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"We are a nation that worships the frontier tradition, and our heroes are those who champion justice through violent retaliation against injustice. It is not simple to adopt a credo that moral force has as much strength and virtue as the capacity to return a physical blow; or that to refrain from hitting back requires more will and bravery than the automatic reflexes of defense." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.



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February 19, 2019

Feb 19 08:47

Secret documents spark new questions for Sadiq Khan over Crossrail delay

Sadiq Khan's oversight of the Crossrail fiasco was called into question today as secret documents revealed his spin doctors were drafting crisis plans almost a fortnight before the date on which he claims he discovered the line would not open on time.

Documents obtained by the Evening Standard under Freedom of Information laws show the first of 10 draft press releases, announcing the axing of last December’s royal opening, were sent by Crossrail to Transport for London on August 17 last year.

This was 12 days before the Mayor says he was told the cross-London rail line could not open as planned.

Feb 19 08:47

The decline and fall of brand BBC

The BBC is in a mess. The brand is arguably already damaged beyond repair yet the broadcaster seems unable to change tack.

According to some analysts trust in brands is declining and has been for some time. It would appear that when it comes to slogans and promises the twenty first century customer is much more discerning than their predecessors, more demanding, less compliant. We’ve become sceptical. Experience has shown that all too often reality fails to match the rhetoric.

How to win back trust once it has eroded? Is it even possible to win it back? When Jewellery impresario Gerald Ratner mocked his own products back in the 1990s trust evaporated immediately. It was commercial suicide. The brand never recovered, nor did Ratner.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 19 08:46

NATO’s Atlantic Council hijacks Munich conference with revisionist ‘principles’ declaration

Taking over the annual Munich security conference, the Atlantic Council has come out with a declaration of principles that seeks to legitimize the rogue behavior of the West after the Cold War as a ‘rules-based’ world order.

For almost three decades now, Washington and its numerous clients and allies have insisted they were only upholding a “rules-based international order” against those who seek to challenge it, be it “rogue states” such as North Korea and Iran or great powers such as Russia and China. In the process, this self-styled “international community” trampled actual rules and laws to sanction, bomb, invade, occupy and regime-change countries that stood in its way – while claiming to be acting in the interests of the peace, democracy and commerce.

Feb 19 08:45

Mercenary team? 5 US citizens among heavily armed group arrested amid Haiti protests

A group of seven foreigners and one local were apprehended by Haitian authorities amid violent unrest in the nation. The suspects, who allegedly have military backgrounds, were equipped with an arsenal of guns and even drones.

The group was apprehended on Sunday in the Haitian capital city of Port-au-Prince, shortly after leaving the Bank of Haiti, local newspaper Le Nouvelliste reported.

The suspects, traveling in two vehicles without license plates, were well-equipped with military-grade weapons, body armor and even drones. They had several sets of plates with them, but it was unclear if they were genuine or fake. The individuals initially refused to leave their vehicles, reportedly claiming they had been working “for the Haitian government.”

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Feb 19 08:44

'Not Responding to Trump's Demands': France Snubs US Call to Repatriate Jihadis

Earlier, President Trump urged the US' British, French, German and other European allies to take back over 800 terrorist militants captured by the US and its allies in Syria and bring them to justice, warning that alternatively, Washington could "be forced to release them."

French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet ignored President Trump veiled threat to release European ex-Daesh fighters back onto European soil.

"There is a new geopolitical context, with the US withdrawal. For the time being, we are not changing our policy," Belloubet said, speaking to France 2 TV on Monday.

"At this stage France is not responding to [Trump's] demands," she added, noting that Paris would stick to its policy of repatriation of French nationals from Syria and Iraq on a "case by case" basis."

Feb 19 08:43

Future Shock: Over 2030 Dead in Australia Following ‘Robo-Debt’ Notices - Report

At least 2030 recipients of Centrelink's basic human services in Australia died over a two-year period following the initiation of a ‘robo-debt' machine-automation program to address discrepancies in income support payment data.

According to reports, after Canberra placed much of its human services branch into the digital realm, hundreds of thousands of resource recipients — particularly those considered to be psychologically ‘at-risk' — mistakenly received letters between July 2016 and October 2018 demanding new proofs for payment eligibility, resulting in the deaths of over 2030 people, cited by Abc.net.au.

Canberra's Centrelink program supplies income support and many other services including healthcare to pensioners, indigenous Australians, military veterans, students and families with small children, among many other social groups. An estimated 5.1 million people were noted to depend upon one or another of the services, according to the most recent data.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another reason I think moving into AI is premature.

Feb 19 08:42

Bernie Sanders, 77, launches second presidential run with all-out assault against Trump as 'a pathological liar, a fraud, a racist, a sexist' and becomes voice of socialists in 2020 field

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders launched his second campaign for president on Tuesday with an all-out assault against Donald Trump, entering an already crowded field in the hope of improving on his second-place finish to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

'You know as well as I do that we are living in a pivotal and dangerous moment in American history,' the 77-year-old said in a more than 10-minute-long launch video.

'We are running against a president who is a pathological liar, a fraud, a racist, a sexist, a xenophobe, and someone who is undermining American democracy as he leads us in an authoritarian direction.'

Sanders called for 1 million Americans to help him turn Trump into a one-term president.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Trump is turning Trump into a one-term President.

Feb 19 08:41

Ex-diplomat says North Korean leader won't give up nukes

A former North Korean diplomat says leader Kim Jong Un has no intention of giving up his nuclear weapons and sees his upcoming second summit with U.S. President Donald Trump as a chance to cement his country's status as a nuclear weapons state.

Thae Yong Ho, who defected to South Korea in 2016, said in a news conference in Seoul on Tuesday that next week's meeting in Vietnam will be a failure if Trump can't get Kim to declare he will abandon all of his nuclear facilities and weapons and return North Korea to the nuclear non-proliferation agreement.

Thae worked as a minster at the North Korean Embassy in London before fleeing to South Korea. He is the highest-level North Korean diplomat to defect to the South.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Kim Jong Un would be an idiot to give up his nukes. That is the only thing preventing a US invasion.

Feb 19 08:40

Vietnam memorial to North Korea pilots marks bygone alliance

In a rice field in northern Vietnam, 14 headstones are an enduring symbol of the wartime friendship of Vietnam and North Korea.

They mark the original burial ground of North Korean pilots who died while secretly fighting alongside Vietnamese comrades against U.S. Air Force and Navy planes during the Vietnam War.

The role of North Korea is a footnote in the sweeping history of that conflict, one that speaks mostly of the fraternal relations of two nations that separately fought bruising armed conflicts against the United States in the context of the Cold War.

Decades later, the communist nations' friendship is apparent as Vietnam gets ready to host a summit of the North Korean and U.S. leaders later this month.

Feb 19 08:39

60 Minutes' Lara Logan slams the 'mostly liberal' media for its coverage of Trump which she calls a 'distortion' of real life, as the award-winning CBS journalist admits she is 'committing professional suicide'

Famed 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan has broken ranks with mainstream media, claiming news outlets are now 'mostly liberal' and have become ‘propagandists’ while covering President Trump.

The South African-born foreign affairs journalist said that most of the American press is biased against Trump because journalists are overwhelmingly Democrats.

‘You say the media is mostly liberal,’ Logan told Mike Ritland on his Mike Drop podcast.

‘I agree with you. It’s true. Why can I say that with certainty?

‘Well first of all I’ve been part of this for all my life, I’m 47 now and I’ve been a journalist since I was 17 and the media everywhere is mostly liberal not just in the U.S, but in this country 85 percent of journalists are registered Democrats so that’s just a fact.’

Feb 19 08:26

Tax accountant allegedly couldn't file same-sex couple's taxes because 'it's against my Christian beliefs'

A tax accountant who denied a same-sex married couple service is grumbling that her business is being destroyed by a smear campaign.
Bailey Brezzel has been utilizing Carter’s Tax Service in Russiaville, Indiana, for the past five years, however, on Tuesday, when she and her new wife Samantha went to file their 2018 taxes with owner Nancy Fivecoate, they were allegedly turned away, according to the Indy Star.

Feb 19 08:26

Huge statue that depicts Donald Trump as a Warhammer warrior with Twitter engraved on his sword and Vladimir Putin is unveiled in Italy

A huge statue of President Trump dressed as a Warhammer warrior with Twitter birds on his sword and the head of Vladimir Putin on his shoulder has been unveiled in Italy.

Covered in golden armour and wearing a gold leaf crown, the gigantic effigy brandished a huge claw hand with long talons and a Twitter-themed blade.

As it moved through the streets the animated Caesar-like figure turned from side-to-side and moved its arms, as people stood at its feet waving US flags.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Watch the video. This is very impressive!

Feb 19 08:25

Cop surprises pregnant waitress with $100 tip on $8.75 bill: 'Beautiful human being'

A 23-year-old mom-to-be was waiting tables at a New Jersey diner last Friday when she spoke to a group of diners about expecting her first child, a girl who is due April 1.
Another customer, a local cop who has chosen to remain anonymous, evidently overheard the conversation. And while he didn’t comment on waitress Courtney English’s pregnancyduring his meal at the Lamp Post Diner in Gloucester Township, N.J., the generous tip he left behind has blown her away.

Feb 19 08:24

Who'd have bet on that?: Famous Las Vegas strip covered in snow after the first snowstorm in a DECADE sweeps across the desert in Nevada

The famous Las Vegas strip was covered in white on Sunday night as snow covered the desert city for the first time in a decade.

Weather warnings for the desert region were issued as residents and tourists took to social media to share the stunning scenes.

Although there had been a flurry ten days ago this was the first measurable snow in over a decade.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 19 08:19

Settlers, soldiers seize Jerusalem home from Palestinian family

Israeli forces expelled a Palestinian family from their home in the Muslim Quarter of occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City on Sunday and handed it to Jewish settlers.

The Abu Asab family received eviction orders earlier this month demanding they vacate the building by 12 February.

Hatem Abu Asab was able to postpone his family’s expulsion until 28 February through his lawyers, but Israeli police paid no heed.

On Sunday, with no prior warning, Israeli forces surrounded the house and blocked the road leading to it, eyewitnesses told Wattan TV.

They then stormed the house to forcibly evacuate it and prevented family members from collecting their belongings.

“They destroyed me. They destroyed my life. They took everything I own here. My entire life is here,” Rania Abu Asab said in a video after she was kicked out of her house.

“They did not give us time to organize our things. They came in barbarically, attacked my husband, attacked my children and beat my aunt,” she added.

Feb 19 08:18

Israel’s freezing of Palestinian tax funds “collective punishment”

Israel’s freezing of millions of dollars in Palestinian tax revenue will cause the dire situation in Gaza to deteriorate even further, Al Mezan, a human rights group in the territory, warned on Monday.

Thousands of civil servants in the coastal enclave, its population of two million plunged into poverty after more than a decade of economic blockade, have already had to contend with salary cuts and late payments due to “discrimination” by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

Now Israel is planning to withhold some $138 million in taxes it collects on behalf of the PA as a form of sanctions over stipends to political prisoners.

Feb 19 08:18

Jewish Canadians deeply divided over Israel, poll finds

Jewish Canadians are deeply divided in their opinions on Israel, and many are highly critical of it. Moreover, a majority does not see criticism of Israel as necessarily anti-Semitic.

Those are key findings of the first survey to ask Jewish Canadians about their views on the situation in Palestine.

Feb 19 08:13

Ukrainian expert: Ukrainian Navy should be ready for ground strikes on Crimea

The deputy director of the Ukrainian Institute of World Politics, Beleskov, on Monday, February 18, at a press conference in Kiev, said that the Ukrainian fleet needed missile systems to deliver ground strikes, as Russia “saturated the Crimea with equipment” that gave the queue “devalues ??the maritime component”, reports “Tsargrad”.

“Otherwise, Russia will have a big trump card in its hands,” he noted.

Beleskov also expressed the hope that the fleet of Ukraine would be equipped with land-based anti-missile anti-missile complexes in 2020. In addition, the expert recalled that over the past five years, the Ukrainian Navy has been learning to fight against Russia along with ships from NATO countries.

Feb 19 08:12

Ilhan Omar Could Be Finished Because Of This Career-Wrecking Story

An article in a local Minneapolis/St. Paul newspaper reported Tuesday that Jewish leaders in Minnesota had spoken to Omar about her views last year — and that she failed to learn anything,” reports Breitbart.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: "She refuses to do as she's told!"

Feb 19 08:05

Buckle up and hunker down: Coast-to-coast storm to bring weather misery to 200 million

A powerful storm that began its journey Sunday in California will roar across the country over the next two to three days, spreading heavy snow, torrential rain and crippling ice to more than 200 million Americans.

That's about 60 percent of the population, AccuWeather said. "Parts of 39 of the 48 contiguous United States will be touched by the massive storm, including every state east of the Mississippi River," AccuWeather meteorologist Faith Eherts said.

On Monday, the storm aimed its fury on the southern Rockies. As much as a foot of snow fell in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.

By Tuesday, the storm will spread heavy snow and strong winds into the central U.S., the National Weather Service said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 19 08:05

On January 29, Two Hate Crimes Occurred. The Media Only Covered The Fake One. Here's Why.

On January 29, 2019, Chicago Police opened a hate crime investigation into the alleged assault of Empire actor Jussie Smollett. Smollett, who is black and gay, alleged that two men approached him at 2 a.m. in Chicago, where they shouted “f*****” and “n*****,” tried to wrap a noose around his neck, and poured bleach on him. He also told TMZ that the men shouted, “This is MAGA country.”

Feb 19 08:05

Princeton University Students Decry Famous Feminist Play Because It Assumes Women Must Have Vaginas

See if you can follow this: a 1996 play called “The Vagina Monologues” that was built around fifteen monologues from women in the 90’s was viewed as problematic by the two female students who directed a recent production at Princeton University because the play assumes that women must have vaginas.

Owl 1
Feb 19 08:04

Precisely- all after a “pause”

Feb 19 08:04

Israel's Judaisation of Palestine is failing

Decades of Israeli efforts to demolish, destroy, rename, rewrite and erase everything Palestinian have been in vain.

Feb 19 08:02

Man arrested for punching, pouring coffee on Sikh 7-Eleven clerk — because he thought the man was Muslim

A California man was charged with a hate crime after allegedly punching and throwing hot coffee on a Sikh 7-Eleven employee.
Surveillance footage shows the man, identified as John Crain, attacking the clerk near the store’s exit early Wednesday. The employee told the Marysville Police Department that Crain had tried to leave without paying for his coffee, the Sacramento Bee reports.

Feb 19 08:01

Police are warning parents about a '48-hour challenge' that encourages teens to go missing

Police are telling parents to keep a watchful eye over their teens after stories of a “48-hour challenge” are popping up around the internet.
“It encourages teens to go missing for up to two days at a time and awards points for every social media mention while they’re missing,” KMOV reports.
Police say that in addition to being potentially dangerous for kids to participate in the challenge, it could also tie up authorities while there are real emergencies that need to be tended to. Anyone caught participating in the challenge could face charges, police warn.

Feb 19 08:01

Shooter in deadly Illinois rampage was not supposed to own a gun, police say

Gary Martin took a gun into work Friday, a pistol he didn't legally own.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So all this gun control does not work because bad people have illegal guns. If the workers at that factory had been armed, maybe fewer people would have died.

Feb 19 07:58

Bernie Sanders: I’m running for president

Senator Bernie Sanders announced on Tuesday that he will be running for president, launching his second political campaign.

The 77-year-old Democratic representative of Vermont called for “one million volunteers in every state” to take on “the powerful special interests that dominate our economic and political life.”

Feb 19 07:53

And The ‘Dumb Money’ Goes All In Again

Feb 19 07:48

Government sets a record: Here are the top 10 problems Americans say are plaguing the US

Feb 19 07:33

Venezuela Pins Responsibility for Any Breach of Peace on Trump

Venezuela assigns the responsibility for any possible disturbance of peace in the country on the United States and its President Donald Trump, the Venezuelan government said in a statement.
"Venezuela demands the immediate cessation of all unilateral violent actions against it, which constitute the illegal and criminal blockade of the Venezuelan people, and at the same time declares to the international community that the US chauvinistic government and its president will be responsible for any violation of peace in Venezuela," the statement issued on Monday and published on Twitter noted, Sputnik reported.

According to the Venezuelan authorities, Trump is trying to give direct orders to Venezuelan military on rejecting the country's constitution.


(*another "blank-ety-blank piece of paper" preventing Republican Agenda forward progress )

Feb 19 07:28

Watch Kamala Harris’ cringe-inducing answer when confronted about tweet that said Smollett suffered ‘attempted modern-day lynching’

Feb 19 07:22

US Navy Shipwreck Of World War II-Era USS Hornet Found 17,500 Feet Underwater After 76 Years

The search for the wreckage of the USS Hornet, an American aircraft carrier used during the Tokyo air raid in World War II, has finally come to an end. After 76 years, explorers located the crumbling Navy ship’s remains 17,500 feet underwater in the South Pacific, Popular Mechanicsreported.

Feb 19 07:21

Controversial liberal pastor has purity rings melted down into vagina sculpture, gives it to Gloria Steinem with a hug

Well, she finally did it. Feminist Lutheran "pastor" Nadia Bolz-Weber has given abortion propagandist Gloria Steinem the vagina sculpture she made of Christian purity rings last year, reports The Blaze.

Feb 19 07:08

Trump, Kim and the war that 'ended' six decades ago

Song Jin-won was in middle school when the Korean War broke out in 1950.
As United States President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un prepare to meet in Vietnam for high-stakes and complex nuclear negotiations, war veterans, including Song, hope the summit will also act as a big step towards officially ending the Korean War.

The two Koreas are technically still at war as the hostilities stopped in 1953 with a truce signed by the US, representing United Nations forces, and the militaries of North Korea and China. The armistice agreement - adhered to but not signed by South Korea, whose leaders at the time rejected the idea of a ceasefire that left the peninsula divided - fell short of a peace treaty that has governed the conflict ever since.

In April, Kim became the first North Korean leader to cross the border since the end of the fighting decades ago for talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-In.


Feb 19 07:01

Haiti Erupts Into Chaos Over Government Corruption

Feb 19 06:18

How the US Coup in Venezuela Is Taking Root in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

For more than a decade Venezuela has aided the governments of Haiti and the Dominican Republic through a preferential system known as Petrocaribe, and the people of those nations are not taking their governments’ support for the US coup in Venezuela lightly.<>
For more than a decade Venezuela has aided the governments of Haiti and the Dominican Republic through a preferential system known as Petrocaribe, which provided subsidized crude oil prices to meet the countries critical energy demands. The Petrocaribe oil agreement, allowed for governments to pay only 60 percent of the oil shipments they purchase from Venezuela. The remaining 40 percent could be financed over 25 years at 1 percent interest, as long as oil prices stayed above $40 per barrel. This allowed for tremendous savings, and money that according to the agreement) was supposed to be used for socially beneficial purposes.

Countries such as Nicaragua, Jamaica, Cuba, and many islands in the eastern Caribbean have successfully utilized Petrocaribe funds and other Venezuelan support mechanisms, investing in vital infrastructure, education, healthcare, and have used the funding to avoid austerity deals with the IMF and other international financial institutions. Corrupt politicians in Hispaniola, though, whose regimes are closely aligned with Washington, have by contrast become well-known for robbing many of the funds meant for the social needs of their population.


Feb 19 05:55

How Modern Life Destroys Survival Instinct

Our modern lives are full of convenience, cleanliness, and abundant resources, all available around the clock and often delivered right to our door.

But has all of this ease destroyed our instinct for survival?

Feb 19 05:46

Tzipi Livni warns "democracy" is in danger as she quits Israeli politics

(*Proof: Trump's DRAIN THE SWAMP initiative is working !)

Feb 19 05:31

Here’s Why the US Should NOT Intervene in Venezuela

If Venezuela is to crumble under the weight of socialism, the only appropriate response of the United States is to remove sanctions and deal with Venezuela on par with the dignity afforded to any other nation.

If socialism causes Venezuela to fall, let it be the fault of socialism, not decades of crippling sanctions, political meddling, and threats of military invasion.

Feb 19 01:29

Breaking the Record for Longest Lasting Marriages

Is marriage still applicable to modern society or is it a dying institution? According to some, it is still a thriving partnership. Although rare today, there are still couples who stick together through the hard times and stay committed to each other. These record-breaking marriages portray that commitment through their individual stories and are an inspiration to others.

February 18, 2019

Feb 18 23:01

How Leftism Destroyed Marriage

Some rough language,but funny! Some T&A also.Close your eyes. Skip the damn ad.

Badd Popp responds to an article by a male fembot who wants to blame men for becoming "less marriageable." Reality tells a different story.

Terrence Popp: Green Beret, Airborne Ranger, paratrooper, infantry soldier; former professional fighter; college graduate; author, poet, warrior, comedian. Worked in the following professions: soldier, fighter, financial planner, investment banking, mortgage banker, real-estate agent, retail. Has received the following awards: two times, Purple Hearts; two times, Combat Infantry Badges; Airborne wings with Combat Jump star; Expert Infantryman Badge; Green Beret; Ranger Beret; FFKA North American Champion Belt, 1998.

Owl 3
Feb 18 19:20

Sabo Strikes again: HILARIOUS Hoax movie poster targeting Jussie Smollett pop up in L.A.

Feb 18 18:46

Vaccinated children face a 3000% increased risk of dangerous allergy, stunning new science finds

The researchers compared a broad range of health outcomes in 666 children from home school organizations spanning four states. Thirty-nine percent of the children (ages 6-12) were unvaccinated. The study found five alarming statistics about vaccinated children. Vaccinated children were 4.2 times more likely to be diagnosed on the autism spectrum or with attention deficit and hyperactivity. Learning disabilities are 5.2 times more prevalent in vaccinated children. Eczema was 2.9 times more likely. The most shocking problem facing the vaccinated children was allergic rhinitis. The study documented a 3,000 percent increase of allergic rhinitis in vaccinated children compared to the unvaccinated group.

Feb 18 18:34

Young trees are 25 per cent better at soaking up carbon dioxide from the air than tropical rainforests such as the Amazon, experts claim

Young trees are better at absorbing carbon dioxide than established tropical rainforests.

Older trees have long been thought to be more efficient carbon 'sinks', but new research has found this not to be the case.

Trees less than 140-years-old are responsible for purging Earth of more than half of the atmosphere's carbon dioxide.

Feb 18 18:28

TRADE WAR: Juncker warns Trump over car tariffs - EU ready to react immediately

BRUSSELS will not hesitate to slap hefty tariffs on cars made in the United States if Washington decides to do the same, Jean-Claude Juncker has warned.

Feb 18 18:25

Mayotte METEOR: Panic as ‘FIREBALL’ causes huge explosion above French islands

A METEOR has exploded above the island Mayotte, sparking concern on the French overseas department, located near Madagascar off the eastern coast of Africa.

Feb 18 17:38

Jussie Smollett’s Sisters Worked for Barack Obama

Jussie Smollett’s sisters, actresses and activists, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, and Jazz Smollett-Warwell, worked as leading campaign surrogates for former President Barack Obama, and less than a year ago, videos of Jussie dancing with Michelle Obama went viral.

Feb 18 17:26

Why any encryption backdoor would be a threat to online security

By demanding backdoors to encryption, Politicians are not asking us to choose between security and privacy. They are asking us to choose no security.

Feb 18 17:16

'I was worried my broadband would be cancelled': If a scammer calls and says your internet is about to be cut off, don't press '1'

Broadband customers are being warned to be on their guard against a new scam designed to panic them by claiming there is a problem with their internet service.

Customers who take the wrong action can be tricked out of serious sums of money.

Feb 18 17:13

Transgender people taking hormone therapy may be at TWICE the risk of heart attack or stroke as cis people, study finds

To measure how testosterone and estrogen injections therapies for trans men and women, respectively, alter heart risks, the study, conducted by the Amsterdam University Medical Center, followed 2,517 trans women and 1,358 trans men from the Netherlands over the course of nearly a decade.

Trans women who received estrogen therapy had over twice as many strokes as cis women over the course of nine years, and just short of twice as many strokes as cis men.

Clots were also five times more common among trans women than cis women, and almost as much more common than they were among cis men.

Trans women also had far more heart attacks than did cis women, with rates tripling among those who had transitioned.

Feb 18 17:08

NASA is looking for 'jokers' to become astronauts in order to keep morale high on long journeys to Mars

Hows about sending all of the clowns in congress?

Feb 18 17:06

Amazon, Apple and Google smart TVs and voice assistants can tell if you're CHEATING on your partner 'by tracking your movements and spying on what you say and how you say it'

Speaking at a science conference in Washington, former government data adviser Professor Ashwin Machanavajjhala warned of the dangers of smart tech in the home, according to the Mirror.

'Smart meters can tell you whether an individual is at home and what appliances are used,' he said.

'Smart light bulbs and WiFi access points can reveal occupancy. Social relationships between building occupants can be inferred by analysing sensor logs.

'Smart TVs and voice assistants can pick up living room chatter, some of which may be shared with third parties.'

Professor Machanavajjhala said he refuses to have a smart speaker in his home for fear of privacy violations and grey areas over who your data is shared with.

Feb 18 16:15

Weather-beaten, ignored, humiliated: Photographer spends a month taking shots of the homeless in New Jersey's affluent Cape May, who struggle to survive just meters from million-dollar houses and yachts

The powerful black and white pictures were captured by American photographer Donato DiCamillo, 50.

The pictures offer an insight into the hardships and struggles of those left to sleep rough in the affluent city.

Mr Di Camillo spent a month in the city trying to document the lives of rough sleepers with care and dignity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These are heartbreakingly beautiful images; and as I look at these portraits, I have to wonder; why is there no place for them here?!?

It appears that we are spending a great deal of money here in the US for social services; but why can't this money reach these people in some tangible form?!?

Something is really, abysmally wrong with a system which cannot help the most fragile members of our society.

Feb 18 15:52

Iranian Spying? or Neocon 9/11 Coverup?

It wasn’t the first time I’ve been prominently libeled in The New York Times. Nor was it the worst.

Compared to Stanley Fish’s grotesquely mendacious 2006 op-ed trashing me for something I never did—advocating 9/11 truth in the classroom[1]—Alan Blinder, Julie Turkewitz and Adam Goldman treated me fairly well on today’s Sunday NYT front page by calling me a “controversial scholar of Islam” while accurately reporting what I said about Monica Witt, the ex-Air Force officer accused of spying for Iran.

Feb 18 15:03

Huawei is blocked in US, but its chips power cameras everywhere

Pelco, a California-based security camera-maker, set lofty sales targets last year for a model with sharper video resolution and other cutting-edge features. That was until Congress derailed its plans.

In August, updated legislation barred the US military and government from buying tech gear from firms deemed too close to authorities in China. When the bill surfaced, Pelco scrapped any thought of providing its new GFC Professional 4K camera to the US government and lowered its sales goals.

The reason: The device uses parts from HiSilicon, the chip division of Huawei Technologies.

Feb 18 15:02

Headache for NZ PM as UK government clears Huawei

Spark has been given new hope - and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern a fresh headache - with the surprise news that the British government has given Huawei the green light to help roll out 5G mobile network upgrades.

This comes off the back of serious efforts by the US to convince its allies to ban the Chinese company from high-speed telecommunications systems due to security risks.

New Zealand has followed the US and joined a raft of other countries in banning Huawei from any involvement in the rollout of 5G technology.

The PM has refused to say whether any Huawei issues have come up through diplomatic channels, or whether there has been any political blowback from China.