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Barak: Iran wants to deceive world

Defense Minister Ehud Barak expressed little optimism on Saturday about a proposed round of talks between global powers and Iran, which is under pressure over its nuclear ambitions.

"Based on experience and looking at the example which they (the Iranians) are using, which is probably the North Korean example, you can easily see ... the objective is to defy, deceive and deter the whole world," he said.

"Iran is a major, major threat to any conceivable world order. It's clear to all of us that they're determined to reach military nuclear capability," Barak said during a panel discussion at the forum.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Israeli Defense Minister Barak: forgive me, sir, but isn't this precisely what Israel did with its own nuclear arms program?!?

Let's take a look at something to which you appear to be pathologically allergic: the facts of the matter here.

1. As a signatory to the NNPT, all of Iran's nuclear work is done under the watchful eye of the IAEA, through their inspection process.

2. To date, no nuclear material has been found to have gone missing, and the Iranians are enriching their uranium to the 20% necessary for the creating of medical isotopes. (Israel refuses to sign the NNPT, refuses to allow IAEA inspections, and has a large cache of nuclear weapons. Also, any financial or military aid given to Israel by the US since the passage of the Symington Amendment is illegal.)

3. Weapons degree enrichment takes over 95% enrichment.

4. To date, the most current IAEA reports do not indicate any work on a weapons program.

5. The Iranian leadership is many things, but it is not stupid: they have not begun a war in over 200 years.

6. They understand that any attack of any kind against Israel would result in Iran being turned into green glass by Israeli and US firepower.

7. You want these upcoming talks to either never happen, or to fail abysmally, with Iran rejecting any offer put on the table.

8. You are hoping that such a failure will result in a US-led attack against Iran. And yet again, it will be American kids who will die, bleed, and be maimed for life to "neutralize" another one of your "existential enemies) in the region (which includes pretty much all your neighbors). This will make every US military person in the region a sitting duck for a counter-attack.

9. Such an attack may well see China and Russia, both nuclear-armed countries, join the conflict on the side of Iran.

10. The only kind of attack the US could successfully mount would be a "blitzkrieg", because the US has offshored its manufacturing to the point where we could not sustain an extended, drawn-out conflict.