A Wider Bridge: the “gay rights” group funded by homophobes | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

A Wider Bridge: the “gay rights” group funded by homophobes

If you’ve encountered LGBTQ Jewish life in the United States, odds are you’ve heard of A Wider Bridge. The LGBTQ-specific Israel advocacy organization, whose mission in its own words is “Equality IN Israel and Equality FOR Israel,” has tried hard to portray itself as progressive and to create a pro-Israel bent in LGBTQ life in the United States.

The organization has repeatedly drawn accusations of pinkwashing – the attempt to use the supposedly positive record of the Israeli state on LGBTQ rights to cover up the state’s brutal oppression and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians – to which it responds by declaring that pinkwashing is a myth.

A Wider Bridge insists that accusations of pinkwashing are nothing more than an attempt to silence progressive, LGBTQ Jews and other Zionists who support the Israeli state, and it often leans hard on its carefully cultivated progressive image to give its pushback credibility. A closer look at the organization’s internal politics and institutional funding sources, however, paints a much different picture.