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Remember Alex Odeh? Alex Who???

The prime suspect of Alex’s murder was a member of the Jewish Defense League [JDL], who fled to Israel. Israel (surprise, surprise) refused to extradite him or allow the FBI to question him. JDL was at that time the #1 domestic terrorist organization on the FBI list.

Klinghoffer was nominated by Congress for a Medal of Honor. Alex’s family received a bomb threat during his funeral. Mrs. Klinghoffer received a condolence call from President Reagan. Mrs. Odeh received a letter from Reagan addressed to Alex, thanking him for his financial contribution and asking for more.

It is worth nothing here that in April of 1994 the city of Santa Ana erected a statue of Alex Odeh in front of its Central Library. Since the time of it being erected, it has been vandalized twice, the most recent one when someone poured two gallons of red paint on the statue. For some people shame has no boundaries.