NASA has proposed to Russia to make a version of its cosmic ship Sojuz for flights to the Moon | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

NASA has proposed to Russia to make a version of its cosmic ship Sojuz for flights to the Moon

NASA has asked Roskosmos, a Russian cosmos corporation, to further improve and tailor its tried and tested cosmic ship "Sojuz" for flights to the Moon - said Dmitry Rogozin.

Roskosmos CEO has also discovered that Americans are proposing that the future version of the "Union" be able to fly to the Moon and back and to function as "another spare cosmic transport system".

Rogozin also announced that NASA wants Russia to continue to be their astronauts - existing "Soyuz" ships - to the International Space Station and return to Earth.

The United States plans to create a permanent station with astronauts on orbit around the Moon (within its program with the international participation Deep Space Gateway). And it would be accessible to her by the cosmic borods sent from Earth.

Rogozin stressed that Russia will participate in the Deep Space Gateway only "on a parity basis". however, he did not discover what exactly would have meant.

Experts of Roskosmos and the Russian Rocket-Cosmic Corporation "Energia" have already begun to work on the new space ship "Sojuz MS", that is, "on the concept of a new transport system for flights to the moon".

It does not sound particularly exciting, but - it is.

Because the "MS of the MS" would move from the Moon towards the Moon - not from the International Space Station. I would call it "in parts" that would bring two Soyuz-2.1a rockets to the ICC. And then the "Union of MS" would be mounted from those parts under the control of the Russian MKS crew.

Russia, on the other hand, works on its lunar program, which means that the Moon is flying with human crew, and then the creation of a permanent base on the only Earth's natural satellite.