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"The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself." -- Club of Rome, premier environmental think-tank, consultants to the United Nations



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August 14, 2010

Aug 14 07:51

“NOAA won’t begin checking for submerged methane gases”; Top scientist says “It seems crazy”

Samantha Joye, professor of marine sciences at the University of Georgia… is puzzled why NOAA won’t begin checking for submerged methane gases in the deep waters of the Gulf… “It seems crazy,” she said. “There is no reasonable explanation as to why it’s not being done. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sure it makes sense. If there is massive amounts of dissolved methane (and there really has to be, when you think about it) and that Methane is what is killing all the sea life along the eastern seaboard (which it is known to do), then this would be an election killer for the incumbents. So of course NOAA (already scandalized by using flawed satellite data to bolster the case for a carbon tax on us all) is not going to carry out investigations which will produce results nobody wants before November!

Aug 14 07:48

Army Report: AWOLs Up 234%

Tucked into this massive Army report on suicide is an interesting fact: Since 2004, the number of soldiers going AWOL, deserting, and "missing movement" -- that is failing to deploy when they're supposed to -- has gone up a shocking 234 percent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is it possible that those who have gone AWOL have had a moment of clarity, in which they understand, completely, that in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US is absolutely on the wrong side of history?!?

Aug 14 07:44

Flotilla Violence Expected

Israeli leaders have consistently maintained that they were within their rights to attack a humanitarian flotilla comprised of foreign nationals. Gabi Ashkenazi, the Israeli military Chief of Staff, for example, argues that the attacks on Turkish civilians were “proportionate and correct” and that Israeli leaders “shot those who they needed to shoot” in the raid; “the commandos exhibited calm, bravery, and morality.” These apologetics for what amounts to an illegal attack on a foreign nation (Turkey) and its citizens have been repeated for months by Israeli leaders.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, shooting and killing unarmed civilians (including one 19 year old American kid) attempting to bring desperately needed humanitarian supplies to Gaza is "proportional and correct"?!?!?

Aug 14 07:42

Feds announce ANOTHER blow-out preventer may be added to wellhead

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You mean that well you have been telling everyone for the last several days is statically killed (even though there are still thousands of pounds pressure at the well head)?

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Aug 14 07:40

War is a Racket by Smedley Butler

Aug 14 07:39

Florida University Draws Ire of NOAA for Gulf Research

USF officials aren't the only ones who have drawn the ire of NOAA.

Samantha Joye, professor of marine sciences at the University of Georgia, had a similar experience when she started talking about what she and others had discovered underwater.

"We felt like our wrists were slapped a little bit when we came forward and talked about the plumes,'' Joye said. "NOAA wanted a vetted, concrete story. We felt we had a concrete story. The plumes were real; the data was very solid.''

Aug 14 07:38

EOC Director: Fish kill after oil washes up, “ALL the crabs are crawling up on the bank”; “Dying everywhere” says fisherman

WLOX reports after “hundreds of tar balls and patties washed up on the beach near Lakeshore Road” Thursday night, the Hancock County, Mississippi Emergency Operations Center Director said, “If you walk along the pier, you’ll see small dead fish. You’ve got some speckled trout that’s dead through here. All the crabs are crawling up on the bank and I just kind of wonder why.”

He isn’t the only one wondering about this “unusual occurrence.” “Something is killing them. It wasn’t killing them before this oil got here. And now they’re dying everywhere,” a fisherman who didn’t want to be identified told WLOX.

Aug 14 07:37

Israel ’s War with Iran and The Zionist Power Configuration in America

“It was a triumphalist conference. Even this powerful organization (AIPAC), the most powerful group in the US Israel lobby, had never seen anything like. Seven thousand Jewish functionaries from all over the United States came together to accept the obeisance of the entire Washington elite. The three presidential hopefuls (Hillary went too) made speeches, trying to outdo each other in flattery. Three hundred senators and members of Congress crowded the hallways. Everybody who wanted to be elected or re-elected to any office came to see and be seen.” Uri Avnery, London Review of Books, July 3, 2008. page 18

Aug 14 07:35

Bolivia protesters demand talks with Evo Morales

Attempts to end more than two weeks of strikes and blockades that have disrupted mining and daily life in south-west Bolivia have so far failed.

Protest leaders, who want more government investment in the Potosi region, and government ministers had gathered for potential talks.

With roads blocked, food supplies have been running very low.

The protests have also disrupted the key mining industry.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If roads are blocked, food supplies are running low, and operations at the mines have stopped, how can one characterize this protest as a "failure"?!?

It is only a matter of time before Morales will be forced to act, either by talking to these demonstrators, or by declaring martial law.

Aug 14 07:34

In a sluggish economic summer, no easy fix ahead

The Federal Reserve has little power left to lift the economy out of its rut. Congress, with an election looming, has no appetite for more stimulus. Shoppers are reluctant to spend, and businesses are slow to hire.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is one and only one way to revive the economy and that is to start new industries making new products other nations want to buy based on new technology that only the US has. But our government cannot see that because it is made up of hereditary millionaires and lawyers and accountants who see the world entirely in terms of regulations and bookkeeping tricks.
Politicians are not technologists, manufacturers, nor engineers. Coupled with a corporate culture born in the 1950s MBS that disconnected management from production, we are mired in a socio-political world view with no respect for the actual making of products, totally focused on gaming the system as the path to riches. Even today, every solution to the crashing economy promoted by the government is solely in terms of changing the financial rules a little bit more to see if the problem magically goes away. Obama;s one concession to the reality of lost manufacturing that he signed this last week doesn't actually do anything other than promise Obama will thin about the problem over the next two years.

The problem is that our political leadership are not manufacturing people. They do not understand how to make things and being politicians, cannot admit to inferiority. If they do not know something, it must not be important to know, or so goes the political self-preservation thinking. Hence, we are cursed with a government incapable of seeing the real solution.

Aug 14 07:33

Using Local Organic Cooperatives to Defeat Globalists

You are not alone in wondering what is the best way to fight the globalists. There is a vastly growing human tribe that understands your frustration of feeling like a helpless fly caught in an inescapable spider web. It can seem defeating the more we learn about the criminal nature of the ruling elite; their plans, their desire to have absolute control, and their infrastructure that's darn near complete to achieve their goals. However, there is an incredibly easy solution and powerful weapon for defeating the elite -- it's called local food.

Aug 14 07:27

'US fears backing Iran attack by Israel'

Syrian Premier Mohammad Naji al-Otri says Israel lacks US backing for an attack on Iran in fear of potential consequences of an ensuing conflict, a report says.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Syrian Premier Syrian Premier Mohammad Naji al-Otri; I wouldn't bet the farm on that, sir, if I were you.

And the reason I say that is, Obama and his administration are absolutely desperate before the midterm elections. No congressional Democrat can run on the economy, two miserably failing wars, and the handling of the Gulf oil disaster.

Obama and his team need "the mother of all distractions" to attempt to deflect the growing hostility of the American public away from its pathological bungling, and toward a manufactured common "enemy", which will be Iran. I hope I am wrong on this, but doubt it.

I would also not bet against some spectacular "false flag" happening to get such a war going. And the timing of such an attack against Iran will be cynically placed when the administration thinks it can get the most possible traction before the mid-term elections, ifsuch an attack does not go horrifically, catastrophically, badly.

And as William Shakespeare said, "Aye, there's the rub."

Because if Russia and China enter this war in Iran's behalf, and we would be off and running into a true third world war, and may well come out the loser, with all that this implies

Aug 14 07:25

BP officials “DON’T BELIEVE” mayor’s tests that prove oil is surfacing in local waters

“BP keeps telling us there is no oil, to skim or otherwise, and we keep telling them there is… We’re skimming it,” the Orange Beach Coastal Resource Manager said.

A BP spokesman told the Press-Register that company officials “don’t believe what the mayor’s crew is finding is oil.”

“City officials said samples collected last week from local waters tested positive for the presence of hydrocarbons, but BP rejected those findings… An invitation to jointly collect samples on Thursday was turned down by a local BP official,” the article reports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We don't see it and we don't smell it, and you can't make us, nyah, hyah, nyah!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 14 07:23

Oil expert: BP admits “4,200 psi on the well when it’s supposed to be dead”; “They are indeed communicated to the reservoir below”

In actuality, this “static kill” did nothing that BP and Allen said it would do. Certainly the well is not dead or “static”… The fact that they’re getting pressure now tells me that they are indeed communicated to the reservoir below…

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, this is just more "make believe the problem is fixed for the elections" propaganda.

Aug 14 07:20

Denver Police Brutality

Denver's finest in action. Notice how the cameras turn away as soon as the attack occurs...

Aug 14 07:16


A central Bank, legislation for an income tax, and American involvement in a world war, were on the Zionist list of “things to do.”

The key Jewish players, -1- Jacob Schiff, head of Kuhn Loeb Bank; -2- Paul Warburg, brother-in-law to Schiff; -3- Bernard Baruch, a leading Wall Street mogul; -4- and Edward Mandell House, (originally “Huis”), who negotiated cotton purchases in the US for the Rothschilds, only needed a pawn in the White House to bring their Zionist plan to fruition.

In 1910, the four Zionist leaders found their man, (a man of compromised morals known as “Peck’s Bad Boy”), in Professor Woodrow Wilson, recently retired as president of Princeton University.

Aug 14 07:15

Regulators close Illinois bank

Regulators on Friday shut down a bank in Illinois, bringing to 110 the number of U.S. banks failures this year amid mounting loan defaults.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. took over Palos Bank and Trust Co., based in Palos Heights, Ill., with $493.4 million in assets and $467.8 million in deposits. First Midwest Bank, based in Itasca, Ill., agreed to assume the assets and deposits of the failed bank.

In addition, the FDIC and First Midwest Bank agreed to share losses on $343.8 million of Palos Bank's loans and other assets.

Aug 14 07:14

In U.S., Confidence in Newspapers, TV News Remains a Rarity

Americans continue to express near-record-low confidence in newspapers and television news -- with no more than 25% of Americans saying they have a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in either. These views have hardly budged since falling more than 10 percentage points from 2003-2007.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

and why did that slide start in 2003?!?

Because the corporate media lied the American people into a war in Iraq based on an absolute pack of lies, just as it is attempting to do to lie the American people into yet another war to neutralize another of Israel's "existential threats" in the region, Iran!!

Aug 14 07:09

Why the Deadly Attack on the Freedom Flotilla Was the Breakthrough That Made the World See Israel's Cruelty in Gaza

The Freedom Flotilla was not able to deliver its 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip, but it accomplished something more important -- it finally broke the blockade on the world's understanding of the Gaza crisis. The Israeli attack on the flotilla must be seen alongside the Israeli attack on Gaza in the winter of 2008-2009 as marking the period in which the world's understanding of the Israeli occupation irrevocably shifted. In this opening, the brutality of the Israeli occupation came into full view and the issue of Palestinian persecution was placed on op-ed pages and even legal briefs. In the end, these events may mark when the age of Israeli impunity came to an end.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel shot down its well-crafted image of victimhood with CAST LEAD and the flotilla attack. Israel has learned, way too late, that they cannot just do what they please anywhere in the world and not face the world's resulting outrage.

Israel may well have felt that they could hijack foreign-flagged ships in international waters and murder foreign citizens without cause and evade the consequences because they have gotten away with it before. 34 Americans on board the USS Liberty were murdered by Israel in a failed attempt to trick the US into war against Egypt, and not only did then-President Johnson not hold Israel to account; he actively aided the cover-up of that crime!

So here we are with Israel again committing acts of piracy or acts of war (take your pick) on the high seas against American-flagged ships. Only this time, even as the US President again tries to cover up for Israel, the reaction of the world and of Americans is quite different. By their actions is Israel truly known.

In the traditional Israeli manner of never accepting responsibility for their screw-ups, Israel has responded to the loss of the public image by throwing a tantrum lashing out in all directions, trying to destroy the careers of those who rightly condemn Israel's actions, such as Helen Thomas, Octavia Nasr, Bruno Guigue, along with attempts to browbeat Hollywood production people into the "correct" point of view, such as Oliver Stone and yours truly. In so doing, all Israel has done is to prove to the world that the critics were correct. Israel does have a great deal of control over the media inside the United States and firing everyone who says so only makes the matter worse.

Israel's image fell off that wall they built around Palestine, and all the media's horses and all the media's men cannot put Israel's image back together again. The world sees Israel for what it really is.

Aug 14 07:08

Top Gulf scientist contradicts Feds, says Oil from BP’s gusher “some of the crudest stuff I’ve ever seen”

NOAA says the oil from BP’s blown-out well is a light crude that biodegrades quickly.

However, a top marine scientist in the Gulf now contradicts the government’s claim.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Aug 14 07:05

Good-Bye: Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It

"Today Americans are ruled by propaganda.
Americans have little regard for truth, little
access to it, and little ability to recognize it.
Truth is an unwelcome entity. It is disturbing.
It is off limits. Those who speak it run the risk
of being branded 'anti-American,' 'anti-semite'
or 'conspiracy theorist.' "

Aug 14 07:03

Pakistan flood crisis raises fears of country's collapse

The humanitarian and economic disaster caused by the worst floods in Pakistan's history could spark political unrest that could destabilize the government, dealing a major blow to the Obama administration's efforts to fight violent Islamic extremism.

The government's shambling response to floods that have affected a third of the country has some analysts saying that President Asif Ali Zardari could be forced from office, possibly by the military, which has ruled Pakistan for more than half its 63-year history.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This terrible natural disaster, coupled with precious little effective leadership or help from Zardari's government, may well signal the end of his presidency.

Aug 14 06:59

Israel aims to be space superpower

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Meanwhile, Obama shuts down NASA so we can send more money to Israel. The administration allows 9our rural roads to go back to dirt and gravel so he can pave roads in Israel. The administration cuts our missile defense program so Israel's Arrow-3 can be fully funded. The administration sends $250 million to Israel so they can create jobs making the Iron Dome missile. Israel gets all our money to do all the things the US used to do, and still attacks Americans in international waters with impunity.

We are dying of the "Special Relationship."

Aug 14 06:52

U.S. bailouts bonanza to foreign firms, report says

The federal government's effort to stabilize the financial system during the 2008 crash by flooding banks with money was a bonanza to foreign firms and left the US shouldering far more risk than overseas governments. A report by the Congressional Oversight Panel overseeing the Treasury's $700 billion bailout fund found much of the $70 billion the Treasury committed to insurance giant AIG ended up in the coffers of foreign trading partners in France, Germany and other countries.

Aug 14 06:51

The Hindenburg Omen Indicates Stock Market Crash is Coming

On Thursday August 12, the US equities market triggered a confirmed technical indicator known as the “Hindenburg Omen." This omen, as you may have guessed, suggests that a stock market crash is on the way. However, it doesn’t mean just any crash -- according to Albert Edwards, a London-based strategist at Societe Generale SA, the indicator means “a savage equity downturn is imminent."

August 13, 2010

Aug 13 22:39

Dr. Bouthaina Shabaan: Supporting the Wrong Side

The American people does not deserve that their government supports the wrong side, once more, while they pay the price with their blood, credibility and reputation. It should support those fighting for freedom and peace not those who promote racism, occupation and terrorism.

Aug 13 21:28

Gaza, Soweto and African American Thought: Message of Truth

Israeli Rabbi Ovadia Yosef exclaimed: "May the Holy Name visit retribution on the Arab heads, and cause their seed to be lost, and annihilate them." He added: "It is forbidden to have pity on them. We must give them missiles with relish, annihilate them. Evil ones, damnable ones." Therein after we read "Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice." --Zohar, Shemoth.

Aug 13 21:21

150 Irish Artists Pledge to Boycott Israel 150 Irish Artists Pledge to Boycott Israel

A CULTURAL boycott of Israel was launched yesterday, with more than 150 Irish artists announcing that they intend not to perform or exhibit in Israel, or to accept any funding from institutions linked to the Israeli government.

Aug 13 19:31

A Neocon Preps US for War with Iran

By Ray McGovern,

“Information Clearing House” – I guess I was naïve in thinking that The Atlantic and its American-Israeli writer Jeffrey Goldberg might shy away from arguing for yet another war — this one with Iran — while the cauldrons are still boiling in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It’s worth remembering how Goldberg helped to make the case for the U.S. invasion of Iraq. For instance, on Oct. 3, 2002, as America’s war fever was building, Goldberg wrote in Slate, the online magazine:

“The [Bush] administration is planning … to launch what many people would undoubtedly call a short-sighted and inexcusable act of aggression. In five years, however, I believe that the coming invasion of Iraq will be remembered as an act of profound morality.”

Aug 13 19:08

Target Closing All Garden Centers Nationwide

The Target Corporation will close the last 262 garden centers its stores nationwide, including all of the 90 garden centers in Florida, according to CBS4 news partner the Miami Herald...

Aug 13 18:59

How NORAD Radar Screens Displayed False Tracks All Through the 9/11 Attacks

Military personnel responsible for defending U.S. airspace had false tracks displayed on their radar screens throughout the entire duration of the 9/11 attacks, as part of the simulation for a training exercise being conducted that day. Technicians at NORAD's Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) were still receiving the simulated radar information around the time the third attack, on the Pentagon, took place. Those at NORAD's operations center in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, were still receiving it several minutes after United Airlines Flight 93 apparently crashed in rural Pennsylvania.

No one has investigated why false tracks continued being injected onto NORAD radar screens long after the U.S. military was alerted to the real-world crisis taking place that morning. And yet we surely need to know more about these simulated "inputs" and what effect they had on the military's ability to respond to the 9/11 attacks.

Aug 13 17:49

Explaining Net Neutrality In A Way Tea Partiers Can Understand

Recent news item: Tea Partiers coming out against Net Neutrality

Explaining Net Neutrality In A Way Tea Partiers Can Understand

Let's put this in a way Tea Partiers can understand. Let's say Mr. and Mrs. Tea Party Zealot love to use the Internet for political activism -- they frequent right-wing websites, send around clips of Hannity and Limbaugh, organize right-wing events, post sycophantic praise on Sarah Palin's website, the works.

But let's say their service provider is a (cue scary music) liberal company, which contributes heavily to Democrats. The media giant that this family pays for Internet access wants to make it easy for customers to access socialist content, send around pictures of Karl Marx, coordinate with the New Black Panther Party, and send money to gay illegal immigrants, but would make it exceedingly difficult to access RedState.com, visit Glenn Beck's activist sites, access Palin's Facebook age, etc.

Aug 13 17:48

Daily Job Cuts

Layoffs, bankruptcies and closures across the country.

Aug 13 16:49

Will retaliate if offended by US, warns China Gen

A Chinese General on Friday termed as "flagrant provocation" US plans to send a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to the Yellow Sea and said the country would retaliate if "offended".

China had in the recent weeks voice its firm opposition to activities of foreign military vessels or planes in the Yellow Sea and China's coastal waters, saying they undermine it security interests. Despite China's warning, the US insists on sending the carrier ‘USS George Washington', he said

The General was reacting to remarks by Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, that the carrier will always go into international waters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At a point in time when the Us desperately needs China's cooperation (particularly with the huge amount of US debt China is holding), why is it sabre-rattling right now?!?!?

Aug 13 16:46

Fed's Hoenig: Keeping Rates Too Low 'Dangerous Gamble'

The Federal Reserve is undertaking a "dangerous gamble" by keeping rates at near zero for so long, and must start raising rates or risk damaging the nascent U.S. recovery, a top Federal Reserve official said on Friday.

"To be clear, I am not advocating a tight monetary policy," Kansas City Reserve Bank President Thomas Hoenig said in the text of a speech to the Lincoln, Nebraska, Chamber of Commerce. "I am advocating a policy that remains accommodative but slowly firms as the economy itself expands and moves toward more balance."

Hoenig has been the lone dissenter on the Fed's policy-setting panel, which on Tuesday repeated the U.S. central bank's pledge to keep interest rates extraordinarily low for an "extended period."

Aug 13 15:46

Florida – Much Worse Problems Than the Oil Spill

Media coverage of the oil spill’s effect on the Gulf focusing on tourist income lost by the waterfront towns – with footage of empty beaches, restaurants and T-shirt shops – dominates the news. Interviews with devastated business owners are heart rending. But they always end with references to somehow hanging on until “things get back to normal.”

Trouble is, things are not going to “normalize.” Not for the Panhandle of Florida, and probably not for the rest of the state, either.

Projections suggest that Florida can expect oil all along its west coast, and possibly throughout the Keys and up the east coast as well. Yet even before BP’s well began spewing crude, pressures within the state’s economy were building. It was an explosive situation awaiting a match.

Aug 13 14:56

Iran Warns Against Israeli Invasion of Lebanon

Iran warns that if Israel were to invade Lebanon, it would be counter-attacked by several countries in the region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I plan on throwing some spitballs myself.

Aug 13 14:51

Obama closes curtain on transparency

President Obama has abolished the position in his White House dedicated to transparency and shunted those duties into the portfolio of a partisan ex-lobbyist who is openly antagonistic to the notion of disclosure by government and politicians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, we didn't see that coming!!! :)

Aug 13 14:42


Aug 13 14:22

John Bolton: Russia's Loading of Nuke Fuel Into Iran Plant Means Aug. 21 Deadline for Israeli Attack

News that Russia will load nuclear fuel rods into an Iranian reactor has touched off a countdown to a point of no return, a deadline by which Israel would have to launch an attack on Iran's Bushehr reactor before it becomes effectively "immune" to any assault, says former Bush administration U.N. Ambassador John R. Bolton.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I disagree with Bolton, for two reasons. First, in all probability, given the difficulties involved, the fuel rod components are probably already on site. Second, it is not like Israel (or the US) would have any qualms at all about unleashing a nuclear nightmare on Iran. They already did it in Fallujah and on our own soldiers with depleted uranium.

Aug 13 14:14

Wolf and the Other Blitzers, the new War Season, a terrible choice…..

World War 3 is here. This war has already begun, at least the propaganda part intended to drive the emotions of the populace to support the ‘terrible choice’ that our ‘leaders’ will say they are forced to make to ‘safe guard our homeland’.

Aug 13 14:12


Aug 13 14:11

Friday the 13th Part II: Even larger plumes seeping from seafloor

Aug 13 13:33

Video: Anderson Cooper Apologizes For Media Complicity In Tillman Cover-Up

The question for Anderson Cooper becomes - what will you do NOW to bring out the rest of the truth you've been helping to suppress?

Aug 13 13:28

Days After Tar Balls Hit New York Beach Massive Fish Kills Stretch From New Jersey to Massachusetts

Now massive fish kills in the North East stretching from NJ to NY and Massachusetts and in all locations life long residents say they have never seen anything like this.

Are these all just coincidence?

The similarities and the timing between these events and the events occurring throughout the Gulf of Mexico should prompt officials to take a closer look and find the real cause of these incidents.

Instead we see Massachusetts officials declaring the fish kill was due from lack of oxygen within hours without doing any tests and NJ officials ignoring reports of tar balls on the beaches.

Aug 13 13:27

Dead Fish Washing Up Everywhere Due to BP Oil Spill and Dispersants

Of course, separate and apart from its oxygen-depleting properties, Corexit is itself toxic to fish. Given that even seagulls won't touch the fish that are washing up today, the fish should be tested for Corexit poisoning.

Aug 13 13:26

In Democracy's Wasteland, Israel Razes a Bedouin Village...Again

In the middle of the night on August 10, residents of the unrecognized Bedouin village of al-Arakib sent a panicked text message to Israeli activists in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Israeli police helicopters were buzzing overhead, surveying the scene ahead of what was likely to be a new round of demolitions. Three activists staying in the village had been nabbed during a night raid. Having already witnessed the razing of their homes twice in the past two weeks, the residents of Al-Arakib expected the third round of demolitions to arrive tonight, on the eve of Ramadan. During Ramadan, when the villagers fast all day, the police and Israeli Land Adminstration reasoned they would be too weakened to rebuild -- it was prime time for destruction.

Aug 13 13:15

Cops love iPhone data trail

• Every time an iPhone user closes out of the built-in mapping application, the phone snaps a screenshot and stores it. Savvy law-enforcement agents armed with search warrants can use those snapshots to see if a suspect is lying about whereabouts during a crime.

• iPhone photos are embedded with GEO tags and identifying information, meaning that photos posted online might not only include GPS coordinates of where the picture was taken, but also the serial number of the phone that took it.

• Even more information is stored by the applications themselves, including the user's browser history. That data is meant in part to direct custom-tailored advertisements to the user, but experts said some of it could be useful to police.

Aug 13 13:05

DOORS - Jim Morrisons Dad and Israels attack of the USS LIBERTY

im Morrison came from a military family. His father was a career U.S. Navy officer and a graduate of the Naval Academy. Admiral G.S. Morrison was one of the youngest Navy officers ever selected to become a Rear Admiral at the age of 47-years-old.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Interesting article in light of yesterday's interview with USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney. I had always wondered how Jim Morrison could die of a heroin overdose when he avoidance of all drugs (except alcohol) was legendary.

Aug 13 12:59

Juror removed from trial for saying Gitmo should be closed

In reporting on the removal, the UK's Independent states that the move "has only added to the perception of prejudice" within the military tribunal system set up to try Gitmo inmates.
Story continues below...

The Independent also suggests that the tribunal has no problem with other forms of potential conflict of interest among jurors:

Among the seven jurors remaining on the panel are officers who have lost close friends or colleagues fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. One had a friend killed in the 11 September attacks on the Pentagon.

Aug 13 12:58


Two ships bearing medical equipment and medicines for Palestinians subsisting in the world's largest open-air prison have sailed from the port of Tripoli in Lebanon en route to Gaza.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No word since the 9th!

Aug 13 12:53

News from U.S. Boat to Gaza

We are planning to launch a U.S. boat to Gaza, joining a flotilla of ships from Europe, Canada, India, South Africa and parts of the Middle East due to set sail in September/ October of this year. In order to succeed in this essential but costly human rights project, we need significant financial support.

Aug 13 12:50

A campaign for war with Iran begins

It is important to note that the aim of this unfolding campaign may not be to pressure Obama into military action. It could just as much serve to portray Obama as weak and indecisive on national security issues that are of grave concern to the U.S. and that are of existential nature to Israel. This portrayal will give the Republicans valuable ammunition for the November congressional elections as well as for the 2012 presidential race.

Indeed, the likely political motivation for this unfolding campaign should not be underestimated. Just as much that the building blocks of the Iraq war were put into place under the Clinton years -- most importantly with the passage of the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998 -- serious preparation for selling an Iran war to the American public under a Republican president (Palin?) in 2013 must be undertaken now, both to establish the narrative for that sell and to use the narrative to remove any obstacles in the White House along the way.

Aug 13 12:46

BP's blown-out well not yet killed; relief well to permanently seal well will be finished

BP's blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is not yet plugged for good

Aug 13 11:56

"The Secret of Oz"

The economy of the U.S. is in a deflationary spiral. Nothing can stop it -- except monetary reform.
1. No more national debt. Nations should not be allowed to borrow. If they want to spend, they have to take the political heat right away by taxing.
2. No more fractional reserve lending. Banks can only lend money they actually have.
3. Gold money is NOT the answer. Historically gold ALWAYS works against a thriving middle class and ALWAYS works to create a plutocracy.
4. The total quantity of money + credit in a national system must be fixed, varying only with the population.

Aug 13 11:17

An Australian whore for Israel!

TONY Abbott has lashed out at the government for flinching in its support of Israel, using his first major speech of the campaign to pledge fidelity to the Jewish state.

Addressing an Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce lunch in Melbourne, Mr Abbott drew applause when he signalled that the Coalition would ''never support a one-sided UN resolution against Israel to curry favour with an anti-Israel authority''.

He also suggested the government overreacted in its response to the Israeli Defence Force's attack on an aid flotilla that killed nine activists.

"Of course the Israeli government does from time to time make mistakes," Mr Abbott said. "What government doesn't from time to time make mistakes?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Australia needs leaders who will put Australia first, second, and third!

Aug 13 11:08

Opinion: Where Did All Those 'Green Shoots' Go?

In an Aug. 2 op-ed headlined "Welcome to the Recovery," Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that "we are on a path back to growth." Eight days later, the Federal Reserve issued a report saying the "pace of recovery in output and employment has slowed in recent months." The next day the Dow tumbled 265 points, and on Thursday initial jobless claims hit a nearly six-month high.

But don't blame Geithner for being Pollyannaish. Over the past year and a half, administration officials have issued one glowing statement after another about the economy, only to see reality turn out far worse.

Aug 13 10:53

UV Light Reveals Hidden Sand Contamination from the Gulf oil disaster

Aug 13 10:48

Hundreds of Thousands of DEAD FISH on NEW JERSEY SHORE AUG 12 2010

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Even the birds won't eat those fish!

Aug 13 10:44

Hey Thad Allen - More Oil And Tar On Pensacola Beach August 11 2010

Aug 13 10:39

US Military Brass Urge Soldiers To Kill Indiscriminately

"What the world did not see is the months of training that led up to the incident, in which soldiers were taught to respond to threats with a barrage of fire---a "wall of steel," in Army parlance---even if it put civilians at risk," report Sarah Lazare and Ryan Harvey in the August 16th issue of The Nation magazine.

Former Army Specialist Josh Stieber said that newly arrived soldiers in Baghdad were asked if they would fire back at an attacker if they knew unarmed civilians might get hurt in the process. Those who did not respond affirmatively, or who hesitated, were "knocked around" until they realized what was expected of them, added former Army Specialist Ray Corcoles, who deployed with Stieber.

Aug 13 10:29

Amayreh: On whose behalf is Egypt savaging the people of Gaza?

An influx of hair-raising stories keeps coming from the Egyptian side of the Rafah border terminal. Nearly all these stories underscore the degrading treatment meted out to Gazans, already thoroughly savaged by the manifestly criminal siege imposed by Israel on the coastal enclave in coordination with several regional and international players, including Egypt itself.


Aug 13 10:13

Russian Made Choppers to Afghanistan?

American helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky is formally protesting U.S. Naval Air Systems Command (Navair) plans to purchase 21 Russian-made transport choppers for use in Afghanistan.

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And again the jobs go to overseas companies!

Setting aside the obvious slap in the face of American workers, I seem to recall that those Russian choppers didn't do too well over Afghanistan!

Aug 13 10:02

Greenpeace Leader Admits Arctic Ice Exaggeration

Aug 13 09:47


Tea Party Caucus to Israel: Bomb Iran, If You Must

Aug 13 09:46

There's no way for the U.S. to win a non-nuclear war with Iran

General staffs are supposed to plan for even the most unlikely future contingencies. Right down to the 1930s, for example, the United States maintained and annually updated plans for the invasion of Canada—and the Canadian military made plans to preempt the invasion. But what the planning process will have revealed, in this case, is that there is no way for the United States to win a non-nuclear war with Iran.

The U.S. could “win” by dropping hundreds of nuclear weapons on Iran’s military bases, nuclear facilities and industrial centres (i.e. cities) and killing five to 10 million people, but short of that, nothing works.

Aug 13 09:45

Canadian postal workers put stamp of approval on bid to break Gaza blockade

The union for Canada's postal workers is sending a message of support to the Gaza Strip, backing a plan that would take a ship through the blockade of the Palestinian territory in the wake of Israel's suspension of mail delivery there.

Aug 13 08:54

Iran vs Israel: What The Media Wants You To Forget

We all need to be Joe Wilson right now. We need to stand up and scream, "LIAR!" at every politician and every talking media moron that is pushing this war in Iran. And we need to keep dong it until they get the message that we will not be deceived any more.

Israel wants to send your kids off to die in Iran, and YOU are the only one that can stop them.

Please forward this comment to your social networks.

Aug 13 08:46


See a pattern? See the racism??
Why don’t they merely headline the fact that SUSPECTED SERIAL KILLER WASN’T JEWISH!

Does this mean it is more of a crime? Does it mean that he is guilty as charged before a trial even takes place??

I just find it amazing how many ways the Israelis can turn back the clocks of progress when it suits their needs. This is Israel’s subtle way of letting the world know that Israeli Jews living abroad are not involved in criminal activities.

The money laundering operations, the human body organ sales, the illegal workers in every major mall, not to mention the Mossad operations abroad don’t matter… they are Jews, so anything said against them is nothing but anti Semitism. BUT, in the case of a REAL criminal, it MUST be pointed out that he is NOT Jewish.

Aug 13 08:43

14 indicted in Honolulu for mortgage fraud

The FBI on Thursday arrested eight people in Honolulu and one in Seattle, all of whom were accused in a mortgage fraud scheme that involved flipping houses and a web of brokers, real estate agents and accountants.

A federal grand jury indictment named a total of 14 people in the scheme. The five remaining alleged co-conspirators were expected to turn themselves in. Court documents listed more than $27 million in wire transfers, many of them involving properties in Honolulu's Salt Lake neighborhood.

Aug 13 08:42

NASA Data Worse Than Climate-Gate Data, Space Agency Admits

Global warming critics call this a crucial blow to advocates' arguments that minor flaws in the "Climate-gate" data are unimportant, since all the major data sets arrive at the same conclusion -- that the Earth is getting warmer. But there's a good reason for that, the skeptics say: They all use the same data.

Aug 13 08:41

A campaign for war with Iran begins

Obama administration officials, as well as U.S. lawmakers and European diplomats passionately made the argument this spring that tough sanctions on Iran were necessary to avoid war. But contrary to their predictions, the drumbeat for war -- particularly from Israel – has only increased since the UN Security Council adopted a new resolution against Tehran in June.

Aug 13 08:32

Earth ready for biggest meteor shower

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Not very impressive here in Hawaii!

Aug 13 08:29


“It seems utterly impossible to reach an agreement with Israel. Therefore, the Palestinian people must seek alternatives.”

Aug 13 08:28


Although representing a certain departure from past UN behaviour of surrendering to Israel, due to mostly massive US pressure, the present panel is not being well received by the human rights community.

Aug 13 08:26

Irish artists and musicians boycott Israel

More than 150 Irish artists have announced that they will not perform or exhibit in Israel, or accept any funding from any institutions connected to the Israeli government.

The Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) has announced this move with the aim of protesting Israel's "treatment of the Palestinian people"

Aug 13 08:26

Six month high: New claims for unemployment aid reach 484,000

The employment picture is looking bleaker as applications for jobless benefits rose last week to the highest level in almost six months.

Aug 13 08:25

New York's jobless 99ers channel anger in Wall Street protest, demand unemployment extension

A throng of desperate job-hunters -- who've been out of work so long their unemployment benefits ran out -- staged a protest rally on the steps of Federal Hall.

"Are you going to tell us, President Obama and Congress, that our lives are not worth saving?" asked 99er Connie Kaplan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Is this a trick question?" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 13 08:24

CIA evidence of an Israeli nuclear test

David Lowry asks (Letters, 11 August) whether Israel has carried out a nuclear weapon test. Although there is no conclusive answer, he is not correct to say that there is no public information. Since 2004, the CIA report on the double flash detected by a US Vela satellite on 22 September 1979, originating in the south Atlantic, has been declassified, albeit heavily redacted. The purpose of the Vela satellites was to detect atmospheric nuclear tests, and the double flash is characteristic of nuclear explosions.

Aug 13 08:24

Obama Demands Access to Internet Records, in Secret, and Without Court Review

The Obama administration is seeking authority from Congress that would compel internet service providers (ISPs) to turn over records of an individual's internet activity for use in secretive FBI probes.

In another instance where Americans are urged to trust their political minders, The Washington Post reported last month that "the administration wants to add just four words--'electronic communication transactional records'--to a list of items that the law says the FBI may demand without a judge's approval."

Aug 13 08:19

Experts call for David Kelly inquest

A group of prominent legal and medical experts today called for a full inquest into the death of the government scientist David Kelly in 2003.

An inquest was suspended by Lord Falconer, then lord chancellor, before the Hutton inquiry into the circumstances of the scientist's death. It was not resumed after Hutton's report in 2004 concluded that Kelly killed himself by cutting an artery in his wrist.

Nine experts including Michael Powers, a QC and former coroner, and Julian Blon, a professor of intensive care medicine, said in a letter to the Times that the official cause of death – haemorrhage from the severed artery – was "extremely unlikely".

Aug 13 08:00

The BP Cover-Up

BP and the government say the spill is fast disappearing—but dramatic new science reveals that its worst effects may be yet to come.

Aug 13 07:59

The BP oil-methane-dispersant-drilling fluids disaster

Huge volumes of methane from the well along with toxic dispersants used to break up the oil could do vast damage

Aug 13 07:58

BP downsizes Miami oil spill operations center

With no oil to fight in South Florida, BP has begun downsizing its Miami operations center and is giving up one high-rise office near Brickell Avenue.

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Any Florida readers with photos of oil on the beaches, please send them in!

Aug 13 07:57

The next 'Bernie Madoff?'

Shackled in handcuffs and leg irons, Eliyahu Weinstein, the Lakewood real estate developer charged Thursday by federal agents with having "masterminded" a $200 million scheme to defraud his investors, listened in federal court as an assistant U.S. attorney detailed charges that could net him more than 50 years in prison.

Aug 13 07:56

BP: Dispersing Oil or Criticism?

BP and Corexit manufacturer Nalco claim the chemical reduced damage from the spill, and was as harmless as dish soap.

But dispersants do not lessen the amount of oil in the environment. Rather, they break oil into tiny drops that have different, but not necessarily fewer, toxic properties. After more than three months, the fundamental question lingers: Did Corexit do more harm than good?

Aug 13 07:55

Fed Policymakers Screw It Up Again!

The stock market was impressed by the move … for all of a couple hours. Then equities tanked. Why? Because investors know the LAST, even BIGGER round of “quantitative easing” was a dismal failure for the real economy! Why should “QE2? be any different?

Aug 13 07:54

Showcase Afghan army mission turns into embarrassment

An ambitious military operation that Afghan officials had expected to be a sign of their growing military capacity instead turned into an embarrassment, with Taliban fighters battering an Afghan battalion in a remote eastern area until NATO sent in French and American rescue teams.

The fighting has continued so intensely for the past week that the Red Cross has been unable to reach the battlefield to remove the dead and wounded.

Aug 13 07:49

Can the Obama Administration Learn from the Death of Ayatollah Fadlallah?

The CIA and other intelligence agencies tried to murder Fadlallah several times in the 1980s because they mistakenly thought he was responsible for the bombings of the US Embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983. But Fadlallah's survival only enhanced his reputation.

Apparently his aura continues to haunt the West. On July 7 Octavia Nasr, CNN Senior Editor for Middle East Affairs, sent out a tweet that she had "respect" for him and was "sad" about his passing. That was enough to get her fired.

Aug 13 07:48

Rebroadcast–What Really Happened

Phil Tourney joins Mike Rivero in discussing the threats made against not only his life but also that of Mark Glenn by someone alleging to be a representative of the Israeli government.

Aug 13 07:47

Foreclosure: The constitutional reality is that you do not have to leave your home without a fight. Here is the legal precedent

Aug 13 07:46

Ashkenazi takes pride in flotilla attack

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"We plugged that American kid GOOD!!!!"

Aug 13 07:38

Antibiotics available for superbug

Alberta has the tools to combat the notorious superbug that has hit an Albertan who recently returned from a trip to India.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How wonderfully convenient and profitable!

Folks, this is a repeat of last year's 'When Pigs Fly' flu hoax, the sole objective of which is to enrich vaccine makers at public expense.

Aug 13 07:23

Judge dismisses Apache suit against Skull and Bones

It looks like the public will not be learning any times soon whether the secret society Skull and Bones keeps an Apache warrior's skull in its tomb.

A District of Columbia judge on July 27 dismissed a case that had been brought against the mysterious society, as well as the University and senior members of the U.S. government, in February 2009. The plaintiffs are 20 descendants of the legendary Native American chieftain Geronimo hoping to reclaim their ancestor's remains.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In this famous poster, the man at far right is Geronimo.

Aug 13 07:05

Germany frees Israeli 'agent' suspected in Hamas murder

A German court has released on bail a suspected Israeli agent arrested in connection with the killing of a Hamas commander in Dubai.

German prosecutors said Uri Brodsky was free to travel while judicial proceedings in Germany continued.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently Germany's "Justice" system is just as corrupted as the US'!

Aug 13 05:57

Capital Controls: The Final Phase in the Great Looting of America

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Instituting capital controls seems like the next big event in the government-banking-oligarchy's great looting of America.

First, these vampires designed "free trade" agreements to use slave labor abroad at the expense of American jobs. Next, they moved their investment capital and assets abroad sucking the life-blood out of the U.S. economy. Then, they covertly used America's remaining wealth to prop up their bogus financial instruments like credit default swaps and derivatives, which came crashing down. Finally, they got their taxpayer bailout, and now they want your pension funds and cash deposits to stay under their control.

Aug 13 05:13

Why does retail want my details?

Why should retail outlets casually expect us to divulge personal information; even more amazingly, why do we go along with it? We have fought for personal freedom and the rule of law in two world wars, we have fiercely resisted the onset of ID cards, we see our homes as our castles and we fanatically shred every last supermarket receipt.

And yet in the shops we’re expected to hand over our emails, addresses and phone numbers like sheep.

Aug 13 05:05

Iran nuclear plant start date set

Russia says it will undertake a key step next week towards starting up a reactor at Iran's first nuclear power station.

Russia's state atomic corporation, which is building the plant, said engineers will begin loading the Bushehr reactor with fuel.

However, it could be six months before the reactor is fully operational.

Russia has been helping build the plant since the mid-1990s, amid tensions over Iran's nuclear programme.