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Scott Adams: Northam, Russia, Spartacus

How’s your week been Governor Northam? 2 rules apply.
48 Hour Rule: Clarify and/or sincerely apologize
20 Year Rule: Current behavior can redeem prior bad behavior
It’s a 35 year old story, was he racist…and now he isn’t?
Within the last 20 years, who is he, what are his actions?
Our laws agree, we have the right to become better people
Prisoners serve their time, are released and get second chance
Has Northam been a race baiter and promoted lies like Charlottesville?
If so…and it’s within the last 20 years, he’s gotta go
“Offensive” and “racist” aren’t necessarily the same thing
Unintentionally, a person can say or do offensive things
CNN chyron identifies Dem Governor Northam as a Republican
Did chyron creator do it intentionally?
Did the chyron person’s mental bias assume racist = “R”?
Has President Trump EVER had a better week?
Great job numbers report
Northam story is Christmas every day for President Trump
Abortion painted in the worst possible way
Chuck Schumer staffer got a “me too”
INF treaty pullout, being tough on Russian treaty cheating
CNN caught in chyron fake news
Dems looking racist as they defend Northam
Don Jr. phone calls proven innocent
Venezuela and socialism branded worst possible way
Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Vice all had layoffs
Cory Booker always looks surprised
Wide-eyed surprised expression is persuasion technique
Trying to persuade people of something you don’t believe

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