Saudi Arabia’s Misleading Email to Congress After Bombing of MSF Cholera Hospital | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Saudi Arabia’s Misleading Email to Congress After Bombing of MSF Cholera Hospital

The Saudis must have been especially worried this time around. In the hours following the bombing of the MSF facility that Monday, June 11, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis acknowledged that the U.S. military advises the Coalition of “no-fire areas where there are civilians, where there’s mosques, hospitals.” When asked specifically about the cholera hospital, Mattis said emphatically, “We have to find out what happened there.” Mattis told the gaggle of reporters that he “just got off the phone” with Gen. Joseph Votel, the head of U.S. Central Command, and that Votel’s staff was “scrambling” to determine what the Coalition had done. It was another admission on Mattis’ part that, at least this time, the United States would independently assess the Coalition’s actions, a responsibility which the Pentagon has not always acknowledged.

But the Saudis were right about one thing. The low-level MSF employee had stated in his letter, “I would like to explain that there has been an error from our side as we failed to inform you officially of the location of the new site.” But the Saudis made a serious mistake in using the letter. The MSF employee was wrong about his facts, and the Saudi government knew or should have known that. In reality, MSF had notified the Saudi Coalition 12 times of the coordinates of the cholera treatment center. Twelve. For its part, the Coalition had acknowledged these coordinates at least nine times in writing. The Kingdom omitted that information in its email to Congress.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Saudis have deliberately bombed schools and hospitals in Yemen for the last 3 years; this is no different from their usual MO, methodically destroying what, for civilized people, should be sanctuaries of healing and respite.

It's presisely what the Butcher of Yemen, AKA Prince Mohammed bin Salman, wants to see happen.