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Katie Porter Takes on Jamie Dimon

At ‘Megabank’ Hearing, Freshman Rep. Katie Porter Takes on Jamie Dimon—and His $31M Salary
The California Democrat and law school professor has shown a unique confrontation style, giving plenty of discussion points for white-collar and congressional lawyers preparing clients. Wednesday's hearing was no exception.
Drawing from the hourly wage listed on an online job posting, along with average housing costs and a minimal food budget, Porter painted a picture of a low-level JPMorgan Chase employee supporting a 6-year-old daughter in Irvine, California. At the $16.50 hourly wage she said she found on a Monster.com posting, the mother would face at least a $567 shortfall each month after taxes and expenses, Porter calculated.

“My question for you, Mr. Dimon, is, how should she manage this budget shortfall while she’s working full-time at your bank?” Porter asked.


Freshman Dem Stumps Jamie Dimon Over Employee Pay Shortfall