Brexit LIVE: Fresh chaos as Tory rebel tries to make second referendum THE LAW | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Brexit LIVE: Fresh chaos as Tory rebel tries to make second referendum THE LAW

The first bill seeks to launch preparations for another referendum while the second seeks to carry out the vote. The former attorney general said: “Holding a public vote is now essential as the only credible way out of the current crisis. The public should be allowed to decide on any deal to take us out of the European Union and be given the alternative to remain if they wish."Mr Grieve, a staunch Remainer and one of many Conservative backbenchers who voted against Mrs May’s deal on Tuesday night, said: “It’s a very strange experience to be a backbench MP and participate in a huge rebellion against the Government that defeats it by such a substantial margin. “But that’s a reflection of the fact that the House of Commons collectively looked at the deal the Government has negotiated and concluded that it’s a deal which is not in the national interest.

“Now that’s not the Prime Minister’s fault in my view – we would have had a different leader and a different prime minister and we’d have still ended up with the same deal – the problem is the direct result and consequence of the Brexit decision.”

Theresa May, whose Brexit deal was rejected by MPs last night and whose Government faces a vote of confidence in the Commons later today, has dismissed demands to call a second referendum and is also opposed to extending the Article 50 negotiating period beyond its March 29 deadline.