Beijing Goes 'Full Orwell' As Annual National Party Congress Begins | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Beijing Goes 'Full Orwell' As Annual National Party Congress Begins

One year after Chinese President Xi Jinping cemented his status as "emperor for life" by having his "Xi Jinping thought" enshrined in the Chinese constitution, the ruler of the world's second largest economy will preside over yet another National Party Congress in Beijing this week, where thousands of delegates from China's "two sessions" will gather to hear Xi's policy pronouncements - economic and otherwise - during the most challenging economic environment of Xi's six-year reign.

Members of the nearly 3,000-strong National People’s Congress (NPC) , and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), an advisory body, will congregate in the Great Hall of the People for the meeting. Like last year, the crowd will include business leaders like Tencent founder Pony Ma, and cultural luminaries like actor Jackie Chan and former NBA player Yao Ming.

As is typical during the annual party meeting, security forces in Beijing are going "full Orwell" by cracking down on dissenters and tightening security. According to the Guardian, dissidents are placed "under control" and shipped away from the capital. More police are stationed in the city's subways and streets. And online censorship is ratcheted up.