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Avoid airline food: The FDA has issued a warning about unsafe food conditions

The quality of airline food is being called into question. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning letter in March 2018 to a major airline catering company, warning about unsafe and insanitary conditions and kitchens "contaminated with filth." The FDA found a Kentucky food preparation facility to be so insanitary, they claimed that the food is adulterated and "injurious to health."

The company in question is Gate Gourmet, Inc. The food catering company provides airline food for a slew of airlines including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, LAN Airlines, Air Algérie, Air Canada, American Airlines, United Airlines, Qantas, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Avianca, Iberia Airlines, Air China, Air France, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Thai Airways, Swiss International Air Lines, TAM Airlines, Air Indus, Alitalia, and easyJet.

Top food producer for airlines has a history of serving filthy food

In 2004, Gate Gourmet was investigated by the FDA for spreading an intestinal infection called shigellosis to 45 passengers who ate the company’s poorly-handled carrots. The Honolulu facility kept "dirty uncovered" trash cans near food and did not keep the food at the right temperature to avoid bacterial growth. Trash carts with fruit flies and cockroaches were sitting next to the salad preparation area. Workers handled ice cubes with bare, unwashed hands. The FDA also found "mold growing on the windows" of one facility and appliances that had "sticky, old food residue." Even the "clean end" of wash stations was filthy, with one conveyer emitting a "pink slimy substance."

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