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World Geopolitics and The Battle for the Mediterranean

One should ask, if the objectives behind this process were benign, why all the secrecy and why the deceit? Why the gradual brinkmanship of the project over time? Most importantly, why the use of threats, such as in the cases of Libya and Syria? Or military means, using violence and murder, such as in the cases of the Palestinian Territories and Lebanon, to bring about the materialization of the process?

The answer is simply that this process will benefit a select few circles in both the E.U. and the Mediterranean region and not the majority of citizens. The Mediterranean Union, along with the system of global governance that is being weaved into place, will bring about inescapable poverty and under its framework economic class will go down a road where it will virtually be fixed like a caste in the future.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Seems like we're seeing a growing pattern of this kind of behavior from government leadership all over the world; finding ways to make life more miserable for their working people.

But one has to wonder; just how long will those working people "play the game" before the fury of their circumstances erupts into something palpable, and what form will that fury take?!?