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Defeating YouTube Censorship

But precisely because these videos are having such a large effect on the political landscape, there is now a backlash by the corporations whose interests are threatened by a renaissance of grassroots citizen journalism. As The Corbett Report has detailed in the past, the fears of insidious corporate control over YouTube generated by Google’s takeover of the site in 2006 have been realized slowly but surely.

First, GooTube responded to requests by Senator Joe Lieberman to take down videos that the government deems violent or hateful (including, of course, 9/11 Truth information). Then YouTube's parent, Google, quietly announced that its staff "pick and choose" what sites appear in its search results, a move with obvious implications for political censorship. Next, GooTube nixed the highly-popular Bulletin system that helped users quickly spread important videos.

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In other words, YouTube is being turned into another TV network like ABCNNBBCBS.