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Scott Adams: Democrats Once Again Winning the Game No One Was Playing

The only valid comparison to President Trump, is President Hillary
Would her border solution have been as good or better?
What would her solution have looked like?
80/20 Rule applies to our future border security solution
Improve the worst 20% and get 80% improvement
Dems are fighting the President, not a secure border
Everybody wants better border security
Lots of historical video shows Dems agree with the need
Dems just don’t want the credit to go to the President
President Trump’s border security strategy
He’s put ALL his political capital on the line for this
Result will be a substantial improvement
Even critics will agree solution is even better than his promise
Never underestimate Dems ability to shoot themselves in the foot
How do we improve healthcare, without it costing everyone a fortune?
Lowering healthcare cost is the key
Diff Rules, regulations, startups potential can lower costs
If Government makes a big push for better healthcare, lower costs
Objective: Universal Healthcare for all…without increased cost
If everybody’s healthcare was tracked, would help all
Giving up your privacy, isn’t necessarily a bad thing
Gays used to be in the closet, was that a good thing? NO
Staying quiet and privacy was a problem for acceptance
They “gave away” their privacy by coming out of the closet
Coming out…benefitted their community immensely

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