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Did Sheldon Adelson Just Capture The GOP?

illionaire Sheldon Adelson, President Donald Trump’s biggest donor, just secured his role as the GOP’s top 2018 funder with a $25 million contribution to Senate Republicans midterm election efforts. In all likelihood, he also bought himself a direct line to any Republican whose ear he wants to bend.

Adelson is outspoken about his priorities—a hawkish U.S. policy towards Iran and unwavering U.S. support for Israel’s right-wing Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his Likud Party—and House and Senate Republicans, as well as the Trump White House, have largely delivered on Adelson’s foreign policy wish list.

Adelson, alongside with his wife Miriam, already contributed $30 million to House Republican efforts to maintain a majority, bringing the casino magnate’s direct investment in the GOP’s 2018 House and Senate election efforts to over $55 million.

Politico did the math and found:

The Adelsons’ $25 million contribution constituted almost the entire haul of $26 million that the Senate Leadership Fund brought in last month and more than half of the $44 million it’s raised this year. The super PAC had $45.2 million in cash on hand on July 31, according to the most recent filing.

On the House side, the Adelsons’ dual $15 million donations ($30 million in total) count for nearly one-third of the total donations to the Congressional Leadership Fund and are by far the Fund’s largest individual contributions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Must be nice, owning a President, and their entire administration, as Adelson has purchased, with these contributions!

But are Adelson's/Tel Aviv's goals in Middle East policy, really good for the We the People?!? Let's look at that.

Tel Aviv/Adelson want the Palestinian people destroyed, and are doing everything possible toward that end; Trump has just cut Palestinian funding into non-existent, demonstrating that the US cannot, ever, be considered an honest broker for peace in the Middle East. How good is this for We the People?!?

Tel Aviv/Adelson wants Iran regime-changed, broken up, and destroyed as a power in the Middle East, but wants it done with American blood and American money; how good, please, is that for We the People?!?

Tel Aviv/Adelson want to see Lebanon regime-changed, and Hezbollah destroyed; how good, please, is that for We the People?!?

There are many times that Tel Aviv's/Adelson's goals for Israel are not in sync with those of We the People; an honest, responsible Federal government would understand that, and act accordingly; of course, for decades we have had an irresponsible, corrupt Federal Government, which will go along with every crazy notion its "ownership" demands it do, no matter the costs in American blood and money.