Israel and the war on Iran | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel and the war on Iran

An American-led war on Iran is still a possibility, despite the fact that US President Donald Trump has openly expressed his lack of enthusiasm for it now, in contrast to his National Security Advisor John Bolton. Israel comes to mind in this instance, despite the unlikely possibility of Israel participating directly in a military confrontation, especially after Washington explicitly asked Israel not to interfere in the event of a war. This is similar to the position during the second Gulf War in 1991.

However, Israel is an influential factor in the US escalation against Iran. No one can ignore the satisfaction and joy of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government at Trump’s more hostile policies towards Iran — which have not been without incitement by the Israeli Prime Minister — compared to those of his predecessor Barack Obama. Trump took the US out of the nuclear deal with Iran, and then designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist organisation, before imposing sanctions on Iranian oil.