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Ahwaz Attacks: Is Saudi Arabia Taking The War Inside Iran?

Less than a month after Iran’s consulate in Basra was attacked, a group of terrorists claiming to be members of the Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz attacked a military parade in the capital of Iran’s Khuzestan province, killing 25 people and wounding many more. When the Basra consulate incident took place , some commentators in Iran speculated that the attackers also wanted to target Khorramshahr and Abadan. Now it seems that they were not too wrong.

The Ahwaz attacks also occurred shortly after operations by Kurdish insurgents belonging to the Iranian Kurdish Democratic Party in Iran’s mostly Kurdish inhabited regions in the country’s northwest. These attacks prompted the revolutionary guards to target the bases inside Iraqi Kurdistan from which they were operating. These back-to-back attacks raise the question of whether the United States and its regional Arab allies have adopted a strategy of besieging Iran in many of its vulnerable provinces, possibly as a prelude to more direct and large-scale military operations against Tehran.

Irrespective of whether this is the case, some of the problems that Iran faces in several of its western and southern provinces are caused not by a widespread desire for independence but by decades of neglect and mounting economic problems and thus growing popular frustration. For example, the central government has long neglected the Kurdistan province. Its economic conditions as well as its communications, roads, railroads, and other infrastructure lag behind the rest of the country. Various governments in the last 30 years have promised a fairer treatment of the so-called deprived regions, which includes Kurdistan, but have failed to deliver

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am thinking here that Saudi Arabia would like to destabilize Iran from the inside, and unfortunately, by not taking care of its people in its outlying areas, the Iranian government is making people "ripe for acquisition" to join a jihad against the current government.

I think that the "trigger" for any attack against Iran, either by Saudi Arabia, the US and/or Israel, may well be President Trump's "drop dead date", 4 November, past which he has decreed that the world can no longer buy Iranian oil, or be economically sanctioned.

There is a companion piece I would like to share here, again from antiwar.com: EU Foreign Policy Chief wants Iran Clearing House Open before November.

Folks, the first of October is next Monday, and I would thoroughly encourage and urge EU Leader, Federica Mogherini, to get such a mechanism in place as quickly as possible, and no later than mid-October.