Trump threatens to deport Venezuelan military officials’ families that have fled to Miami | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Trump threatens to deport Venezuelan military officials’ families that have fled to Miami

The Trump administration is threatening to deport the family members of Venezuelan military officials — including some who live in the Miami area — who don’t disobey the Maduro government and allow aid from the United States to enter Venezuela.

A senior administration official told a small group of reporters Friday that the administration has collected data on military leaders who have family that have left Venezuela. They are living in Miami, the Caribbean and across the hemisphere. According to the administration, they’re living lives of luxury while their countrymen suffer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Whoa, there, Mr. President: there is a 6 letter word with which you need to become re-acquainted, and that word, sir is:


It is not the fault of these ex-Pat Venezuelans that their country is on the ropes economically; it is rather the effects of the downward spiral of oil prices, coupled with US sanctions, and poor governmental management.

Sir, on this issue you sound as nastily hubristic as does Israel's Prime Minister, Netanyahu discussing his "final solution" for Gazan Palestinians.

Can you possibly manage, please, to not go there?!? But as indicated in a companion piece, it appears that President Trump is already in the process of making this happen:

Several of the top Venezuelan generals who the Trump administration says can allow aid into Venezuela have family living in the United States that could be expelled from the country, McClatchy and the Miami Herald has learned.

They are among a group of six generals who U.S. officials have indicated could receive amnesty from U.S. sanctions if they disobeyed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and allowed aid to be distributed by non-governmental organizations inside the country. But President Donald Trump has warned they could “lose everything” if they don’t."