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Skripals' Last Restaurant Order Not Released by UK, Niece Tells Russian TV

Victoria Skripal, the niece of the former Russian intelligence officer poisoned in Salisbury, England, has given her thoughts on the incident during an interview with Russia's Channel One TV network.

The niece of Sergei Skripal referred to the Salisbury pizzeria after visiting which her uncle and his daughter had been found by policemen after the March 4 incident. She pointed out that the two allegedly ordered fugu fish — quite a surprising suggestion as this dish is part of Japanese cuisine, and should be carefully prepared to avoid a lethal poisoning. The Zizzi restaurant in Salisbury does not offer any fugu-based dish in its menu.

"Is it difficult to obtain an account and see what people ordered at the restaurant? For some reason this information is classified. Did they eat some unknown dish that you cannot eat? Or is it forbidden in England?" Victoria Skripal said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am starting to doubt this story. A quick check of the area restaurant guide shows there are several Japanese restaurants, one of them very high end, in the same neighborhood where the Skripals supposedly ate lunch (We have only the word of the British government that they ate at a pizzaria). But the only restaurant in England that serves fugu is in London, 77 miles away.

This makes the supposed phone call between Yulia and Viktoria suspect.

Someone is trying to sew confusion into the discussion, possibly to distract from Britain's embarrassing performance at yesterday's UNSC meeting.