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NZ Friends Ask about Midwest Farmers

Organic farmer friends with whom I did WWOOF-ing in New Zealand have been checking in about the Midwest floods, re utter farm destruction, and general lack of citizen awareness and preparedness.. Reply:

The floods are expected to spread and continue for two months, with snow-melt dead ahead. Many farmers are uninsured for harvested grain losses; most have federal insurance for loss of growing crops. Planting will not occur. Winter wheat crop lost. The huge farm equipment required in the monsanto paradigm, untold millions of investment, is under water.

Anguish for the farmers, and for those who refuse to understand what this will mean. That said, it may mean that status quo of monster monoculture, Glyphosate-saturated acreage cannot continue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a companion piece to this to which people also need to pay attention: this comes from, by Mac Slavo:

As many as 1 million calves lost in Nebraska: beef prices in the US to escalate dramatically in the coming months

If you do eat beef (hopefully organic, and grass fed),and do not own a small freezer, now well may be the time to get it, and freeze what you need, in small batches.