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War with China? It’s Already Under Way

These days, the trade “war” between the Trump administration and China is regularly in the headlines and, sometimes, so are the bases the Chinese are building in the South China Sea, the ships the U.S. Navy is sending ever more provocatively close to them, and the potential clashes that might result. But the global nature of the growing conflict between Washington and Beijing has yet to be fully taken in. As it happens, at this moment, it extends from Greenland (I’m serious!) to Argentina (I’m serious again!). In Greenland, still a self-ruling part of Denmark, a panicked U.S. military and Trump administration recently turned back a Chinese plan to help bankroll and build three airports. In fact, the Pentagon itself actually offered to invest in Greenland’s airport infrastructure. Otherwise, military officials feared, China might secure an economic foothold at the far end of what that self-proclaimed “Near-Arctic State” has dubbed its future “Polar Silk Road” or “blue economic passage” across the melting north. And far worse, as the Wall Street Journal put it (undoubtedly reflecting the fears of Pentagon officials), China could have ended up with “a military foothold off Canada’s coast” — that is, the sort of military base that the U.S. already has in Greenland, the northernmost of its 800 or so bases across the planet.