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Lessons of the Mengele Affair

In its sensationalized treatment of the Mengele story, the mass media ignored what is probably the most important lesson of this entire affair. Right up until the summer of 1985. when it was conclusively established that Mengele had been dead since 1979, the "Holocaust experts" and professional "Nazi hunters" solemnly insisted that the German doctor was alive. Most of them maintained that he was hiding in Paraguay.

Israeli "Nazi hunter" Tuvia Friedman reported in late 1984 that Mengele had recently been sighted in Orlando and Tampa, Florida, and in New Orleans. (AP, 3 October 1984) A few months later Friedman announced that although he owned "major properties" in the United States, Mengele was probably in Italy. Moreover, the fugitive doctor had recently been spotted at a big Nazi reunion in Bermuda. (Jewish Week, 8 February 1985)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

John Demjanjuk has already been charged with being Ivan the Terrible, convicted, sentenced to death, and almost executed when the charges against him were revealed to be false. Now he faces a second trial based on a single written note whose author is dead and unavailable for cross examination.

Careful examination continues to reveal that the media stories about Nazis are at the best inaccurate, at worst outright fabrications. In the Mengele case, reports that he was seen alive in 1984 and 1985 were clearly propagandistic lies since Mengele had actually died in 1979.

Maybe it is time for a great deal more skepticism to be applied to some of the hysterical claims presented as "evidence" against the targets of the Jewish state.