Why the Hanoi Summit Failed | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Why the Hanoi Summit Failed

The Hanoi Summit between North Korea leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump did not advance the national security of any of the countries in East Asia, the United States, or the world. The puzzle is why two leaders would travel so far and leave emptyhanded.

One theory is that there was insufficient time to get ready for the summit. But the State Department’s special representative, Stephen Biegun, undertook elaborate preparations to develop a step-by-step approach. An agreement was prepared for signature that apparently would have allowed American inspectors to oversee and verify the dismantling of the Yongbyon plutonium facility that originally launched North Korea’s nuclear program. A joint declaration to end the Korean War would repair the failure of both countries to sign the 1953 Armistice. Kim Jong UN was evidently prepared to put in writing his commitment to permanently end missile and nuclear testing. A reporter’s question revealed that both sides were open to the idea of exchanging liaison offices in their respective capitals.