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Iran Defends Eurasia Integration By Unveiling New Fighter Jet

Iran served as a critical bridge in the ancient Silk Road, connecting the East and the West. It also has enormous potential to play a significant role in the new Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

With the threat of hot war almost a monthly occurrence, the Trump administration has unleashed economic warfare on Iran, as it has become clear: Iran is a significant piece of the BRI.

The assault of sanctions, launched after Washington’s unilateral pullout from the Iran nuclear deal, “should be interpreted as an advance gambit in the New Great Game at whose center lies in China’s New Silk Road–arguably the most important infrastructure project of the 21st century—and overall Eurasia integration,” said Pepe Escobar, a Brazilian journalist with focus on Central Asia and the Middle East.

The Trump administration’s economic warfare on Iran is evidence of how China’s New Silk Road, or BRI, threatens the American global hegemony.

As the Eurasian Integration is expanding, Iran has considerably boosted economic cooperation with China.

On Saturday, “China is ready to develop further cooperation with Iran and condemns the use of unilateral sanctions in international relations,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said during a phone conversation with his Iranian counterpart Javad Zarif.

“China attaches a great importance to Chinese-Iranian relations and is ready to continue developing mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Iran,” Wang said, as quoted by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, adding that Beijing had opposed the use of unilateral sanctions in international relations.

In response to Washington’s precision-guided economic warfare and constant threats from the Trump administration, Iran’s defense minister just announced plans to unveil a new fighter jet this week and continue enhancing missile capabilities.

In other words, Iran is boosting its defense capabilities to protect the BRI from future American intervention in the region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As I type this, I am taking a peak at my calendar; it is 20 August, 2018.

The world (according to President Donald Trump), has only 75 days before his international and unilateral imposition of a ban against the buying of Iranian oil, which is Sunday, 4 November. Tuesday, 6 November, are the mid-term elections in the US.

Some countries, like China and Turkey, have already scoffed publicly at his threats of punitive sanctions, and other "or else!" language to which he turns his tongue, and are working their way around those threats.

I am seeing a major uptick in US articles demonizing Iran, claiming, for example, that it has "sleeper cells" in the US to wage the kind of mayhem which would make the horrors of 9/11 seem minor, in comparison.

Of course, when you trace those stories back to their origins, they generally have been concocted by none other than "Memri", a division of Mossad which is dedicated to mistranslations, or outright fantastical inventions, concerning what various Iranian leaders are allegedly supposed to have said.

I am deeply concerned about a potential US/Mossad "false flag" to be blamed upon Iran, as a justification for a major military action against it, right around that time, with a complete US Naval blockade of the Persian Gulf, preventing Iranian oil from getting shipped anywhere.Choke Points: Persian Gulf and East Asia, 2017

I understand that a quarter of the oil the world uses is shipped from this area.

I hope President Trump is cogent enough to realize that a war against Iran will most probably lead to wars with Russia and China as well, with them on Iran's side, and the US, NATO, Saudi Arabia, and Israel on the other.

This will be attempted to regime change Tehran (Israel and Saudi Arabia's alleged "existential threat"); to make sure Iran's oil is only sold for US dollars, and to insure that Belt and Road Initiative, so critical to Eurasian integration, and in which China has become so heavily invested, cannot take place.

I would like to quietly and politely suggest to President Trump, that the needs and desires of the governments of Saudi Arabia and Israel, are at times, not at all in sync of those of We the People; the potential costs, in blood and money, completely outweigh the alleged "benefits" of such a war.




I hope President Trump is cogent enough to realize that a war against Iran will most probably lead to

(*The U.S Congress FINALLY pulling it's th___ out of it's ___ , and declaring "that sho' 'nuff looks like a war crime , and glory be if it don't look like an impeachable war crime !"
but I wouldn't bet the farm on them shutting a war in Iran down , once they have Trump bogged down in more swampy investigative litigation , right when that's the last thing this nation needs .

but then again , paying attention to swampy investigative litigation is how they've been operating . Trump graduates to a new realm of victim hood , the corporates turn it into whoopie pie , the alternatives report on how badly they're turning Trump's screws , the press secretary continues giving ginsu knife demonstrations , as the bombs rain down on Iran . Putin will become Lex Luthor , The Joker , Red Skull , and The Hob Goblin all rolled into one , and the stock market will keep on sputtering along , while our guys keep on beli~eving their scaring the cr__ out of China !)

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