgans of this world were paid a percentage of the price for the authentication. If they said it was no good, they got a few hundred bucks. If they said it was great, they got $100,000. Same story in the credit-rating organizations.

Sep 07 10:44

What Torture Never Told Us

PUBLIC bravado aside, the defenders of the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques are fast running out of classified documents to hide behind. The three that were released recently by the C.I.A. — the 2004 report by the inspector general and two memos from 2004 and 2005 on intelligence gained from detainees — fail to show that the techniques stopped even a single imminent threat of terrorism.
The inspector general’s report distinguishes between intelligence gained from regular interrogation and from the harsher methods, which culminate in waterboarding. While the former produces useful intelligence, according to the report, the latter “is a more subjective process and not without concern.” And the information in the two memos reinforces this differentiation.
They show that substantial intelligence was gained from pocket litter (materials found on detainees when they were captured), from playing detainees against one another and from detainees freely giving up information that they assumed their questioners already knew. A computer seized in March 2003 from a Qaeda operative for example, listed names of Qaeda members and money they were to receive.

Sep 07 10:40

Killing America's Kids

No Big Deal. Hey, They Breed Fast in Tennessee

Sep 07 10:37

Health insurers have Americans by the balls...

And they're squeezing real hard to make sure a public health insurance option never sees the light of day in America...

Sep 07 10:37

Gun dealer: More execs arm for protection

The widely reported increase in U.S. small arms sales and ammunition shortages are beginning to taper off, several metro Detroit gun shops say, but one store is seeing another trend: Business executives buying handguns for personal protection.

“I get guys that come in here who want to arm themselves and ask about security for their business over workplace violence,” said Ray Jihad, owner of Royal Oak-based Target Sports. “It's because of them laying people off.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have my blunderbuss sitting right next to my desk!

Sep 07 10:36


A report released Sunday says two of five working-age Californians do not have a job, underscoring the challenges in one of the toughest job markets in decades. A new study has found that the last time employment levels among this group were this low was February 1977.

Sep 07 10:25

Taliban attacks in north Afghanistan spike

Eight years ago, this northern flood plain was the scene of the Taliban's last stand.

Now, it's the locus of a resurgent militancy in a region that is fast becoming a new front in the Afghan war - with troubling consequences for coalition supply lines and U.S. allies whose will to stay and fight is being tested by rising casualties.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The only people "winning" this war are the defense contractors and the drug dealers.

Sep 07 10:22

Capitalizing Security: "Non-Lethal" Weapons and the Market

According to a blurb on Raytheon's web site, the commercial version of ADS known as Silent Guardian "is a revolutionary less-than-lethal directed energy application that employs millimeter wave technology to repel individuals or crowds without causing injury."

Touted as providing a "zone of protection that saves lives, protects assets and minimizes collateral damage" the system is marketed as the ideal tool to "establish intent and de-escalate aggression." Commercial and military application envisaged for the system "include law enforcement, checkpoint security, facility protection, force protection and peacekeeping missions." Some "peace," eh?!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It appears that the US government is getting ready to confront massive unrest, potentially due to economic upheavals.

But when we see this weapon actually deployed against US citizens by law enforcement agencies, in any context, that will be the day this republic has well and truly died.

Sep 07 10:18

Despite Recession and Spending Cuts, Sales of US Weapons Soar

According to a new Congressional study the United States claimed the vast majority, 68.4 percent, of all worldwide arms sales last year. With an estimated $37.8 billion in weapons sales in 2008, the US had a tenfold edge over its closest competitor, Italy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Don't it make ya proudernshit?

Sep 07 10:18

US Gets Pakistani Column Pulled Over Blackwater Report

The United States embassy in Pakistan reportedly managed to get the weekly column of a top critic of US policy pulled from the major English-language newspaper in Pakistan “The News International,” following a secret letter from Ambassador Anne Patterson to the newspaper earlier in the week.

The US embassy confirmed sending the letter but would not discuss its content. The newspaper’s editorial team said they were open to publishing the column at a later date, and indeed the article, entitled “Targeting Pakistan and Silencing the Critics” was made available on their website. Still, Pakistani media are saying that the embassy’s ability to block an article it found objectionable from a long-time critic of US policy is a sign of the enormous power the US wields in the nation.

Sep 07 10:17

Which of these civil rights activist heroes does our Zionist media adore?...Which does it ignore?

When injustices are perpetuated by fellow Jews does this mean that American Jews must put their love of their genetic materials ahead of truth, justice or any modicum of decency? Curious minds want to know.

Sep 07 10:15

US Hypocrisy Astonishes the World

U.S. War Secretary Robert Gates has condemned the Associated Press and a reporter, Julie Jacobson, embedded with U.S. troops in Afghanistan, for taking and releasing a photo of a U.S. Marine who was wounded in action and died from his injury.

The photographer was on patrol with the Marines when they came under fire. She found the courage and presence of mind to do her job. Her reward is to be condemned by the warmonger Gates as "insensitive." Gates says her employer, the Associated Press, lacks "judgment and common decency."

The American Legion jumped in and denounced the Associated Press for a "stunning lack of compassion and common decency."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 07 10:14

Thousands of civilians flee battles in NW Pakistan

Thousands of civilians have fled Pakistan's northwest Khyber tribal region where the latest military offensive killed 33 more suspected militants Sunday.

Pakistan is under intense U.S. pressure to crack down on insurgents along its border with Afghanistan, especially the lawless tribal belt where al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden is suspected to be hiding. The U.S. believes militants use Pakistan's tribal areas as safe havens from which to plan attacks on Western troops across the frontier in Afghanistan.

The region is largely off-limits to journalists, making it difficult to verify the information independently.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to the writer of this article: Osama Bin Laden, the CIA operative, assumed room temperature a number of years ago. Please, let's not trot out the "dead guy", because he is completely irrelevant to what is going on right now in Pakistan.

Of course, no one knows how many non-combatants were killed in these strikes.

However, the Pakistani government, through these military operations, appears to have declared war against their own people.

Sep 07 10:08

9-11 Truth-Deniers are Criminally Responsible

As you know, a storm, of righteous indignation from America's delusional, traitorous and criminal elite has forced White House Adviser Van Jones to resign.

His crime, signing a petition to investigate government involvement in 9-11.

The self-righteous elites naturally feel threatened. By now, they are accomplices in the cover-up of the mass-murder of over 3000 Americans. By blocking investigation of 9-11, they are criminally responsible and should be prosecuted along with the real perpetrators. They are "accessories after the fact": meaning they give shelter, aid and comfort to the perps.

Sep 07 10:07

Missing Algerian Children Had Their Organs Removed

New York City police were able to catch American Jews and arrest gang members who were involved in the abduction of children from Algeria, the group headed by a Jewish American named Levy Izhaq Rosenbaum, who was directly involved in the case of trading organs recently,which raised a storm of reactions in the United States and Israel, at the international police investigations.

Sep 07 10:07

YEMEN: Humanitarian situation worsens after short-lived truce

Conditions for thousands of displaced families in northern Yemen continue to deteriorate as a 4 September truce between government troops and Shia rebels to allow relief items in lasted only four hours.

Journalists have not been able to get accurate information on what is happening in the volatile city due to government-imposed media restrictions, including the disruption of mobile and Internet networks and blocking of roads leading to the city, Mahecic said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported in:


"On his anniversary, Saleh published an essay calling for dialog and tolerance. The same week, 18 protesters were killed by police, a journalist sentenced to jail and an opposition party prevented from holding its conference. A four-year rebellion in the north and a two-year uprising in the south threaten to engulf the nation in violence. Known al Qaeda operatives roam the capital freely, and teenage suicide bombers routinely target elderly tourists."

"Yemen’s donors believe stabilizing President Saleh’s regime will thwart the devolution of Yemen into a failed state and an al Qaeda safe haven. U.S. aid proposed for 2010 is at the highest levels in years. The Department of Defense allocated $66 million in military aid, mostly for patrol boats and armored pick-ups. Congress’ Foreign Operation Appropriation bill includes an additional $15 million in military aid and $40 million in development and economic aid."

So, armed with your tax dollars, the federal government is propping up another tin-pot dictator, with absolutely no regard for the welfare of his people, in order to "stabilize" the regime.

A short memo to the US State Department: isn't this approach identical to what we were doing Iran, by propping up up the Shah financially and militarily?

And you do remember just how wonderfully that worked out, right?

Sep 07 10:06

Fake Afghan Poll Sites Favored Karzai, Officials Assert

Afghans loyal to President Hamid Karzai set up hundreds of fictitious polling sites where no one voted but where hundreds of thousands of ballots were still recorded toward the president’s re-election, according to senior Western and Afghan officials here.

The fake sites, as many as 800, existed only on paper, said a senior Western diplomat in Afghanistan, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the political delicacy of the vote. Local workers reported that hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of votes for Mr. Karzai in the election last month came from each of those places. That pattern was confirmed by another Western official based in Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So now we get to see the ABCNNBBCBS talking heads raise the same accusations of vote fraud against Karzai that they raised against Ahmadinejad, right? Right?


Sep 07 10:01

British Court Convicts 3 in Liquid Explosives Plot

A London court has convicted three Britons of conspiring to murder thousands of civilians in a plot that involved using liquid explosives to blow up trans-Atlantic flights.

Sep 07 09:57

MoD blocked warning that Britain faces Afghan defeat

THE Ministry of Defence has suppressed a report which warned that British troops are facing “strategic defeat” in Afghanistan.

The decision to block publication of the critical academic paper in the army’s in-house journal coincides with a scathing attack by a senior US military officer on the “arrogance” of UK tactics in Iraq.

Sep 07 09:56

A More Perfect Death

As if there weren’t enough end-of-life anxieties floating around the health care debate, the Montana Supreme Court has chosen this month to weigh whether their state should join nearby Oregon and Washington in endorsing physician-assisted suicide.

What’s at stake is the right to voluntary euthanasia, not the sort of involuntary plug-pulling that some Republicans have claimed is concealed in the finer print of the current health care reform proposals. But you don’t have to share Sarah Palin’s death panel fears to see perils lurking at the intersection of physician-assisted suicide and health care reform.

Sep 07 09:48

Medics: Israeli blockade risks Gaza cardiac patients' lives

The lives of hundreds of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip will be put at risk if Israel does not allow the delivery of a spare part needed to repair an instrument used to treat cardiac patients, medical officials said on Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yet another chapter in Israel's "final solution" for sick Palestinian Gazans.

Sep 07 09:44

Labor Day by the numbers


Sep 07 09:43

China's top 500 firms outperform US rivals in 2008

China's top 500 companies outperformed their US counterparts for the first time last year, a survey conducted by a business group has revealed, as the financial crisis wreaked havoc in the United States.

Net profits at the nation's highest-performing firms totalled 171 billion dollars in 2008, compared to 99 billion dollars for the US firms, according to the survey by the China Enterprise Confederation (CEC).

Sep 07 09:42

Aid group says U.S. troops raid Afghan hospital

U.S. troops burst into a Swedish charity-run hospital in Afghanistan and tied up patients' relatives and staff, the charity said on Sunday, in what it called a breach of deals between the military and aid groups.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) said soldiers had entered its hospital in Wardak, south of Kabul, on Wednesday evening without explanation and conducted a search, including of female wards and toilets.

"Upon entering the hospital they tied up four employees and two family members of patients at the hospital. SCA staff as well as patients (even those in beds) were forced out of rooms/wards throughout the search," SCA said in a statement.

"This is simply not acceptable," said SCA Country Director Anders Fange told Reuters.

Sep 07 09:41


This explains the paramount importance Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular attach to the place. It also explains why hundreds of thousands of believers make sure that they access the Jerusalem sanctuary for prayer and supplication to the Almighty especially during the month of Ramadan, during which good deeds motivated by sincere intentions are rewarded (in the hereafter).

Sep 07 09:40

Surge in Homeless Pupils Strains Schools

In the small trailer her family rented over the summer, 9-year-old Charity Crowell picked out the green and purple outfit she would wear on the first day of school. She vowed to try harder and bring her grades back up from the C’s she got last spring — a dismal semester when her parents lost their jobs and car and the family was evicted and migrated through friends’ houses and a motel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How do you convince a child in such circumstances that there is a bright future out there if they simply study hard, especially as this year's college graduates are taking jobs as menial labor?

Sep 07 09:39

The war on drugs is immoral idiocy. We need the courage of Argentina

The underlying concept of the war on drugs, initiated by Richard Nixon in the 1970s, is that demand can be curbed by eliminating supply. It has been enunciated by every US president and every British prime minister. Tony Blair thought that by occupying Afghanistan he could rid the streets of Britain of heroin. He told Clare Short to do it. Gordon Brown believes it to this day.

This concept marries intellectual idiocy – that supply leads demand – with practical impossibility. But it is golden politics. For 30 years it has allowed western politicians to shift blame for not regulating drug abuse at home on to the shoulders of poor countries abroad. It is gloriously, crashingly immoral.

Sep 07 09:36

McCain campaign-stop factory ceases paying health premiums, tells no one

Until they received a letter from Capital BlueCross in March of this year informing them that their insurance had been canceled, employees at the aircraft parts manufacturer in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, thought their insurance policies were valid, because their insurance cards continued to be accepted.

But, in fact, TAD had stopped paying health insurance premiums in October, 2008, even as employees continued to see health premiums deducted from their paychecks.

Sep 07 09:32

The hunt is on for more ammunition in Nevada, U.S.

According to the Department of the Treasury's most recent Firearms and Ammunitions Excise Tax Collection Report, firearm and ammunition manufacturers paid $109.8 million in excise taxes in the first quarter of 2009, up 43 percent from the same quarter in 2008.

All manufacturers are required to pay a 10 or 11 percent excise tax on firearms and ammunition produced, which makes the tax one of the most reliable ways to track firearm and ammunition sales in the United States, Novin said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to the gentleman being quoted as describing this upsurge in people buying guns and ammunition as "customer paranoia";the people doing this buying have absolutely legitimate reasons for their concern.

They have seen how massively inept the federal government was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and simply want to protect themselves and those they love if there is any other major catastrophe to hit this country.

Understanding that they cannot count on the government to provide any meaningful support in such a circumstance, they are preparing to care of themselves.

Sep 07 09:31

Downwind Airflow Maps Of US DU War On Afghanistan

Sep 07 09:30

Netanyahu: Israel to reach deal with U.S. on settlements this week

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel would likely reach a deal with the United States this week regarding settlement activity in the West Bank.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The horse is out of the barn on this one: Israel has already approved more construction. There's nothing Mitchell can say or do to get this undone. The US will simply get its backside spanked again, very publicly, and we will go to war against Iran to "neutralize" yet another of Israel's existential threats.

As a side note, there is an embedded video play at this page that seems to hang up Firefox.

Sep 07 08:53

Leeds synagogue bacon shock

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obvious hate crime hoax and a pathetic bid for sympathy.

Sep 07 08:52

Senator's health care plan skips public option, source says

A proposed health-care bill sent by the powerful chairman of the Senate Finance Committee to key Senate negotiators Saturday night does not include a government-run insurance plan, a source close to the discussions said Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You WILL buy your health insurance from my campaign donors, maggot!"

Sep 07 08:51

Chavez tells Israelis to disobey ‘genocidal’ govt

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Friday told the Israeli people not to support their government, which he described as “genocidal”.

Chavez is on an 11-day trip to Libya, Algeria, Syria, Iran, Belarus, Russia and Spain in what he is describing as a bid to build a multi-polar world and decrease US influence in the region.

The Venezuelan president has singled out Israel for criticism during his visit to Syria, slamming it for mistreating the Palestinians and being an agent of US imperialism.

Sep 07 08:50


Only in Israel does the Defence Ministry approve the construction of new illegal homes on illegal settlements. Can we call this a declaration of war against the West that has been insisting on a building freeze?

Sep 07 08:49


The hyperventilating by Israel’s leaders over a story published in a Swedish newspaper last month suggesting that the Israeli army assisted in organ theft from Palestinians has distracted attention from the disturbing allegations made by Palestinian families that were the basis of the article’s central claim.

Sep 07 08:49


I do agree with you that there are differences between the South African situation and the Israel/Palestinian one, but, unfortunately, I am not as optimistic as you. The latest developments in Israel, you have indicated some in your articles, go in the direction of more hatred, more prejudice, less tolerance and more inhuman cruelty towards Arabs and those who think differently. I can not share your views that most Israelis will accept a “comprehensive and detailed Peace plan” by President Obama.

Sep 07 08:48


We found a growing sense of concern and despair among those who observe, as we did, that settlement expansion is continuing apace, rapidly encroaching into Palestinian villages, hilltops, grazing lands, farming areas and olive groves. There are more than 200 of these settlements in the West Bank.

Sep 07 08:47

Defiant Israel to build 455 new settlement homes

Defence Minister Ehud Barak authorised the construction of 455 units, most of them in the large settlement blocs that Israel has said it wants to keep in the event of a final peace agreement.

The move -- coming just days ahead of a planned visit to the region by US Middle East envoy George Mitchell -- has sparked criticism that it will undermine US-led efforts to restart the stalled peace process.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is the whole point. Israel does not want peace; they want the land. All of it. Barak just slapped Obama in the face in public.

And Obama will say "thank you, Sir; may I have another", and sign the checks to Israel like the obedient servant he is.

Sep 07 08:33

Afghanistan: Back Door to War on Iran

The Obama administration has made Afghanistan the focus of its foreign
policy, significantly escalating the war effort there. (Though there is
division within the administration regarding the degree of escalation
sought. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/04/us/politics/04military.html)
Obama’s motive for expanding the war in Afghanistan seems to be a desire to appear strong in foreign policy combined with the idea that war in
Afghanistan is much safer than a war on Iran-the primary target of Israel
and its Lobby.

Sep 07 05:34

German Government Advisor Proposes Personal CO2 Budget For Everyone On Planet

The top climate science advisor to the German government has proposed that everyone on the planet should have a personal CO2 budget and be forced to pay a tax if they exceed it, adding that westerners have already exceeded their allocations and should pay climate reparations to poorer countries.

This is not just another tax being rammed through using the phony pretext of global warming, it’s the entrée for complete government tracking and control over your personal life. This is the “inventory” that Nancy Pelosi called for during her visit to China in May.

On May 28, the Associated Press reported that Pelosi told a Chinese student that in order to cut back on CO2 emissions, “Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory.”

Sep 07 05:25

Former Bush Administration Attorney General John Ashcroft "Is Not Above The Law"

In a critical case which could determine the future of "preventive detention" in the U.S., the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that ex-Attorney General John Ashcroft can be sued for arresting Muslims as material witnesses as a pretext for investigating their possible links to terrorism. The 2 to 1 ruling (all three judges were Reagan or Bush appointees) is a setback for hardliners in the Bush administration who maintain that the state has the right to circumvent the 4th amendment and imprison "suspects" without establishing probable cause. Judge Milan Smith--a George W. Bush appointee--reproached Ashcroft's conduct in an eloquent defense of the Constitution and basic civil liberties:

Sep 07 05:12

Food Is Power and the Powerful Are Poisoning Us

Our most potent political weapon is food. If we take back our agriculture, if we buy and raise produce locally, we can begin to break the grip of corporations that control a food system as fragile, unsafe and destined for collapse as our financial system. If we continue to allow corporations to determine what we eat, as well as how food is harvested and distributed, then we will become captive to rising prices and shortages and increasingly dependent on cheap, mass-produced food filled with sugar and fat. Food, along with energy, will be the most pressing issue of our age. And if we do not build alternative food networks soon, the social and political ramifications of shortages and hunger will be devastating.

Sep 07 05:07

Honor Labor Day: End Compulsory Unionism

Labor Day is a celebration of the efforts of America's workers. However, the celebration is hollow for millions of American workers because of compulsory unionism.

Throughout the United States, over 12 million workers labor under contracts that require them to be a member of, or financially support, a union as a condition of employment.

Additionally, millions of more workers are required by law to accept union bosses' so-called "representation," thereby losing the right to negotiate their own employment terms.

Big Labor thrives on this system of government-granted special privileges based on coercion. Compulsory unionism makes union bosses more unaccountable to rank-and-file workers, as their financial support is absolutely mandatory.

Sep 07 00:06

US Hypocrisy Astonishes the World

Americans have lost their ability for introspection, thereby revealing their astounding hypocrisy to the world.

US War Secretary Robert Gates has condemned the Associated Press and a reporter, Julie Jacobson, embedded with US troops in Afghanistan, for taking and releasing a photo of a US Marine who was wounded in action and died from his injury.

The photographer was on patrol with the Marines when they came under fire. She found the courage and presence of mind to do her job. Her reward is to be condemned by the warmonger Gates as "insensitive." Gates says her employer, the Associated Press, lacks "judgment and common decency."

The American Legion jumped in and denounced the Associated Press for a "stunning lack of compassion and common decency."

September 6, 2009

Sep 06 21:12

George Washington's advice to YOU on defending the US Constitution today

After 45 years of service to the newly created United States, George Washington published a message to the American people. This is the summation of his observations and what he most wanted to contribute to Americans' understanding of defending our Constitutional government.

Washington's Farewell Address is considered so important that it is read in its entirety every year in the Senate, and has been read in one or both chambers of Congress every year since 1862.

Sep 06 20:27

Supporting The Troops:One Body Bag At A Time

We can no longer remain passive and indecisive by claiming that we are against the war but “for the troops” – no sensible individual can claim to do this while remaining conscious of the fact that the troops are the ones furthering the imperialistic endeavors of war.

There are those who devised war time policies,those who invested in them and those who supplemented the man power – all are to blame equally.

Sep 06 19:31

The Underhanded Moral Evasions of a Chance Facebook Status Update

People who say "everyone should have healthcare" can't quite screw up the courage to declare that other people are beholden to their charitable whims. Instead, they settle for empty, banal declarations about how reality should be, trying to shame their audience into the effort to make the forgotten man pay for making reality conform to their wishes.

Sep 06 19:04

Foreign Infiltration of the United States Government

I repeat, a very credible person who was an FBI contract worker assigned to listen in on the wire tapped conversations of Turkish spies says that those spies have penetrated the Pentagon, the State Department and Congress.

Sep 06 19:01

Goldman Sachs Is Not Capitalism: On a Very Confused Michael Moore

He completely ignores, or is not aware, that the Goldman Sachs rip off of the masses was done in cahoots, and here is the key, with the GOVERNMENT. No government influence over the banking system, no government ability to tax and give the money to bankers, no rip off.

Sep 06 18:53

Oil,Allies & Foreign Policy:The Iranian/Venezuelan Breakthrough

Iran and Venezuela should make efforts to prepare the grounds for strengthening their independence, said the Leader.

“Along with political coordination, Iran and Venezuela should enhance industrial, economic, banking and transportation cooperation,” Ayatollah Khamenei added.

Tehran and Caracas had previously signed an array of agreements, pledging to work together in oil exploration, building low-income housing and assembling tractors and bicycles as well as military projects among other ventures.

Chavez, who is on his seventh official visit to Iran, hailed positive talks between the high-ranking Venezuelan delegation and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other senior Iranian officials.

Sep 06 18:53

Total U.S. Loans Outstanding Have Dropped by Another $110 Billion Quarter-Over-Quarter

Repeat after me ... The bailouts had nothing to do with helping the real economy. They were just a way to hide the insolvency of the big banks a little longer, and to lend a hand to the big boys in the oligarchy.

Sep 06 17:38

Dangerous, Deadly H1N1 Vaccine Scam

The World Health Organization (WHO) is spreading propaganda like the flu to convince people new, genetically engineered, live "mock" influenza viruses in vaccines are safe.

On August 6, 2009, following news that more than half the world's health professionals will refuse vaccinations this fall, the WHO issued a directive to governments to reassure people the new flu vaccines, still being tested, are "safe." A major U.S. media blitz followed featuring Barack Obama telling Americans to get vaccinated, and network broadcasts maligning vaccination opponents.

Sep 06 16:40

Obama's "green jobs" guru Jones resigns after uproar

A White House environmental policy adviser who specialized in "green jobs" resigned on Sunday after an uproar over his previous affiliation with a September 11 conspiracy group.

Van Jones, special adviser on green jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, apologized on Thursday after videotape surfaced of him using a crude epithet to describe Republicans and amid revelations he had signed a petition suggesting U.S. government involvement in the 2001 attacks in New York and Washington.

Sep 06 16:28

Activists topple towers, claim dangers of AM radio waves

The Earth Liberation Front (ELF) issued a statement saying opponents of the towers argue that "AM radio waves cause adverse health effects including a higher rate of cancer, harm to wildlife, and that the signals have been interfering with home phone and intercom lines."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Earth is awash in AM frequency radio waves. The sun emits radio waves, the stars emit radio waves. Anyone with a short wave receiver can tune into the sound so of the thunderstorms on Jupiter, and of course thunderstorms here on Earth generate prodigious amounts of AM radio noise and have been for billions of years.

The only adverse effect I am aware of from Am Radio waves is Pills Limbaugh.

Sep 06 16:25

Not Fit to Govern: Witch hunt against 9/11 truthers continues

Ever question the veracity of the government's official explanation for 9/11?

Ever sign a petition demanding a new investigation of the 9/11 attacks?

Ever consider the possibility (likelihood) that some of the highest people in government were behind the attacks on 9/11?

(yes, yes, and hell yes)

If like me your answer to any of the above is 'yes' you can forget about ever having a role in your own government...

Sep 06 16:24

Newsweek’s War on White People: “It’s horrifying to imagine kids being proud to be white.”

Newsweek just launched an all out war on the mental well-being of white children in their September issue. The article is titled “See Baby Discriminate.” The article demands, with religious fanaticism, that white children be made to shun all knowledge of racial differences and taught to feel guilty. Newsweek actually printed “It’s horrifying to imagine kids being proud to be white.” The Newsweek article actually states that white children should be made to feel guilty to “knock down their glorified view of white people,” while black children should be built up with “ethnic pride.” White parents, and only white parents, are called on to go to great lengths to brainwash their own children starting at age 3.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are being taught to be so afraid of discriminating against other people that we fail to see how we ourselves are discriminated against!

Sep 06 15:44

Accused killer asks for Online media outlets users' IDs

A lawyer for Lucas Coe, charged in the death of 4-year-old Emma Thompson, has asked several local media outlets to provide the names of readers and listeners who commented about his client online.

Sep 06 13:42

Flashback: Photos of Wounded, Recovering US Soldiers

Military Personnel Wounded in Iraq & Afghanistan:
A Photo Gallery
warning: 2 of the photos are graphic
updated 20 Dec 2004
Most Americans haven't seen the growing legion of wounded troops returning from Iraq who are cared for at military facilities sealed off from the public. The media, in turn, have focused on the hit-and-run guerrilla attacks that claim one or two GIs in Iraq almost daily. Little attention has been paid to the long, difficult and very personal struggles that ensue in wards at BAMC and Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington.

Sep 06 13:37

US troops raid Afghan hospital

US troops raid Afghan hospital, says aid group
Published: September 07, 2009
KABUL (Reuters) - US troops burst into a Swedish charity-run hospital in Afghanistan and tied up patients’ relatives and staff, the charity said on Sunday, in what it called a breach of deals between the military and aid groups.
“It is not only a clear violation of globally recognised humanitarian principles about the sanctity of health facilities and staff in areas of conflict but also a clear breach of the civil-military agreement” between aid groups and the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, he said.

Sep 06 12:29

Churchill Spurred the Decline of the West

More than any other British leader, in 1914 and 1939, Churchill lusted for war and pushed his country to turn two European wars into world wars, so Germany might be destroyed.

Both times, he succeeded.

And history records that those wars, that together took the lives of perhaps a hundred million Europeans, were the mortal blows that advanced the death of the West.

And it was Winston Churchill who led the West in its advance to barbarism.

As First Lord he instituted a starvation blockade that violated all the rules of civilized warfare and brought death to 100 times as many German civilians as there were Belgian victims of the Kaiser’s army.

Sep 06 11:36


HONOLULU - All of the Hawaii inmates who were housed at a Kentucky prison where authorities say women were sexually assaulted by staff have been relocated.

Officials say 128 inmates returned to Oahu on Tuesday night. One inmate was transferred directly to another out-of-state prison, and 40 previously made the trip back to Hawaii.

The transfer happened after 23 female inmates, including seven from Hawaii, alleged they were sexually assaulted at the Otter Creek Correctional Center, a private prison operated by Corrections Corporation of America.

Six prison workers have been indicted in the case.

Sep 06 11:31

Hawaii’s swine flu death count reaches 10

HONOLULU (AP) - The state Department of Health says Hawaii's swine flu death count rose by four between June and August to 10.

Department spokeswoman Janice Okubo said Friday that one of the four was a 5-year-old. She says the case marks Hawaii's first swine flu death involving a child.

Okubo says the other new cases included two adults with underlying health issues. She says the child and another adult who died had no underlying medical conditions.

The deaths from swine flu were confirmed by state epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park.

Officials aren't releasing additional details because of patient privacy.

The novel H1N1 Influenza A, or swine flu, is a new virus that was first reported in the United States in April.

Sep 06 11:10

More Sibel Edmonds Explosive Testimony On Current and Former Members of Congress

Sep 06 11:09

FBI Whistleblower: Hastert, Burton, Blunt, Other Members of Congress 'Bribed, Blackmailed'

The under-oath, detailed allegations include bribery, blackmail, espionage and infiltration of the U.S. government of, and by current and former members of the U.S. Congress, high-ranking State and Defense Department officials and agents of the government of Turkey. The broad criminal conspiracy is said to have resulted in, among other things, the sale of nuclear weapons technology to black market interests including Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, Libya and others.

Sep 06 10:58

America: Freedom to Fascism - Director's Authorized Version

Sep 06 10:50

Options are many for those wanting vaccinations

Residents who want flu vaccinations have a variety of options, including visiting their family doctors or a number of clinics.

Children attending Hawaii elementary and middle schools can receive free flu shots or nasal sprays through the state Department of Health's "Protect Hawaii's Keiki: Stop Flu at School" program.

The program is a partnership among the Health Department, the state Department of Education, the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools and the Hawaii Catholic Schools.

Sep 06 10:42


KIHEI - The Jewish Congregation of Maui will be screening the film "The Third Jihad: Radical Islam's Vision for America" at 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

The screening will be held at the congregation's facility at 634 Alulike St. in Kihei.

The event is the day before the eighth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. The film will be followed by a question-and-answer session.

People planning to attend are asked to call 874-5397. Space is limited.

A suggested $5 donation is requested to cover costs.

Sep 06 10:32

Flu not to be taken lightly with season approaching

Park recommended everyone - healthy or vulnerable, young or old - get a flu vaccination early in what's now the beginning of the annual flu season.

The reason to act quickly is simple: A flu vaccination takes time to work. One doesn't get a flu shot at a doctor's office and walk out immune from the disease.

A flu shot injects a protein of the virus into a person whose body is then alerted to a foreign infection. That triggers the body's immune system to build up a defense for the next time the disease pays a visit. But it takes at least two weeks for the body to build up a sufficient defense against a new strain of the flu virus, Park said. And it takes even longer - four to six weeks - to reach the peak of immunity.

Sep 06 10:17

Netanyahu To Authorize Hundreds of New Settlements

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will soon authorize hundreds of new units to be built in the occupied West Bank despite US calls for a settlement freeze, a senior minister said on Sunday.
"The prime minister will announce in the coming days the construction of several hundred additional homes and public buildings," Transport Minister Yisrael Katz, a close ally of the hawkish premier, told public radio.
Netanyahu plans to authorize between 400 and 600 housing units, according to Israeli media.

Sep 06 09:54

Obama "bestial and anti-human"

In our view, the dreadful event in Kunduz is a clear-cut crime and intentional genocide. This can never be justified by saying this was a mistake.

Sep 06 09:44

White House adviser resigns amid 9/11 controversy

Presidential adviser Van Jones has resigned after coming under fire for signing a controversial petition in 2004. The petition called for an investigation of whether government officials deliberately allowed the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to occur.

Sep 06 09:26

Brown claim to have saved 500,000 jobs 'is a lie' says Darling

Gordon Brown has been accused of ‘lying’ by Alistair Darling in a vicious feud that threatens to wreck the Government’s attempt to combat the recession.

The Chancellor has enraged the Prime Minister by refusing point-blank to back Mr Brown’s claim that his multi-billion-pound bailout of the banks has ‘saved 500,000 jobs’.

In an astonishing show of defiance, Mr Darling argued the claim cannot be substantiated and has told the PM to stop repeating it.

Sep 06 09:25

IAI Unveils JUMPER Missile for Urban Warfare

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) plans to display its new JUMPER System at the third Army and Defense Conference and Exhibition at Latrun. The new system features eight canistered missiles that are launched from a vertical launcher pack to precisely strike targets at ranges of up to 50 km (31 miles).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just how the IDF might well deploy this "urban warfare missile".

Sep 06 09:08

Afghan air strike galvanises war protesters

SUPPORTERS of the US President, Barack Obama, are preparing to launch street protests against any plan to escalate the Afghan war.

At the same time, Democrats in Congress are in revolt against Mr Obama's war strategy, which is expected to result in a further 20,000 combat troops being sent to the country.

Peace Action, which has 100,000 members, is gearing up for protests even though many members are in broad sympathy with Mr Obama's presidency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

About bloody well time!

Sep 06 09:06

Approaching Epidemic: Brain Damage from Mobile Phone Radiation

A collaborative team of international EMF activists has released a report detailing eleven design flaws of the 13-country, Telecom-funded Interphone study.

The exposé discusses research on cell phones and brain tumors, concluding that:

  • There is a risk of brain tumors from cell phone use
  • Telecom funded studies underestimate the risk of brain tumors
  • Children have larger risks than adults for brain tumors

    The Interphone study, begun in 1999, was intended to determine the risks of brain tumors, but its full publication has been held up for years. Components of this study published to date reveal what the authors call a ‘systemic-skew’, greatly underestimating brain tumor risk.

  • Sep 06 09:03

    European campaign warns of mass thirst and poisoning in Gaza

    The European campaign to end the siege on Gaza warned Friday that Gaza people would suffer from mass thirst and poisoning as a result of the contamination of drinking water.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    Every tax dollar sent to Israel perpetuates Palestinian Gazans' misery; the diseases borne by contaminated water can sicken, if not kill, many Palestinian Gazans.

    Of course, the Israeli government knows the kinds problems unsanitary water can cause. But Israel will do nothing to correct the situation until the world does one thing, and speaks to Israel in a language it can understand; that is the immediate yanking of all financial support from all donor countries until the siege of Gaza has ended.

    That, unfortunately, may only happen when pigs fly.

    Sep 06 09:03

    Megrahi was framed

    The trial of the “Lockerbie bomber” was worse than a travesty of justice. Evidence that never came to court proves his innocence.

    Sep 06 08:55

    President Hamid Karzai takes 100% of votes in opposition stronghold

    In the southern Afghan district of Shorabak, the tribesmen gathered shortly before last month’s presidential election to discuss which candidate they would back. After a debate they chose to endorse Abdullah Abdullah, President Hamid Karzai’s leading opponent.

    The tribal leaders prepared to deliver a landslide for Abdullah – but it never happened. They claim Ahmed Wali Karzai, the president’s brother and leader of the Kandahar provincial council, detained the local governor and closed all the district’s 46 polling sites on election day.

    The ballot boxes were taken back to the district headquarters where, tribal leaders allege, they were stuffed with ballots by local policemen. A total of 23,900 ballots were finally sent off to Kabul, the capital – every one of them a vote for Karzai.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    "Democracy" in Afghanistan; isn't it a wonderful thing?!?!?

    Sep 06 08:54

    Dear friends who've just viewed the National Geographic Conspiracy Theory on 9/11,

    This silly attempt to boil down the "Truthers" (what, people who are not actively pursuing answers to 9/11 questions are not in favor of truth? ridiculous...) to a few people who believe there was no plane at the Pentagon and the buildings were brought down by "thermite" is just that -- silly.

    Webmaster's Commentary: 

    I think we can relax. As near as I can tell from industry sources, hardly anyone bothered to watch NatGeo's show this time.