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We Have Been Lied To On A Monumental Scale

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TRANSCRIPT provided by a reader:

The only way they can keep their little party on the Potomac going longer is to find a way to take more money from you. So, they are going to scare you with carbon dioxide and global warming and they are going to take that money from you, and you will surrender it with out argument because you have been led to believe that they're telling you the truth about global warming. It's all about belief. It's not science and its not logic and its not facts. They’re leading you with beliefs as a species, as a culture, as a civilization.

We are bribed from childhood to allow beliefs to control our behavior. Not rationality. Not logic. Not philosophy. Not education. We are taught to allow beliefs to rule our lives. Believe in the fat elf from the North Pole, you get a bicycle. Believe in the bunny, you get chocolate. Believe in the tooth fairy you get a nickel (or a dollar in these inflated times).
As children, we get the lesson over and over and over again. Forget what makes sense to you. Believe what the authorities tell you and you will get goodies, and we grow up saying, “OK, well it doesn't make sense that there's one elf at the North Pole who could visit all several billion homes on planet Earth in the space of one night, but I’m gonna shut up here because there’s a bicycle involved.“

And so, governments controlling the myths control you through your beliefs, and it's been that way going back to, “Hey, I rule by divine right. The gods sent me to earth to control your lives for you, and as long as you believe it, and as long as I can manipulate that myth of divine right then I can control all of us.”
The basic nature of the political structure of human society has not changed in 25,000 years. They're still playing the same game. It's all through hoax and myth. This Climate-Gate scandal absolutely calls into question the very legitimacy of the entire US government and the corporate media.

We have been lied to on a monumental scale. When it was Saddam's nukes, okay, maybe that was the aberration. Now we've got global warming, and all the people who signed up on that for a paycheck to lie to the world. Okay, two is a pattern. One is maybe a chance or mistake, two is a pattern. What else have we been lied to about? What are they going to lie to us about next week…to try to distract from this mess?