Feds to offer $114M in new money to provinces, cities for asylum seeker housing | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Feds to offer $114M in new money to provinces, cities for asylum seeker housing

The federal Liberals plan to spend an extra $114.7 million to help pay for temporary housing for asylum seekers — a sum Ontario's government criticized as being hundreds of millions short of what is needed.

The influx of irregular migrants has increased pressure on provinces to provide shelter and social services. Cities too have felt the crunch with the mayors of Canada's largest cities on Monday calling for more federal housing money they say is badly needed.

A spokeswoman for Border Security Minister Bill Blair said the extra spending — referenced among $2.5 billion in new spending plans tabled late Monday by the government — is an acknowledgment that irregular border crossers have had a significant impact in places like Toronto and Montreal.

The money is on top of $50 million the Trudeau government offered to Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba last summer to help with temporary housing costs for asylum seekers.

The majority of the money, $100 million, will flow to provinces, with the remaining $14.7 million earmarked for temporary housing provided by the federal government.

No breakdown has yet been offered on exactly how much each province or municipality will receive as part of this planned new spending, nor about how decisions will be made on what eligible costs will be covered.